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A Piece of History[Open]; Ag's Resurface
Topic Started: Jan 30 2013, 03:25 PM (419 Views)
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Time.....It was the one thing that Digimon always had. Limited only by the fact that there was so much of it. Endless hours, days, months, years, it flowed together for any monster. Because so long as you were careful, you could never die. Old age was the least of your worries, as even the most senior monster, could be as small as a Koromon. Many were exactly that. Time held no Digimon, but it did hold humans. They grew within time, developed, improved. Their shapes and forms always shifting, suiting the next step for each year. Up until the point of death. Digimon couldn't die, but humans could. A lesson many had to learn the hard way, watching as their partners left from this world and into the next. Knowing that they would never see them again.

Time, Ag had much of that. It was collected within the many treasures sitting in his rather sturdy hut. Scattered within the written words that rested in his three journals. Truly, Ag was proof of time and what happened when you blinked. For Ag, time was quick and closing your eyes for a second could very well cause you to miss 20 years. While not feeling it, the young dragon, wasn't so young in truth. 1 year was a long time to live, and if he hadn't started over, it would have been longer. Ag was actually 40, but since his return, he figured he needed to start over like everyone else. But how to start over in a new world, a world without the need of a guardian?

Upon his death at the hands of the Royal knights, Ag's data..or rather his soul lingered within the Data Stream. It floated among many others, unable to return to the village or even move on to the after life. Why was he fated to linger in between? The answer was simple, it wasn't his world. Had he died in his own Dimension, the cycle would have likely occurred, and he would have been reborn. Instead, nothing happened and his data settled into the stream of information. In till...something happened. An event that he can not explain or recall. All he knew was that four months ago, he found himself within the ruins of his city, in a field of loose grass and dust.

From there, he returned to the village, only to see it had changed. Others now watched it, protected it. Vee had kept his word, as well as his tamer. So what did that mean for him? His duty was done and his promise to the previous Guardian was fulfilled. This made him free, free to make his own life once more. Which he did, and quite enjoyed it. Traveling the Digital world and seeing it's vast improvements, venturing old places, seeing new faces. The Agumon even managed to build himself a new hut within the remains of a city that had one time been under siege. Ag couldn't have been happier, but he couldn't have felt anymore out of place.

In a blink, his world had changed and for the better. But what was there for an old monster? Aside from enjoying the peace, nothing.

Resting outside as he tended to a small garden behind his hut, the vegetation that had managed to grow was enough to cause a smile to appear over his face. Watering the plants, the dragon sat down upon the patch of grass beneath him, closing his eyes as he pulled out a book. It was simply another day for the old warrior.
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Jen walked along the side of the road with Tessa on her shoulder, leading them through the area that was initialize city. Even if it wasn't as big as it used to be, one could still get lost there if they didnt' know their way around. And Tessa had managed to get them lost. Jen then said, "Come on Tess! We haven't seen any eggs around here for a while now, and we've been searching for hours."

Tessa looked at Jen from her shoulder and said, "We've got to be close though. the data pointed to this part of the city!"

Jen stopped for a bit at a corner and said, "You've said the same thing about the last several areas! Just admit it, you've gotten lost, and you don't even know what part of the city we're even in! Some times I wonder how it is you became one of the three guardians when you're so carefree."
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The dragon remained seated, eyes focused on the words before him, mind lost in the book. He had always enjoyed reading. It was one of the things he would always make time for. History, Fiction, the knowledge and stories had always peeked his interests. It didn't matter if they were real or not, each tale or fact had a meaning. Hidden reasons behind their existence. That alone, was enough for him to enjoy. Besides, when it was usually quite silent, there was little action or need of such. Reading was quiet and peaceful, the perfect fit. The missing piece to the monster's calm day. Yet within moments, that silence seemed to vanish.

A rather surprised expression came over the digimon's face, causing a frown to appear as he grumbled slightly. There were very few noises within the partial abandoned city. Very few digimon lived here and those that did usually kept to themselves. It was only the few that seemed to be seeking either glory or treasure that came to these ruins. Some even attempted to use the place as a personal battlefield. Ag stood up and walked around the side of his hut to see two strangers moving down the room. One appeared to be human, displaying a set of feline ears and a long tail, the second was a Kudamon, who rested upon the human's shoulder. A blank expression appeared over his face, though he quickly sighed while preparing to turn back around to return to his book. It wasn't that hard to find out where to go. So long as they followed the road, they would find the cross-road that would lead to either the ruins or the new road to Neo Digital City.

Yet as he looked away, he heard one mention something of digi-eggs, followed by the idea that information had pointed towards this location as housing them. Ag found himself stunned. He should have been able to sense such things...yet he did not. In fact, he had no idea of any deaths in this area at all. Turning around, the Agumon allowed a calm expression to form over his large face, sighing as he continued to listen. One of the three Guardians? Did she mean the ones looking over the Village or part of the guilds? Either way, this seemed almost like a sloppy job. Without warning, he found himself shouting towards them with a stern tone.


With that, the Agumon walked back into his yarn mumbling as he sat back down upon the grass in a huff.

"Damn youngsters....."
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Both girls jumped as they'd heard someone yell at them. Tessa clung to Jen's neck, while Jen almost jumped half way up a wall, forgetting her enhanced abilities when she was part digimon. After landing again and getting the shock out of her system, Jen looked over to see the Agumon reading a book and said, "Is that so?" She looked to Tessa as she'd heard this, wondering why she was so lost.

Tessa then said, "That's what that is? I thought it was my head ringing or something... It's not like someone left behind a guide book for guardians... Wait, how did you even know about that? I didn't know myself." She slowly let go of Jen's neck, leaving some minor scratches as she settled on the shoulder again. She looked over the Agumon with a blink. She didn't quite recognize the digimon, but something told her that she should.

Jen had to wonder too after a bit, since he seemed to know something about the guardians for the village of origins. So she walked over and said, "That is a good question. who are you supposed to be?"
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Still reading, the Agumon looked up to see that the duo had managed to following him into his backyard. He wouldn't lie, he wasn't really expecting company, nor did he really want it. Perhaps a long time ago, he would be happy to have dished out information. Being a guardian was something that was taught from one to the next. It was how he had brought up his own helpers. Perhaps it was simply his age making him so grumpy. Though the idea of putting such things into a book just seemed wrong.

"A book? Such things are too important to be recorded for just anyone to find....You keep it in here...You repeat it, live it. Thats a guardian..."

Pointing the tip of his claw towards his bald head, the dragon sighed as he closed his book while looking towards them. Close up, he could see now that the girl was some kind of hybrid. A human with digimon features. It was strange sight, though it wouldn't be the first. Once a long time ago, he had heard of such an experiment happening before. Of course, that had been years ago and he was too out of the loop to keep up with current things.

Though as the question came of how he knew such things, Ag rested the book on his lap and shook his head calmly.

"I know such things because before there were three guardians of Origin village, there used to be only one...Myself. I protected the Primary Village before it became the Village of Origins...and before me, it was done by a Leomon named Leorn, the first guardian...."

Closing his eyes, he recalled his days within the village. His time watching over it, sitting beneath a tree upon a hill. His friends, Terry and Mame. The smiling faces of the humans that came to face their destiny, to meet their digimon partners. He even recalled the first person he had done this for and how much joy it brought both them and their digimon. Life had a way of reminding you of each of those moments....and then giving a bitter twist that they would never come again. His time as a guardian was done...and that was something he had accepted.

"I am Ag...an Agumon as you can see..."

Smiling lightly, he then stood up as he rested one claw behind his head with a grin.

"What are your names?"
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Tessa hopped down to the ground and said, "I'm Tessa. Jen's partner, and one of the new guardians of the village of origins. I'll admit, I'm not too great at it yet, but the young digimon seem to like having a guardian that's about their size. You should see them cheerful when i'm around to watch them." She smiled some as she looked up to the Agumon. "You were one of the original guardians? Back when it was primary village? That could explain why you seem familiar, even if we haven't meet. Where have you been all this time? Some of us thought you'd have been right there to take up guardian again as soon as the village was restored."

Jen found herself a sort of bench to sit on, and looked at the Agumon herself. She then said, "My name's Jennifer Wellston. But everyone calls me Jen. It's nice to meet you Ag." Jen kinda looked him over a bit, considering he'd said he was a guardian. He certainly sounded wise and knowledgeable about guardians. And he had already given Tessa a lecture over what she was doing wrong. She smiled a bit, as she figured she was starting to like this digimon already if she could give Tessa a word or two. Her tail seemed to drape a bit over her shoulder too, as Tessa left it absent, possibly to keep it warm while she wasn't there.
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