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Royal Family

Monarch: King John II
Prince of Wales: HRH Richard IV
Prince of the Realm: HRH Daniel

His Majesty's Government

Prime Minister: Tony Benn
Deputy PM:
Home Secretary: Georgiana
Foreign Secretary:
Defence Secretary: MacGregor Mikaelson
Culture Secretary: Victoria
Attorney General: George Fominov
The Supreme Court

Chief Justice: Frederick Hanover
Associate Justice: Francis Fortier
Associate Justice: Jonewest

Regional Information

Want to help the region? Donate telegram stamps today! Ask the king for details ~ Parliamentary Election Challenged in Court ~Join the Foreign Service! Become an ambassador today ~ Royal Coat of Arms
British Isles

Houses of Parliament

House of Commons

Speaker: Klaus Mikaelson
Southern England: Klaus Mikaelson (SF)
Northern England: Mac Mikaelson (Lab)
Scotland: Tony Benn (Lab)
Northern Ireland: Georgiana Kensington (I)

Majority: LAB-DCP Coalition
Opposition: Sinn Fein
House of Lords

Speaker: Richard Norfolk
Duke of Northumberland: Richard Norfolk
Viscount West: Jonewest
Baron Appleby: Humphrey Appleby
Baroness Rosenkrantz: Liana Rosenkrantz
Lord Fominov: George Fominov

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