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New Mission: Blending In? (Open)
Topic Started: Jan 25 2012, 08:50 PM (466 Views)
Becula X
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A lone woman walked along the graves, looking around absentmindedly, lost in thought. A few days had passed since she had came into this world through a strange portal, and she was searching her mind for a way to adapt. It seemed that the best thing to do right now would be to blend in. Walking around in a cemetery probably wasn't the best start. However, it was quiet. The silence of the dead and the noise of gunfire and screams were the only things Commander Jaquelyn Xavier was used to. Since this world was apparently at peace with digimon, at least for the moment, dead silence was the best way to go.

She then looked at the strange device in her hand, thinking back to her discussion with the digimon sympathizers, or tamers, as they were called her. Apparently she was one of them. For the sake of drawing attention to herself no longer, she agreed to give it a try. Now, if she could just find her...partner, as it was called.

"This is ridiculous. Crossing enemy lines is necessary, at times, but this....seems too deep. Still haven't found that armory," she muttered to herself before lighting up a cigarette. One upside to the peace- more time for smoking and drinking. Hell, she may even dare sleeping next. She chuckled to herself. She never thought positive before. Maybe this new world was poisoning her mind.
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