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Hello! After many months and a lot of deliberation, Avengers Rising has decided to reopen and has moved over to Proboards.

LISTINGS: All links have been updated to the new board wherever possible. If you are still being linked here it's because we were unable to update our information. Please let us know if there is a way we can do that or feel free to update the information yourself and let us know if we need to add your link back.

AFFILIATES: You are welcome to reapply for affiliation on our new site.

As before past members will still be able to access this board but this forum will remain closed.

We hope you will come join us at our new location!

-- Avengers Rising Staff --
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Welcome To Avengers Rising...

Open as of 02/01/2012, Avengers Rising is a Marvel based play by post role playing game. This is a intermediate writing site with mature adult players looking to tell new interesting stories with characters we know and love while maintaining the integrity of those characters and have fun doing it.

Following the continuity of the movies Iron Man, Iron Man II, Thor, The Incredible Hulk(2008), and Captain America, this game picks up where they left off and skews off into its own continuity as we create our own stories incorporating our own ideas as well as ideas and character adaptations from the comic universe.

Please read our rules and premise, and feel free to peruse our list of available characters. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact a staff member. We hope you enjoy your time here!

Note: This board was created to focus on the Avengers and their movies. As such, we will be holding off on accepting any X-men specific characters-even if they have been in an Avenger story arc in the comics- at this time. Non-Canon/Original/Made-Up characters will not be accepted.


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