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New Rules

Posted by DestinedOne (Admin) at Mar 20 2013, 05:09 PM. 0 comments

So one thing that has kinda bugged me about profiles and topics, is that people who put more effort into their RP posts and profiles, never really got any benefit out of it. Well that has changed. From now on, whenever you write a whole page worth of RP posts that are more than 1 paragraph long, you will get a bonus .2 DP! Keep in mind, that if your posts are unreadable or are just spam, they don't count towards this. Also, now should you write a longer profile in profile creation, you will be awarded bonus DP or bits, or a combination of both. How much depends on how long it is.

In order to help people who may have a hard time making longer posts and profiles, there will be guides added into the rules and guidelines section.They will be up soon as they are done. Also note that if you don't wish to make longer profiles or posts, that you don't have to. It is not compulsory to make your posts longer nor will you be penalized for making posts that are under a paragraph in length. This is just here to reward the more ambitious people who try to make their profiles and posts bigger and better.

Plot Update topic

Posted by DestinedOne (Admin) at Feb 1 2013, 09:10 AM. 0 comments

The first plot mission shall be underway starting tomorrow. If you are interested in participating in the first plot topic of the arc, please go to Here and post which characters you'll be participating with.

Also, this thread will be used for all plot update information in the future, so make sure to check back on this topic from time to time.

Plot Restart

Posted by DestinedOne (Admin) at Jan 23 2013, 11:35 PM. 0 comments

Power. It is something all heroes and villains have. Some people use it for the sake of others, while others use it for the sake of themselves. Those with power have always been the one to change history. What would you do, if you had more power than anybody else. What would you do, if you had the power to change the world? Would you change the world for the better. Or would destroy it? What would you do, if you had a chance to gain the power to potentially wipe out a city oh a whim. Would you seek out such power in order to protect it from others? Or would you seek it out for your own benefits?

Somewhere in the Digital World, exists an unhatched egg, waiting to be born, with power to trump even the greatest of Digimon in history. A Digimon, born of the lineage of Era and Esmeralda, with power to one day rival if not surpass them. The discovery of this Digimon only recently happened. Yggdrasil, wishes to destroy this egg, to ensure it never becomes a threat to the digital world. However he is not the only one seeking out the egg. Dark forces are also moving in to try and capture the egg, desiring the egg for its power. Will the Tamers will able to portect the egg from being destroyed and from being taken from people who wish to use its power for evil?

The plot restart will happen Feburary 1st. The first part to the plot will be up then.

Posting Contest!

Posted by HeikaHaku (ANDC Founders) at Oct 16 2012, 01:36 AM. 0 comments

Alright you lazy slackers. As I said before in the chatbox, we're going to have a little contest. Whoever posts the most within the next month gets an awesome prize to be decided later.

Contest Rules are as follows:

1) The Contest starts exactly 36 hours after this post.
2) The first person to post after the contest officially begins is awarded an extra point. (In other words, his or her post counts for two posts for the contest.)
3) Haku is not allowed to participate in the contest. (Because he could cheat and...alright, fine, it's because he's lazy and doesn't want to.)
4) If you get another member to post, you are awarded five extra points. (But the person must acknowledge that you were the reason they started posting.)
5) New members are also awarded an additional five points, and if they were referred by an existing member, that member still gets the five points for bringing the new person.
6) If nobody posts within a month, Haku is going to do something very mean to all of you. And it will take a long time to clean up the mess.
7) Rules subject to change until the contest starts.

Rule Revisions:

8) The only posts that count towards the contest (aside from the character creation for new people) are posts in the rp sections of the board. Furthermore, posts in those areas that are entirely Out of Character will also not be counted.

Christmas Update

Posted by DestinedOne (Admin) at Dec 25 2011, 06:27 AM. 0 comments

First of all, I would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas. I hope you all great days during this joyful time of the year. I advise you all to go over to the Gift Area of the section, where I have added a few free gifts that members can pick up. There's also the event going on too, allowing any member to earn 1000 bits for one of their characters (once per member only.) For more details on that, please see the Christmas Bargains topic in the Gift Area.

Second of all, I have some updates for people. As a special Christmas present to the board, I have decided to put up a fourth guild. That's right, you heard me, a fourth guild. This Guild is called the Knowledge Guild, though unlike the other three guilds, they are a neutral guild devoted to knowledge and using that knowledge to benefit both the Real World and the Digital World. Also in an attempt to better organize Neo Digital City, a subsection has now been created and all of the Guild HQs, along with the Digimon Mission Center have been moved into this subsection.

Finally a new shop has been added to the Shops Section. This is a new weapon and armor shop.

Happy Anniversary

Posted by HeikaHaku (ANDC Founders) at Dec 12 2011, 12:55 PM. 0 comments

Although most of you were probably unaware, as you never saw the original incarnation of the board, today marks the Seventh Anniversary of ANDC. Yes. As of today, we have been around for Seven Years.

On a completely unrelated note, the problems with the board were the result of a DoS attack on Zetaboards, and not in any way our fault.

That said, Happy Anniversary!

We'll do something special for you guys sometime in the near future to celebrate.....*coughassoonaswethinkofsomethingcough*

Joining a Guild.

Posted by HeikaHaku (ANDC Founders) at Nov 29 2011, 03:30 AM. 0 comments

When you create a character, if you have it start in a guild, or if you create a guildless character and join one later, please read the following.

Note: This only applies to characters who have been approved.

Please post your character's full name in the corresponding topics. This will help us keep better records of who is in what guild. Note that this means if you already on the list, do not bother. Also note that your post will be deleted after your name has been added to the list.

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