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Royal Family

Monarch: King John II
Prince of Wales: HRH Jone
Prince of Northumberland: HH Richard

His Majesty's Government

Prime Minister: Tony Benn
Deputy PM: Cameron O'Neill
Home Secretary: Liana Soloviev
Foreign Secretary: Daniel Norfolk
Defence Secretary: TBD
Culture Secretary: Zachary Marshall
Attorney General: TBD
The Supreme Court

Chief Justice: Frederick Hanover
Associate Justice: Francis Underwood

Regional Information

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British Isles

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Houses of Parliament

House of Commons

Speaker: Liana Soloviev (CON)
Scotland: Tony Benn (LAB)
Northern England: Liana Soloviev(CON)
Southern England: Zachary Marshall (LAB)
Wales: Nikolas Carmichael (CON)
Northern Ireland: Klaus Mikaelson (CAE)

Majority: Labour/Crossbench Conservative
Opposition: TBD
House of Lords

Speaker: HRH Jone Norfolk
Earl of Monmouth: HRH Jone Norfolk
Earl of Oxford: Daniel Norfolk
Baroness Blythe: Maryanna Norfolk

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