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DEFCON 5. Rebuilding the 82nd Airborne

Welcome to the 82nd Airborne! Est. 2007 ---Our Radio Frequency is 27.84 MHz------- NOT ONE STEP BACK! NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER SURRENDER! =Plain folder, ="Dead" topic!

Thought of the day:
Back, and Kickin'. Log into UD and put 82nd Airborne Division as your group. Let's get over 10, so we can be back on the stats page. Tune into 27.84 guys.
Sign Up for the 82nd Airborne Division today!
Diplomat's Sign In

Chicago---------Lisbon---------Melbourne---------New York---------Tempe---------San Jose---------Singapore

1. We NEVER EVER PK (player kill, means in this zombie vs human game, you kill another person. Unless the person on the recieving end is a PKer/Hostile/CRed Zombie)

2. We NEVER EVER RK, or GK. (means to destroy a radio transmitter or genny)

3. DO NOT ZERG. Having alts is ok, but make sure they are 10 squares away from each other at all times and they are not working towards the same objective.

4. Help our your comrades first on the field. Then help out any other survivors in need.

5. If you want to be a diplomat on another forum or talk to the group, notify and let a commander allow you. (Me, Sniper Wolf, w00t!, or Thaddeus.)

6. Do NOT combat revive unless you know the person and is a friend. Chances are they're gonna stand up, destroy the genny, and jump out a window. In all likelihood, the person will kill you before upping him/herself.

7. No spamming in the secure section. This is where we get serious about stuff. You can have fun in the Pub. I could care less.

8. Need a break? Know you won't be able to stay active? Do tell a commander. Or we will assume you just stopped playing.

9. Every member (but you have to have the basics of the skill tree) will have a chance to lead a mission, to prove themselves worthy for a higher rank. There will be no repeats unless all the members have gone at least once.

10. Any questions, pm an admin.

The one and original Kekeke-Zone!

As usual, flamers will be banned on sight,
then mindlessly violated by our team of deranged stock-brokers (Sorry, we're out of piranhas! :D )
Ladies and gentlemen, due to an unfavorable economic climate, all of our stock brokers have committed an untimely suicide.
We are now officially back to the piranhas!

Only click on links from people you trust! The 82nd Airborne will not be
responsible for any loss due to links to viruses posted on the cbox.
But we will point and laugh at you.

PS: Do NOT trust links from THIS guy ----- > Sean
Hover mouse over to see this green sandvich everyone speaks of

CATAPILLIARS!!!!!! one-night stand baby Jerrel Pwnz u all.
*82nd Airborne will not be responsible for any burns, hurtful spamming, or severe name-calling while on our Forums*

*Also, want any songs on the next playlist? Message Pitdragon the song name and artist! The playlist is changed every month or so, when the admins aren't feeling lazy!*

*Also, Catapilliars are Awesome.*