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Lady Elisabeta
Topic Started: Dec 23 2011, 10:06 PM (374 Views)
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Name: Lady Elisabeta
Level: Champion
Type: Spirit
Gender: 100 percent female
Digivolves to: n/a
Digivolves from: n/a
Appearance: Posted Image
Attacks: Arrow Blast- this particularly attack can be used to attack the opponents from far-range. Of course it isn't that powerful, and it has to be focused to even hit the mark. She would even have to make sure that she would be able to hit the opponent when its fully focused otherwise it would backfire on her.

Music Blast- This particularly attack is to paralyze the opponent by playing music from the circles that is around her. She uses her own host's lifeforce to paralyze the opponent that is around her at that time. Afterwards her host (Chronos Hyperion) would become awfully tired afterward.

Light Blast- This attack uses the light that is gather in the circles that she would focus into an attack this is only use as a last resort since she would have to be careful its like a double-edge sword it would backfire back onto the body that she is in if she isn't careful and causes Chronos Hyperion damage as well. Lady Elisabeta would then have to make sure that Chronos is healed by using some of her own life-force as well.

Rainbow Blast- Of course this attack causes an attack that shoots out on the opponent although it does look like a rainbow each color is then directed at the enemy for a moderate attack. This attack is mostly been used by Lady Elisabeta since she could use the rings that been around her for the longest time to attack an opponent. The attack would confuse the opponent since it doesn't look like much until it hits the opponent.
Abilities: teleport
Other: this digimon is mostly attached herself to Chronos and uses Chronos as a host.
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