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So, on Friday and Saturday Dec. 16th-17th, we will be participating in a large inter-forum posting event.

You are encouraged to join or log into these other boards, and post there.

... Just, uh... Remember to have much higher standards there than we do here. We're the only shitpostin' forum on this list.

Participating forums:
Golden Sunrise
Golden Sun Adept's Refuge
Temple of Kraden
Golden Sun Hacking Community

Now, for those of you who arrived here from another forum... If anyone was indeed crazy enough ta' come here.... Welcome to a site that's nothing but a vaguely Golden Sun-related shitposting hell! Here are some warnings an' tips that might help ya' survive a bit longer:

- There are some threads that might make loud noises or even crash your browser if ya' click on them, due ta' large numbers of auto-playing videos or Flash animations present. How can you tell if the thread you're about to look at is onna' these shitpost dumps? No clue. You're on your own there.

- As ya' can probably guess, you can post pretty much anything here, so long as it's not porn or illegal or anything like that. Making fifty responses consisting of nothing but "shoutout to simpleflips" is perfectly acceptable and within the rules.

- Note that we're, in general, much more active on our Discord than the forums. You can join the Discord via this link.

- We currently have our Christmas Event going on if you are interested. Which you probably will not be if you have even half of a brain.

- I, Iris (Also known as "Jenna"), am worshipped as a deity here. It's fairly similar ta' how the Temple of Kraden worships... Well.. You know. I'm also a giant planet-devouring robotic eldritch abomination from beyond the stars. Mia is also very important in Aeiou lore (She's a giant robotic eldritch abomination too!). Long story. Five years of unrestricted memetic mutation does this sorta' thing, kids.

If ya' have any other questions, feel free to ask them. I'd imagine that ya' have quite a few.
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