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Ninus Rex; Tower of Towers, Secretary of Janet, and City-Crown
Topic Started: Apr 14 2018, 05:06 PM (193 Views)
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Nedben Prime, Casually Mad

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A demon pillar, whose true form is similar in appearance to Sabnock (though sometimes it formalizes its plates into a black variant of Aamon). Sometimes it manifests as a man who resembles Ninus, founder of Nineveh.

The Demon Pillars are powerful spiritual creatures that emerged in the ancient past: Ninus himself supposedly crystallized out of various minor demons, lesser gods, and fallen angels in at latest 6000 BC with 'the early possible points of the founding of Ninevah', but his constituency goes back to the early generations of angels. However, he has spent the vast majority of that time as several individuals or inactive: due to the rarity of his invocation he has hung out with mostly Janet or been training or asleep, and that's about it. Each Demon Pillar possesses unique capabilities, but common to all is a magical energy generator acting as their spiritual core, ability to blow stuff up with flaming eye-beams, talking in boomy echoey voices, telekinesis, 'demonic contract work' based off geas, spatiotemporal manipulation on the level of teleporting between worlds, and the ability to operate powerful summoning magic. If Janet is Fanfiction, then Ninus is Worldbuilding and Supporting Characters.

Personally, he has an abnormal interest in maids, butlers, and other service or 'subordinate' personnel ranging from laborers and gardeners to subordinate researchers and viziers, and can be very easily distracted by anything from maid outfits to garden maintenance: it is entirely plausible character for him to honestly offer hiring a battle-maid (....or at least a janitor...) for something as simple as a manga collection he doesn't have yet or a detailed lesson on an entirely new line of employment, or for someone selling their soul into becoming a maid or butler under his service will often find themselves both doted upon and treated as a legitimate weapon among the legions of demons. Even outside of that, Ninus is generally rather laid back for a demon lord, and while he attempts to put up a veneer of formality as a high-ranking ancient noble, if this formality is breached he simply won't bother to put it back up unless the mood calls for it, relaxing jovially while still offering deals that vary in quality depending on his mood and what value or pleasantry he assigns to the person. He has a moderate aversion to 'breaking precious things', so he will often telekinetically catch and stow away valuables rather than destroying them unless he is explicitly aware of why it must be destroyed and cannot be saved in any way. It is to the point he will prefer to control rather than destroy whenever possible, at least until after he has performed some phase salvage magic to allow for later reconstruction. Overall, one could say he is Neutral Evil: while he has something of a Lawful Neutral streak at rare times and overall possesses at least mild compunctions about the sanctity of the living, when push comes to shove he will weasel out of what he can to take what he wants, and has little respect for freedom or integrity. For some reason, he idolizes an unusual variant of Athena who commands shapeshifters, and for more pragmatic powers-the-same reasons Shinki from Touhou.

The majority of his abilities are under one central 'Authority of kingdom creation': flowing from his role as founder of cities, he can create worlds and life piece by piece: even Reality Marbles or living beings are perfectly within his grasp to create. He provides excellent familiars, personnel, armaments, builds and repairs grand towering buildings, and does things of that nature in general. However, this is by definition a creative ability and a creative ability only: its extent of 'manipulation' is using separate abilities of mind control, hypnotic eyes, and terraforming spells to more or less pressure people to join up the new kingdom (though of course, everything he creates has a secret unpronounceable demon backdoor command to allow him to take control once whoever he has contracted them out to is no longer relevant). As far as manipulating an existing kingdom/reality/much of anything the best he can do is charm people into going along with it and telekinetically strongarm where necessary. Destroying things is right out besides what can be accomplished beyond his explosive eye beams, telekinetic force, dropping a building on it, tunneling equipment/magic, teleporting it into a volcano/the Sun/something else that will annihilate it instantly (and even that is energy-costly), or conjuring larger deathrays. It is possible to 'resurrect' a kingdom and relevant inhabitants as a matter of 'kingdom (re)creation', but this is really just rebuilding the place, finding the ghosts or other leftover parts, getting them to show up, and giving them soulbot-biopuppets to act as new bodies that only magical analysis would really be able to tell is not really an official resurrection. Overall, it is an ability extremely similar to that of the goddess Shinki (hence his interest).

The main life of Ninus is acting as Janet's understudy, secretary, and 'do this work for me' character. Ninus is better at quickly producing large structures such as cities or even large islands without having to write out every detail (simply a general image of how big and what the rough purposes should be will suffice, with the inherent magic making up whatever else is required to logically fill it), but Janet simply possesses greater destructive power and far more supreme spacetime authority.

If one was to summon him, he offers at reasonable financial or offering-based prices deals that are primarily 'the creation of that which doesn't exist, or physical repairs of what has been lost': building you the ideal mate or maidservant, giving you a sweet castle or personal Reality Marble based dimension, use of healing magecraft, stuff like that. He has a small army of subordinate demons and augmented magi, but he is hesitant to use it and individuals will retreat via contingency teleport once sufficiently injured or at risk of death. He is willing to deal for transportation between worlds, education in magecraft and rulership, blowing stuff up with his eye beams, or even attempting his somewhat-easy-to-magically-resist mental manipulation of others, but complains about doing such out of field tasks and charges ridiculous prices like 'your soul' or 'several thousand dollars so I can buy some cool stuff off the internet' because he considers it inconvenient manual labor compared to his easy purpose-built task of manufacturing realms and things that go in realms. He usually doesn't offer task-based prices, both out of a lack of tasks he needs done and because he doesn't derive enough entertainment from it to make it a regular thing unless he is being sufficiently paid on the side. A wonderful demon for land development, not so much so for maiming your enemies.

As far as fighting, his ability to spray explosive eye lasers everywhere would make him a formidable combatant, but he can be banished easily by the physical force of someone only moderately superhuman (or, say, a few ballistic missiles), or simply repeated castings or a sufficiently powerful demon-banishing spell. He takes additional damage from holy-type attacks, but while they are unpleasant to hold they are not intrinsically damaging to be in the presence of if they weren't damaging already. As a powerful demon, stereotypical unholy/darkness type energies fail to harm or corrupt and may end up invigorating him instead, depending on composition.

Besides physical damage elements, he is also emotionally weak to being manipulated himself (hence why he offers such cheap prices if he gets paid in his favorite things, or will simply offer honest financial assessments plus or minus moved in his favor to get the task or get what he wants). Attempting to pry his mind apart will often cause him to temporarily disgel into a column of spiritually fused lesser demons and whatnot, so he can be considered vulnerable to mental manipulation he does not block with defensive magic.

Spell cards:

"Incineration Ritual Ninus": An ability common to all Demon Pillars (though the name appended is obviously different, and some pillars may create or convert matter/energy afterwards), consisting of causing a series of large explosions of fire, which spray a mixture of random and patterned sphere bullets from a cloud of firey stuff which then spreads out and disbands. Most of his nonspell danmaku and regular attack is a derivative of this ability.

Mystic Eyes of Charm "Also, Lasers": Ninus deviously combines the hypnotic aspect of his eyes with the fact they shoot lasers. Ninus' main pillar body crosses the field (i.e. | style, - style, / style, \ style, or from one of the edges: the eyes shoot one of three things: a thick blue field that causes someone to be frozen in place, a mildly thicker-than-beam purple field which causes someone to autonomously slowly move toward the eye unless they make a full-speed effort to drag themselves away from it or out of the line of view, or a straight up red deathray beam. These eye fields change direction as the pillar eyes look in different ways, and the pillar body as a whole rotates erratically, so it is difficult to predict where any particular beam will be (and the red ones will often cross into the blue ones). Ninus periodically pulls offscreen and emerges elsewhere. As payment for such a nasty attack, he is extremely vulnerable and the entirety of the body is a hitbox for the spellcard. The eyes themselves have individual HP: taking too much damage will cause Ninus to withdraw the individual eyes to be healed.

Kingdom Come Now "A New Land Rises": Ninus uses his ability to create kingdoms....to create a kingdom. And drop it on top of you. In the form of bullet reconstructions, Ninus creates random natural features such as hills, mountains, rivers, forests, etc., then drops artificial features like roads, castles, farmland, and houses on top. Then, Ninus simply begins adding people-bullets and animal-bullets, and those people-bullets shoot random simple bullet types at you (consistent per individual bulletman type though). This card is slow to set up, but has exceedingly high HP and may sometimes take the form of an obnoxiously long survival card that is only used either when Ninus is combat exposition-giving and doesn't want to be interrupted but also wants to challenge you a bit, or if he seriously is trying to buy time and pushes the spellcard system to its limit to prevent you from getting away.

Great God Shinki "Devil's Recitation": ....Hey, at least he gave credit! This attack is initially a ripoff of Devil's Recitation and thus a ripoff of Shinki's penultimate attack: player is limited in area by big beams and shifty small bullets, and then a small spread of bullets and shots within that closes one in further. Toward the end of it, Ninus switches to Shinki's actual final attack pattern of a clockwise-moving pair of firing person-size bullets while a counterclockwise barrage of small arrow bullets interferes, but right about as he is to be destroyed a quartet of magic beams starting at the corners aim at the player repeatedly and at mildly high speed, forcing them to endure a last few dirty attacks in order to finish the spell.

Ultimate Magic "Civilization of Magic": Attack pattern based off Sariel's final spell with some extra additions. Sprays clockwise and counterclockwise of small white circle bullets, followed by laser lines in the middle that explode into bullets that fall in various directions. A few bullets that move in zig-zag patterns fall from above to provide cover. Once a small amount of damage has been sustained, red cross-shaped lasers randomly emerge on field with only a moment of white warning line: some spawn on the enemy, others do not, most are + shaped, some are x-shaped, a few are at other angles. As more damage occurs, maid and butler familiars spawn and begin casting stage-fairy or protagonist-esque individual bullet patterns of small scale to add to the chaos.

Infinite Magic "Genesis of Nineveh": Survival card recreating a history. A parallelogram formed of 4 familiars firing bullets at each other is created: crossing between these lanes is something to do. Tower-shaped bullets and patterns of squares marking city blocks emerge and fall away randomly within and to a lesser extent outside of this parallelogram.

Infinite Magic "Purification of Nineveh": Cast immediately after the expiration of "Genesis of Nineveh": a whale-shaped barrage of bullets complete with water smashes into the evaporating bullets, and the familiars are immediately replaced in such a way that it barely looks like anything's changed: it is now a card to be shot down rather than timed out. A familiar cosplaying as Jonah shows up and sprays white bullets in clockwise spirals, causing the towers and city blocks to shake and change when hit for further complexity.

Ring of Regency "Light of Life": A Patchouli-photosynthesis-type spell that bathes Ninus or an ally in a column of healing light, then surrounds them with bullets that float inward from the edges of the screen or popping in randomly, to fight enemies nearby in the process of regenerating until damaged enough to break the spell (which regenerates as well, so it must be fired upon constantly or timed out). Apparently copied from a blue power ranger somewhere?

Ultimate Magic "Ring of Light": An ability that creates ring-shaped barrages of bullets in the seven colors of soulfood light: crimson, azure, emerald, amber, violet, silver, gold. They come in a variety of circular patterns: charged up from the eyes and thrown as balls, fired as a thin stream of tiny bullets, a Rumia or Suwako style concentric one-ring, 3D falling ring-shaped circles, beamy-blast chains of rings, stuff like that. Apparently descended from the ability to make queens and cultures to go with those kingdoms, in a way nobody wants to see except maybe perverts and artists.

Endless Magic "Treasury of the Forsaken Kingdom": A Gate of Babylon style attack where treasure and valuables are spawned in and telekinetically thrown at people. Allies come and add more treasure, though they may screw up and bring treasure chests which can be shot for consumable items like life and bomb parts or point and power items (or possibly just more inconvenient bullets, like falling rocks).

Forest of Life and Death "Trinkinion Kingdoms of the World of Fantasy": A ridiculous Last Word that turns Ninus into the Tower of Babel and he uses a lot of giant spell sigils as attacks, while allied fairies fire upon you. It apparently is a really symbolically complex attack, but he's actually just bombing you with various types of magic.

Despite having the spellcard count of an Extra boss, he rarely deigns to use all of that unless fighting to stop someone from going somewhere such as in a solo script.
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