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Net Ocean

If you keep going through the Net Ocean, you'll eventually find a giant wall of fire, known as the Firewall at the end of the Net Ocean. It's existence is quite the mystery. How does it even exist? What lies beyond it. Many have tried to cross it, but none have ever returned to tell of the tale..
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Aqua Veil
Deep within the Net Ocean exists a small underwater city. It is quite the sight to see. A digital barrier shaped in the form of a dome allows non-water Digimon as well as Tamers to come and visit here. A water digimon is required to get here, but fear not, there is a Whamon ferry that runs from the surface down to the city.
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El Dorado
A small island, said to be the home of various Digimon. It can be tricky to encounter, as the island, said to be on the back of a really large Digimon, is said to move from place to place, often being in a different place in the ocean each time you visit. However with modern day technology, such as Digivices, one can simply find out the location of the island before coming here.Rumor has it that somewhere on this island is the legendary city of gold!
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Net Ocean
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Training at the ocean
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