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Royal Family

Monarch: King Daniel I
Prince Consort: HH Richard

His Majesty's Government

Prime Minister: John Norfolk
Deputy PM: Liana Soloviev
Home Secretary: Juris Lancaster
Foreign Secretary: Insaniac Talleyrand
Defence Secretary: Cephal Talleyrand
Culture Secretary: Crushita Telcontar-Soloviev
The Supreme Court

Chief Justice: Jone Norfolk
Associate Justice: Francis Hanover
Associate Justice: Vacant

Regional Information

Royal Coat of Arms
British Isles

John Norfolk Elected to second term as PM ~ Green Party Maintain narrow Majority after elections ~ Citizens asked to help with recent regional issues
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Houses of Parliament

House of Commons

Speaker: TBA
Scotland: Francis Hanover (SDLP)
Northern England: John Norfolk (SDLP)
Southern England: Valfor Talleyrand (SDLP)
Wales: Anders Blakewood (PC)
Northern Ireland: Klaus Mikaelson (TH)

Majority: Social Democratic Labour Party
Opposition: No organized opposition
House of Lords

Speaker: Lord Witcheson
Duke of Northumberland: Richard Norfolk
Viscount Devon: Daniel
Baroness Ravenscar: Liana Norfolk
Lord of Parliament: Cameron O'Neill
Lord of Parliament: Stephen Witcheson

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