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Command & Conquer Animation Community for everyone who likes to animate all C&C Serise and all of its mods, also that created by Electronic Arts, we are the moderators, [B-Mod - Sliedbob - Speedermo666]. If you are an animator, please contact us: E-mail Address: alienscomebackmod@gmail.com (B-Mod) speeder.mo.mh@gmail.com (sliedbob) Currently Speedermo666 hasn't an E-mail Address. Other 2 old members are unused accounts for a reason. That's right, we need to get more C&C Animation Fans too. PM 'B-Mod' if you want more information, we made our IRC channel, https://kiwiirc.com/client 1. The previous URL linked you to Kiwi IRC. 2. Think of a nickname, then rename the channel bar to '#acchannel'. 3. If you want to join our IRC channel, type a nickname, name the channel bar to '#acchannel', click 'Server and network', type your port '5555', then click 'Start...'.