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Welcome to Aegeos, a literate Pokemon Role Play!

That the following tabs below are currently unavailable to the public. Please wait while bidoofs slowly move out of the road in order for the tabs to work. Thank you.
Oh no! A bunch of Psyducks have joined the Bidoofs! I'm so sorry folks, but it seems the tab-like roads will need much more time than we originally expected. Neither parties seem to have a care in the world... Until then, please stay tuned.

Argh. Just look at them, and their smug little faces...why I 'otta...
Well hello there folks! Nothing to see here. Please have a great day!


Character Statistics

Class Male Female Total
Drakes 6 6 12
Shamans 4 5 9
Trainers 4 5 9
Wanderers 15 7 22
Total 29 23 52


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Sorry folks! This Pokemon RP board has been inactive since June 2013.

We thank you for your participation throughout the months in making Aegeos a great community!
We wish you luck in your future endeavors. Should we ever become active again, we hope to see you there!

May Arceus guide you all.