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Destined's Guide to Longer Posts
Topic Started: Mar 29 2013, 07:29 PM (365 Views)
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Writing a long post can be pretty hard, especially if you are new to RPing. However, it doesn't have to be a chore. There are a few ways in which you can increase your posting size to gain the extra DP per page.

1. Start with the basics. Who, what, where, when, why and how. Who are the characters in the topic. Keep in mind that even if you are a partner and Tamer team, they don't always neccessarily need to be with each other at all times. One partner might be absent if you have multiple partners for instance. Or they might do things separately from time to time. Then what are they doing in their post. Even if they are only talking to another person, they can still do other things, such as being attentive to the conversation, doing something while talking, or looking away or such. Next is where, where are they doing this. What are they interacting with while doing all of this. This is often a detail overlooked in RP topics, as often where they are can just kind of fade out once they are talking or running around. Next is when. What time of the day is it. Is anything particular to the time of the day happening, such as the sun setting or the moon being out or the like. Next is why. Why did they come here, what did they hope to accomplish? And sometimes you'll use how, like how did they get here and such. Keep in mind not all of these will work for every single post, but going through these can often help you pick up details you might of overlooked.

2. Use your senses! We aren't just people capable of talking, but also of sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing, and some of us might even be perceptive or intuitive. We have all of these senses, so a great way to add length to your posts is by including the use of them. Keep in mind, that sometimes it might not be the best to mention all of them however, or all of the things you can pick up with that sense. For instance, if your character is frightened and thinks somebody is chasing him, you probably don't want to mention the nearby nice, relaxing daisies they can smell nearby.

3. Go into the thoughts of your character. This one is great for when you have only a single character of yours in a RP. Going into the thoughts of your character, even though they probably won't voice them, gives a bit more insight into the mind of your character and how they think, what they think about and such. Great for developing an otherwise typical sounding character and often makes you think about what they might of been through.

4. Converse between your characters! This one only works when you got 2 or more characters, but often at times it can be overlooked. Often, people will bring their partner and Digimon into a topic, and their Digimon partners won't say anything at all for several posts. But conversing between your characters can add a lot of life and length to your posts, and can add dynamics to your characters that otherwise wouldn't be there. For example, how does your partner Digimon react to your Tamer? Or if you got multiple partners, how do they react in the prescene of your other partners and vice versa.

Hope this helps to expand your posts a bit!
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