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Topic Started: Mar 20 2013, 05:09 PM (466 Views)
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So one thing that has kinda bugged me about profiles and topics, is that people who put more effort into their RP posts and profiles, never really got any benefit out of it. Well that has changed. From now on, whenever you write a whole page worth of RP posts that are more than 1 paragraph long, you will get a bonus .2 DP! Keep in mind, that if your posts are unreadable or are just spam, they don't count towards this. Also, now should you write a longer profile in profile creation, you will be awarded bonus DP or bits, or a combination of both. How much depends on how long it is.

In order to help people who may have a hard time making longer posts and profiles, there will be guides added into the rules and guidelines section.They will be up soon as they are done. Also note that if you don't wish to make longer profiles or posts, that you don't have to. It is not compulsory to make your posts longer nor will you be penalized for making posts that are under a paragraph in length. This is just here to reward the more ambitious people who try to make their profiles and posts bigger and better.
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