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Welcome to the Aeiou.

We are a community with almost no rules, and a very non-serious mindset. Shitposting is not an infraction of the rules here. In fact, it is the norm.

We are mostly active on our Discord, but larger projects such as the Absolute Magnitude tabletop game are discussed here on the forums.

You are more than welcome to Join the forums, and our Discord. If you have already registered on the forums, you can log in below:

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Infinite Matter Artifacts

Regular Forum Universe Pile (Forum Games And RPs)
Various Text-Based Games And Whatnot
Aeiou D&D Apr 10 2017, 09:46 AM, By Tuprewm
Topics: 145 Replies: 5,548
Subforums: Hyperwave Broadcaster (RP Shoutbox), Garet's Rehab TV (Closed RPs), The Sea of Fragments (Edgelandia), An Actual Weyard (An Actual Weyard)
Regular Forum The Shivering Isles (Conceptual Works & Assistance)
For RP or story concepts that you might have trouble executing, or that need further refinement.
Editing of Someone's Fanfiction Dec 16 2016, 12:43 AM, By Shell-Core
Topics: 73 Replies: 158
Subforums: Nedben's Storage Pile (Nedben's Storage Pile)
Regular Forum The Golden Land (Character Profiles)
A place to store RP character profiles for those you wish to last beyond their original stories.
Ninus Rex Apr 14 2018, 05:06 PM, By nedben
Topics: 22 Replies: 93
Subforums: Shellcorean Databanks (Lore Storage), Blocky Cluster (Orrp)
Regular Forum The Great Library (Creative Works)
Topics regarding any creative works other than Video Game modifications.
Aeiou Phantasm Jun 6 2018, 06:57 PM, By nedben
Topics: 80 Replies: 758



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