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Topic Started: Apr 2 2013, 12:13 AM (365 Views)
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Cold, damp, and covered in mud, Iazas' first ten minutes in Dimension 7 hasn't been fun. A rift had opened itself in a river that the young spadamon was crossing, wondering the prairies of his homeland. It sucked him in and dropped him from two stories, right into the murky waters of the swamp. He nearly drowned. Since then, he has been anxious and shaking. So much so, that the held blade could be heard rattling in his hands.

In the Exe culture, there were stories and myths on the existence of digimon on explanations of the inner-workings of the digital world. Glitches in the world, or major diasters and cases of misfortune, were blamed on a digimon. Its name was Otranomon. It didn't exist, but didn't stop the superstitious tribe from believing it to be a true entity. They believe it to be a feline-and-reptalian-like digimon that constantly smiled, had horns growing out of its head, had dark purple and bright green fur, had no legs, and hovered around. It terrorizes digimon out of spite, as it represents and is all the digimon that were deleted as eggs. It'll manipulate objects to try to harm or harass digimon. It also can talk to digimon, causing them to go insane and try to delete digimon of its own tribe. Iazas is shaking badly because he believes he's in Otranomon sights.

The boy didn't know what to expect. It has been several minutes of muck and trees. There hasn't been any sound, besides the squishing of the mud and splashes of the water. Iazas was on edge, not wanting to come across Otranomon or anything else here.
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Around that point in time, a small Digimon, probably somewhere between two and three feet tall, wearing blue Japanese-styled armour, a Kotemon no doubt, made its way through the murky swamp.. It had last been some time since he had last set foot in this swamp, as it wasn't exactly the kind of place he'd like to hang out in during his free time. Yet today, he had came to the swamp all by himself, as his Tamer and his other partners had more pressing matters to attend to. And quite frankly he couldn't blame them on not wanting to come to this cold, messy swamp. But there had been some unusual activity reported in this spot of late. Random portals just popping out of nowhere, teleporting innocent bystander Digimon to locations near and far alike. Was it just merely coincidence? Or perhaps something more serious was at work? That was what he was here to find out.

The lone Digimon wandered throughout the area, skilfully jumping from lilypad to lilypad, trying to avoid the inevitable swim in the swamp for as long as possible. After all, were he to get that nasty swamp water amongst his armour, it would be a pain to dry. The sound of his jumps weren't all that noisy, easily drowned out by louder noises. But if somebody was listening carefully, they could probably hear them from a fair distance. Though Kota wasn't really worried about enemies hearing him. He was sure that for the most part, he could handle just about anything in this swamp if a battle were to arise. Though he would prefer not to battle unnecessarily if it could be avoided. So the Digimon simply calmly continued to search the swamp for any unusual activity, unaware he was approaching the area in which Iazas was in.
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He was worried and frustrated, but he bravely slogged through the muck. Dry ground needed to be found. Bearings would also be another good thing to get, to see if there's anything else than water, mud, and trees that look like they couldn't handle an armored digimon climbing on. It was a challenge to keep the composure and motivation to keep moving and scan around. With all that had happened recently alone, part of him wanted to shut down. However, he wanted to keep going and not give up. Iazas knew that if he's indeed being stalked by a demon entity, he needed to stay vigilant and be able to focus.

At first, he thought it was an illusion. But the wood pile he seen was indeed a shelter. It was a simple looking hut built on stone pillars. Stairs reached into the bottom of the bank and up to an open door. No light, sound, or smell came from the hut. It didn't stop the boy from reading his blade for a close quarters fight. Walking up the steps, it annoyed him that they made a slight sound as his weight is applied to them. Iazas was nervous that he could be giving himself away if there was something inside. At the door, he crouched down and backed against the wall. He peeked inside, not seeing anything at the moment.

It occurred to him that this could be Otranomon's lair. That the place he's was nothing but endless wasteland, of waters, trees, and mud. This was some void, where he's either imprisoned indefinitely or will be solicited by Otranomon. The latter sounded worse, just for the fact that he didn't want to think about being made into attacking all of the Exe. If it is truly that dangerous, all the more reason to go after it. Iazas was cold, shivering, and mentally worn. That wasn't on his mind right now then. The thing on it was listening for a few more seconds, before he makes his way in and could find himself taking on a monstrous digimon.
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