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The Christmas Spirit (Open)
Topic Started: Dec 25 2011, 01:01 AM (489 Views)
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On their way to furnish the mansion, Kristina somehow managed to get sidetracked and start wandering the city by herself. Kenj attempted to allow himself to go around by herself, and let her deal with anyhting that would happen, but it was too soon for him to let her out of his sight. He ended up following her once more.

"I mean, we don't start until spring semester, and we have heating and everything at the mansion already," Kristina rambled, trying to excuse her curiosity for the new city they arrived in. Kristina had felt a bit cramped over the past few days, where she and er housemates spent a good deal of time unpacking. Kristina herself was a bit worried to take her first steps into America - all she'd heard about ti combined with the movies she had seen made her think anyone she met would pull a gun out on her. She had successfully managed to go to the theater a few times, an even to a restaurant, and so far, no guns.

"The city is nice and all, but there's no Christmas market. And definitely no Hogmanay celebration," Kristina continued.

"Speaking of Hogmanay, it's been a year since we've met Hoshi and Haru," Kenji said. Kristina nodded. "We may want to do something nice for them," Kenji added, as Kristina began to wander through the streets again. The two continued in silence for a few minutes, both pondering how to treat their very new, but very close friends. The sounds of signing soon filled the air, catching their attention. Wordlessly, the followed the singing to a large church nestled in between some houses. It was beautiful for a small church.

Kristina didn't really care what faction it belonged to, just that some semblance of home was calling out to her. She slipped in, only to find, to her disappointment, it was a recording left behind by an air headed cleaner. No one was around. The pews were empty, and it looked incredibly dreary.

"Well, it's not like I wanted to go to midnight mass anyway," Kristina said, dejectedly.
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Ashley saw a pretty large building several blocks down the street. "A church? That's interesting," she said, to no one in particular. She decided to go check out the inside of it. She'd always really enjoyed the beautiful designs of the Stained Glass Windows. As she got closer to the church, she began to hear singing coming from inside. She thought aloud, "Singing? At this hour? Strange people." She finally reached the doors of the church, and stepped inside, also to be disappointed by the lack of real singing. Upon entering, though, she noticed a young woman and an old man, who she assumed were members of the church. She apologized, "Oh, sorry! I didn't mean to bother you at such a late hour. I guess I'll just leave, then." She bowed her head in apology, and then turned around to exit the building.
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Kristina herself was about to leave. She didn't see any merit in staying in the abandoned church. It made her too dreary. She and Kenji turned to the exit, where they saw a young girl come into the church as well. Was she a member of the congregation, about to shoo them out? Kenji prepared to apologize and add that the would show themselves it, when she beat them to the punch. The two looked at one another, then back to her.

"No, um, you aren't bothering us," Kristina said to the young woman, who by now had turned their back to them. She looked at Jeeves, hoping for some support.

"Are we not supposed to be here, miss?" Kenji had some idea of how church services went, as he occasionally was dragged to them by Kristina, but he wasn't sure if the church was supposed to be vacated, either.
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