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New Arrivals (solo, ask to join)
Topic Started: Aug 2 2012, 07:49 PM (534 Views)
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Hoshi was proud of herself. She had learned how to drive in America in record time. Or at least, she was the only one in the house who had bother to get an American license. If they were staying there, Hoshi thought, they may as well integrate. And Hoshi had been doing well on that front, making friends easily in the college (though some were a bit too interested in her nationality, she discovered). That's why she felt guilty when her mom asked her to return to Japan, since Haruto wanted to see her.

She would have gone, had Haruto himself not offered an alternative. Though he was getting on in years, he still had time and energy enough for another adventure. First, he needed some time to rest - he had had a heart problem earlier in the year, then he planned to join Hoshi.

Kenji and Kristina were more than happy to allow another person into the manor. As Kris never tired of saying, there really was too much room for 4 people/mons. More than once Jeeves suggested turning it into a bed and breakfast, but with the girls at school and Kenji at least pretending to take a break, they never seriously considered it.

Haru, of course, was head over heels about the suggestion.

And so the day finally came, where Haruto made the big trip from Japan and landed in New Jersey.
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Hoshi had finished setting up the room that would accommodate her grandfather, with Kenji's help. Hoshi and Kenji donated some of their miscellaneous Japanese stuff to put into the room, in an attempt to make it seem like home. Kristina had also helped, in her own way, by growing some bonsai trees, or at least attempted to. The little trees were a little too tough for Kris, but Hoshi still appreciated the effort.

Hoshi looked over the map directions again, and then brought the gps into the car. The drive wouldn't be too long. She was more worried about how Haruto would find his way around the airport. No, she needed more confidence in her grandfather. From what she remembered, the airport was oddly straight forward for New Jersey.

Haru was settling himself into the passenger's seat as Gabumon, when Kenji and Kristina came out to join him and Hoshi.

"Will everything be alright?" Kristina asked her friend. it was perhaps a stupid question, but Kristina didn't know how to say what she really wanted to say.

"Yes, I think so," Hoshi responded. And awkward silence followed. "But, oh, I'd be happy if you and Kenji came along if you wanted to and weren't busy," she hastily added.

For a brief moment, Hoshi saw Kris's eyes light up.

"Yeah, sure. I mean, it can get hard to navigate the roads and everything by yourself. I can be a navigator," Kristina reasoned. "Hold on."

She went inside to fetch Kenji.
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Kristina found it hard to convince Kenji to join them. He was trying to read something (Kristina didn't see what it was, just that she had seen him reading it before) when Kristina came in and told him she was going to go to the airport with Hoshi.

"Would you like to come along?" Kristina asked. It was a command wrapped in a question.

Kenji sighed and looked up.

"Sorry, Miss, but I don't feel up to it today." He left it at that.

Kristina wondered if she could pull out any of the usual tricks she used when she wanted her way.

"It would be nice for him to have someone to talk and relate to when he comes over. I mean, Hoshi would be there too, but...."
The truth was that Kenji was at least 10 years younger than Hoshi's grandfather, but Kris still thought Kenji's presence would be helpful.

Kenji relented.

"Fine, I'll go. but you owe me one," he said as he lifted himself from the chair.

"Sure. Why is it such a hassle to go, though?" Kris asked as the headed to the car.

"I thought it might be best for Hoshi and her grandfather to spend sometime together first," he responded. He was lying.
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Hoshi wasn't too surprised to see a disgruntled Kenji following Kristina. From what she had seen in her short time living with the duo, Kristina had a way of pushing Kenji's buttons just so. She seemed to be the old man's only weakness.

"Thanks for coming you too." Hoshi scrambled for something else to say. "I mean, it's still weird for me to drive here. What with driving on the wrong side of the road, and everything." Everyone got a giggle from that. Hoshi smiled. Slowly, she was learning how to traverse the waters of sociability.

"Alright, let's head out. Jiji's plane will be here in an hour, but it may take 45 minutes to get to the airport in this traffic."

As Hoshi got in the driver's seat, Kenji saw that Kristina had a confused look on her face.

"Jiji means old man in Japanese, Kristina," Jeeves said as he got into the car.

"Like you," Kris said happily, as she got into the passenger's seat. Haru turned into gomamon so he could rest on Kris's lap, his third favorite lap in the world.
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Kenji was caught between a smile and a glare. He finally just sighed and sat down in the back. He had heard so much about this Haruto from Hoshi and Haru, and wondered if he would live up to his expectations.

Kristina was worrying about setting up the gpS. Yes, she'd end up in the house with another person. A person she couldn't even communicate with. It wasn't all to different than back home, though. At least here she had people who paid attention to her.

"Here, let me take a look," Haru said. Kris realized she hadn't been concentrating on the duty she was tasked to do. Behind her mask, she had as much social anxiety as Hoshi. Haru took the gps and gently set it with his claws.

"Thanks," Kris said. Haru nodded. Hoshi pulled out of the driveway and they began their drive.

Meanwhile, Haruto was looking out the airplane window. He had to lean over to see it - he had the end seat. He noticed how carefully everyone, from the airline attendants to the other passengers, treated him. They looked at him like he would break a hip just by drinking tea.
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As the plane began to descend, Haruto poked through his list of notes. Because his grasp on English was, to put it kindly, limited, he had Hoshi do research on the airport and give him explicit instructions on where to go and how to find his way out without too many Americans getting mad at him for not knowing their ugly language.

"Hello, nice to meet you," he said slowly. "Please. Thank you." that was enough for now, he thought. He wasn't too worried, though. There was no way the airport security would keep a kindly old man from his family.

He smiled and leaned back in his seat as the plane landed. He slowly got up with the other passengers, even though the attendants were looking at him as though he might need special assistance. He was half tempted to pretend to trip and fall and see what they would do. Instead, he simply walked through the plane as well as anyone a quarter of his age.

When he got into the terminal, there was a rush of noise and traffic. It was very disorganized. He realized he would need to get used to that. Hoshi was unsure where he would need to go, so he simply followed everyone else.

Customs was up ahead. This worried him greatly. He stood in line, waiting, and when he got to the customs officer, he smiled and shoved his passport at him.

"Hi, hello," Haruto said.

The officer looked him over. "Why are you visiting America today, sir?"

"Sorry?" Haruto took a moment to figure out how to respond. "Family." The officer gave Haruto another look, then took he passport and stamped it. Home free, Haruto thought. He hurried over to get his one bag - he packed light knowing anything he could possibly need would be provided by Hoshi.
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It took 20 minutes to get to the airport. The drive was painfully boring. No traffic, no accidents, no close shaves. Nothing like all the American movies. Haru supposed he could rush into the airport when they arrived and yell out Haruto's name - but that only seemed to work when you were chasing someone departing from the airport, not arriving.

Hoshi parked in the airport lot and the group got out. Hoshi walked towards the arrivals gate without a word.
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As Kristina tried to get out, she almost tripped over Haru. This is after she forget that her seat belt was still on, as well. Thankfully, Haru seemed to be the only one who noticed, since both Hoshi and Jeeves had gone up ahead. Kristina still shot Haru a sharp glance, which put an end to his giggling.

By then Kristina and Haru were pretty far away from Jeeves and Hoshi, who they assumed had gone straight to find Haruto. Neither Haru or Kris had paid much attention when Hoshi had described the airport, so they were sort of lost.

"The way I see it, we could stay by the car, we could steal it and rive away, or we could explore," Haru suggested. Kris made a show of putting her hand to her chin and stroking it as though she was thinking very deeply. After a moment, she grandly proclaimed,

"We should go find some food. I think they have food near the front gates."

Haru nodded. "I think that is a most wonderful idea, first mate, Kris." Haru turned into Penmon and began to waddle behind Kristina.

"Fish for you as usual, Captain Icepants?" Kristina asked as they went through the sliding doors into the airport. The two wondered past frantic travelers and reuniting families without a care in the world. After all, Kris had her cellphone for when Hoshi and Jeeves finally discovered their party had split.
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