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Forum Netiquette
All 973FM forum members are to be aware of the Forum Netiquette and abide to them before participating in the forum discussion, any members who fail to adhere to any of the clauses will be given a warning or banning of account (temporary/permanent).

1) RESPECT - All members are to respect one another and the views of each forum individuals and be conscious of own words and avoid any unnecessary arguments in the forum. Profanities are strictly banned from the forum and bashing or attacking of another parties (be it forum individuals or celebrities) will be strictly treated.

2) SOURCES/LINKS - All members are not allowed to post any advertisements or links that re-direct a member to an another site. At the same time, sources of articles/information extracted from an another website are to be stated at the beginning/end of the post.

3) PRIVACY - All members are responsible to protect their own personal privacy by not revealing any contact information out to any other members. 973FM will not be responsible for anything that happened in the process of it, members revealing any personal information out to an another members are to aware that they are doing it at their own risk.

4) TOPICS & POSTS - All members are to perform a search before starting a topic to avoid repetition of topics and members are not allowed to be off-topic for more than 5 replies in a thread. Any thread found to be off-topic for more than 5 posts will results in consequences such as posts deletion, warning.

The Forum Netiquette will be reviewed again if necessary, please feel free to send me a message via the Private Message (PM) system if you have any suggestions to add on or if you encounter any difficulties.