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Lucemon; Custom Evolution Line
Topic Started: Oct 4 2013, 07:43 PM (311 Views)
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Name: Lucemon Crusader Mode
Level: Champion
Type: Virus Buster and Wind Guardian
Gender: Male
Digivolves to: Lucemon Archangel Mode
Digivolves from: Lucemon

Appearance: Lucemon in this mode wears a ask similar to D'arcmon a crossed his face, standard Chrome Digizoid armor appears on the wrist, shoulders, torso and knee caps. Lucemon also carries a sword and shield, the sword is generally kept in it sheath which is scrapped to his left on his belt. The shield is made of the same chrome digizoid as his armor and takes the shape of a small diamond and he generally wears it on his back.
(-It should also be noted, like any Lucemon, this mode has twelve wings.)

Attacks: Crimson Blade: Swings his sword three times in the air and it lights on fire. The flames are blue, and when he swings the sword, he creates sub-sonic wave of flames that flies at the enemy.

Angel Blade: Hold the sword close to him and it glows with holy light, the more he charges it the stronger the attack is when he swings the sword a sub-sonic wave if light flies at the enemy.

Abilities: Flight

Name: Lucemon Archangel Mode
Level: Ultimate
Type: Virus Buster and Wind Guardian
Gender: Male
Digivolves to: Lucemon Holy Dragon Mode
Digivolves from: Lucemon Crusader Mode

Appearance: -Mage Form- In this form Lucemon is seen wearing a long black and white robe. When he is wearing his robe his wings are not seen, as they are folded in. He carries around a sword; this sword is carried around mainly for ceremonial purposes, although he can use it for fighting. In this form, his defenses are cut in half, which is if a situation where to arise in which he as to fight he would switch to battle form.

-Warrior Form- In this form, Lucemon is sheds his mage robes for battle armor. The armor takes the form of black chrome digi-zoid, which covers Lucemon in specific places which allow for Lucemon to maintain his agility without sacrificing defense. The first place that is covers is his head. The armor on the head takes the form of a helmet, the helmet is round and covers his head almost completely, and there are only two gaps, one on the top, which allows him to see, the second gap is towards the bottom of the helmet, though it is only in slits, this allows him to communicate to others, also the helmet at the front top, fans out in to a “V” shape. The second place the armor covers is the torso; here the armor is fairly simple in design, it starts out wide, covering the shoulders (the shoulder portion narrows downs in to arrow points), then narrows down towards middle, then widens again towards the end. The third place which the armor covers is the lower portions of the arm; it stops directly at the wrists. The armor at the wrist is much thicker than usual, that is because that is where swords that Archangel Mode has are sheathed. The swords when drawn are golden in golden in color, and are inscribed with digital coding. The last place that the armor covers is at the lower legs. Much like the torso armoring, it starts out wide at the feet, and narrows out to points at the knees. Underneath the armor is light white fabric.

Attacks: Celestial Cross: He places his hands together and sixteen fiery orbs appear and organize themselves in to the form of a cross which then he fires at the enemy.

Heaven's Slash: Crosses his swords in an X-pattern which then holy light surrounds them and then flies at the enemy with sub-sonic speed.

Heaven's Atmosphere: Forms a holy symbol which traps his enemy in an orb of light. If the enemy is good at heart they receive no damage but if they are evil then they are destroyed.

Holy Wrath: Fires a fury of punches at his enemy, then he kicks them in the air and then catches them in the air and throws them down.

Touch of Justice: Points his swords at the enemy and causes an explosion.

Water of the Lords: Causes it rain holy water healing his allies.

Shield of the Heavens: Creates a barrier of light protecting his allies and himself.

Abilities: Flight

Name: Lucemon Holy Dragon Mode
Level: Mega
Type: Virus Buster, Wind Guardian and Dragon Roar
Gender: Male
Digivolves to: None
Digivolves from: Lucemon Archangel Mode

Appearance: In this final form, Lucemon takes the form of an ancient serpentine dragon digimon. When Lucemon assumed this form, he carries a similarity of Warrior form, he is covered in Chrome Digi-zoid, instead of it being black, and it is Gold Chrome Digi-Zoid. Even though he took the form of a dragon in this final form, he still maintains many angelic qualities; the foremost quality is the wings. Lucemon still maintains twelve wings; these wings are angelic in design (which means they retain feathers). It should also be mentioned that even though Lucemon took the form of a dragon, he actually isn’t very big, in this form Lucemon is about seven feet long.

Attacks: Cathedral Tornado: Flies around his enemies creating a tornado, within the tornado the enemy is pounded with holy stones.

Heaven's Blaze: Wraps his body around his enemy then subjects them to his fury attack holy fire at close range.

Dragon's fury: Slashes the enemy with his claws both front and back.

Angelic Winds: Straighten his wings and creates a wind, which causes the feathers from his wings to fly off and slash the enemy.

Divine Cross: Creates a cross with his body, which opens up and causes 32 fiery orbs to be launched at the enemy.

Gold Sanction: Sends out two large golden rings that can be extended to any particular size and go around an enemy before binding them then either saps their strength or vaporizes them

Holy Sonic Slash: Creates a gust of wind that is equal to a sonic boom, then flies passed the enemy, then the enemy is hit with the sonic boom, within the sonic boom are holy/golden crescent shape attack.

Final Sanctuary: Creates a light that purifies the darkest area.

Dive-bomb of the Heaven's: Flies in the sky, and powers up with holy light which radiating from his body and then comes crashing down on the enemy creating a large explosion.

Holy Roar: Roars at the enemy, when he roars he creates sub-sonic holy waves.
Breath of the Guardian: Charges up a holy beam which is launched at the enemy.

Orb of God: This attack is summoned on top of Divine cross, orbs fly out in holy waves and detonate upon impact, and they can also deflect attacks.

God Shield: Creates a shield of light that can protect himself and his allies

Abilities: Flight
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