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How the fuck do we even kill an Ion/Trump fusion; it's the fucking numidium except it builds walls instead of stomping on them
Topic Started: Apr 15 2016, 06:52 PM (187 Views)
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Not A New Creature
Ion alone can oneshot super saiyan hitler

all content copypasted from nedben
Edited by oldfriend, Apr 15 2016, 06:53 PM.
Nedben: the point is this is not a porn game
Nedben: If it happens again I'll probably say fuck it and (ab)use a porn mod to release a fucking dragon for free
Nedben: we got him a bathtub the size of a planet, and he still got stuck
Nedben: grab some heroin and get stripping /for science/
Nedben: So I can use marriage as an expletive now?!
Nedben: Hell fucking yes!
RockboyAIOS: @nedben They will lose their virtue. They crawl to me and I never scratch.
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Nedben Prime, Casually Mad

Jubal lun Sul.

literally an empty speech bubble and it cuts your head off

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:wrenchleft:Robert Joe:wrenchright:
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Engineer Archailect

A small loan of a million mehs.

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