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Welcome Center of Ainur

Read-only Forum All Guests Read!
If you are looking at this you are in the right place! Click this forum to read a friendly Welcome message and find out how to get started on the forums! Its quite easy to navigate once you get the hang of it.
Welcome to Ainur! Jan 2 2013, 02:48 PM, By Alex
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Read-only Forum Introductions
The place to introduce yourself and get to know your fellow Ainurans! Say hello and let us know who you are and what you like. Welcome to Ainur!
Hello all! Jul 3 2013, 05:49 AM, By Augustus Anumia
0 viewers Topics: 202 Replies: 1,563
Read-only Forum Citizenship and Diplomatic Applications
Apply to be a Citizen of the Realm of Ainur, giving you access to government positions and the Citizen's Assembly. You can also apply to become a Diplomat to our great region!
Vacating the region Jul 2 2013, 02:44 PM, By Seven-Five
0 viewers Topics: 329 Replies: 843
Read-only Forum Join the Civil Service!
Need a job, enjoy things such as Journalism, Foreign relations, Military or Mentoring? Apply within to work under a Consul or Minister of your choosing!
Join The Ainur Armed Forces! Jun 13 2013, 09:24 PM, By monkeywithafez
0 viewers Topics: 3 Replies: 25

Citizen's Legislative Hall

Regular Forum The Imperial Senate
The home of the Imperial Senate of Ainur. The Senate is the unicameral Legislative Body of Ainur. They write laws, approve nominations and so much more. Please only post within if invited to do so.
We've Moved! Aug 14 2013, 08:05 AM, By Augustus Anumia
0 viewers Topics: 79 Replies: 1,063
Subforums: Senate Archives
Read-only Forum The Great Hall
The place where Citizens can debate on possible legislative bills and begin to draft a formal draft to present to the Senate.
After Apollo Jul 3 2013, 09:44 AM, By Aioros
0 viewers Topics: 159 Replies: 2,882
Subforums: NationStates
Read-only Forum Election House
Where all Elections happen!
Isidor C. Anumia for State Consul Jun 28 2013, 10:54 AM, By Aerie Rosewater
0 viewers Topics: 119 Replies: 1,377
Subforums: Election Archives

Citadel Square

Read-only Forum The Founder's Residence
Previously the Royal Palace in the old government, this building serves to house the Founder of Ainur.
Admin Task Thread Jul 2 2013, 03:14 PM, By Augustus Anumia
0 viewers Topics: 9 Replies: 774
Read-only Forum Bureau of Civil Service
Where the Chief of Staff manages the Civil Service members, as well as working with each Consul to form an effective bureaucracy of Citizens.
Purpose of the Civil Service Apr 3 2013, 08:51 PM, By Isidor C. Anumia
0 viewers Topics: 2 Replies: 2
Read-only Forum The Supreme Court
Where Chief Justice Augustus Anumia takes residence and the highest court of Ainur's criminal and civil precedings take place.
The Peanut Gallery May 2 2013, 12:58 AM, By Acrotis Scott
0 viewers Topics: 6 Replies: 722

The State Department

Read-only Forum State Ministry
Where Citizens of the Realm work together to achieve Foreign Affairs goals and work with allies. Led by the State Consul and Ministers.
Foreign Update: Citizen Comments May 6 2013, 11:27 AM, By Seven-Five
0 viewers Topics: 40 Replies: 358
Subforums: Ainurian Conclave
Read-only Forum Embassies and Ambassadors
Where all the Embassies and Ambassadors are broken down and managed.
Orders to Ambassadors: Send out the update May 23 2013, 10:50 PM, By Seven-Five
0 viewers Topics: 13 Replies: 127
Subforums: Office of Ambassadors
Read-only Forum Embassy Lane
The Embassy Lane is responsible for conducting interregional diplomacy between our allied regions.
Fourth of July Jul 3 2013, 10:40 AM, By Amanae
0 viewers Topics: 134 Replies: 372
Subforums: Embassy of British Isles, Embassy of the New Galactic Empire, Embassy of the UDL, Embassy of The Land of Kings and Emperors, Embassy of Glass Gallows, Embassy of The New Inquisition, Embassy of Europeia, Embassy of Unknown, Embassy of Kantrias, Embassy of Isles of Liberty, Embassy of The Alliance of Queens, Embassy of The Commonwealth of Crowns, Embassy of Empire of Oceania, Embassy of Ninuar, Embassy of Panopticon, Embassy of Normandy, Embassy of The United Federation, Embassy of The North Pacific, Embassy of Albion, Embassy of Spiritus, Embassy of United Kingdom, Embassy of Balder, The Pacific Embassy, Embassy of Asgard

The Domestic Department

Read-only Forum Culture Ministry
The Home of the Minister of Culture who manage the cultural activities of the Imperial Republic.
Ministries/Ministry of Culture Jun 3 2013, 05:02 PM, By Emrhys Mercer
0 viewers Topics: 13 Replies: 129
Read-only Forum Integration Bureau
Where a Domestic Minister and Domestic Consul manage all recruitment of Ainur, Integration and welcoming of new Citizens and members.
Become a Mentor Team Member! Jul 1 2013, 03:13 PM, By Amanae
0 viewers Topics: 49 Replies: 176
Subforums: Recruitment/Welcoming Archives, Welcoming and Mentoring Team Headquarters
Read-only Forum Ministry of the Arts
The Home of the Minister of the Arts who oversees the Telcontar University and The Herald.
Journalist Application Thread Apr 14 2013, 12:33 PM, By Aioros
0 viewers Topics: 2 Replies: 2
Read-only Forum The Herald
Ainur's Domestic Government private newspaper that features things happening all around the NationStates world, as well as what's happening here at home in our Government and populace.
The Herald: Issue I Apr 16 2013, 08:30 AM, By Alicia DiLaurentis
0 viewers Topics: 2 Replies: 6
Read-only Forum Telcontar University
The teaching center of Ainur, classes on NationStates in general, NS Warfare, Ainurian History and Law are all within. Be sure to sign up for classes!
Imperialism In NS Continued May 30 2013, 04:57 PM, By Ashton Mercer
0 viewers Topics: 16 Replies: 121
Subforums: History, Journalism, Law

The Realm Rest Stop - Real Life, Spam and Role-Playing

Read-only Forum Time Square
The place for Ainur Citizens to socialize and talk about real life happenings.
The New Bar Jul 7 2013, 09:03 PM, By Admiral William Halsey
0 viewers Topics: 390 Replies: 15,963
Subforums: Family Sector, Religion and Philosophy, Science and Technology, Regional Organizations
Read-only Forum The Ainurian Inn
Spam threads and Games within! Waste a few minutes, or just have a good time with your friends in Ainur!
Found this on youtube. Aug 8 2013, 10:08 AM, By Admiral William Halsey
0 viewers Topics: 146 Replies: 14,508
Read-only Forum Non-World RP
Suggestions for new Roleplays separate from Ainur's main World RP can be made here
To Begin Anew Jul 2 2013, 10:10 PM, By Seobryn El Kaiser
1 viewer Topics: 83 Replies: 2,478
Subforums: Old World RP, Zombie Survival RP, Quest
Read-only Forum World Role Play
The New Ainur world roleplay. Where nations come together to either share relations - or - bullets.
Error Code 393efosdk325 Jun 30 2013, 09:58 PM, By Ashton Mercer
0 viewers Topics: 7 Replies: 206

Political and Cultural Sphere

Read-only Forum Smythe Media Center
Home to all of Ainur's Media. Apply for your own paper within!
Introduction Issue: The Revolution and Pol… Jun 26 2013, 09:55 PM, By Seven-Five
0 viewers Topics: 51 Replies: 515
Subforums: The Tribune, Writer's Room, Mercer Industries, The Imperialist, The Troll Diary, The Intelligentsia Chronicle
Read-only Forum Historical Society of Ainur
Where the Historians and the King and whomever else wants help will write up a descriptive history of Ainur.
Constitutional Archiving mistake. Feb 22 2013, 05:34 PM, By Emrhys Mercer
0 viewers Topics: 5 Replies: 38
Read-only Forum The Great Library
Home of all Archives, Laws and all other information on The Realm of Ainur.
Return of The 1 Percenter? Jun 29 2013, 11:29 AM, By Seven-Five
0 viewers Topics: 409 Replies: 2,818
Subforums: Law Section, The Realm of Ainur

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