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FLNG/DMA PA Update for 06 February 2018 (Morning Muster)
Topic Started: Feb 6 2018, 08:50 AM (10 Views)
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Michael Isam
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FLNG/DMA PA Update for 06 February 2018 (Morning Muster)

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Florida National Guard and Dept. of Military Affairs Family, Military Leaders, Veterans, Civic Leaders:

Florida's Force -- The Original Militia - Always Ready, Always There!

The following information is provided as a daily update on news and pertinent information
relative to the Florida National Guard (FLNG) and the National Guard itself,
including what may result in news interest.

By the way, please let us know how we're doing with this information.
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Florida National Guard
FLNG in the News


News of Interest

-- DC: Military Times (National) - Deploy or get out: New Pentagon plan could boot thousands of non-deployable troops - By Tara Copp

Service members who have been non-deployable for the past 12 months or more will be separated from the military, based on new Defense Department policies that are under final review. The "policy will require the services to process members who are non-deployable for 12 consecutive months for admin or disability separation," according to a draft summary of the policy obtained by Military Times. "This memo will be followed by a [Department of Defense Instruction], which will take several months to complete."... Approximately 11 percent, or 235,000, of the 2.1 million personnel serving on active duty, in the reserves or National Guard are currently non-deployable, according to Command Sgt. Maj. John Troxell, the senior enlisted adviser to Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joe Dunford.

-- DC: CNN (National) - Video: Super Bowl anti-terrorism documents left on plane - By Scott Glover and Drew Griffin

The Department of Homeland Security documents critiquing the response to a simulated anthrax attack on Super Bowl Sunday were marked "For Official Use Only" and "important for national security." Recipients of the draft "after-action" reports were told to keep them locked up after business hours and to shred them prior to discarding. They were admonished not to share their contents with anyone who lacked "an operational need-to-know." But security surrounding the December 2017 reports suffered an embarrassing breach: A CNN employee discovered copies of them, along with other sensitive DHS material, in the seat-back pocket of a commercial plane. The reports were accompanied by the travel itinerary and boarding pass of the government scientist in charge of BioWatch, the DHS program that conducted the anthrax drills in preparation for Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis.

-- DC: Stars & Stripes (National) - Lawmakers: Cyber warfare skills critical for future military, homeland security - By Claudia Grisales

Several members of the House Committee on Homeland Security on Monday urged for greater focus on cyber warfare skills in assessing future, urgent national security needs. Several lawmakers agreed skills for cyber warfare, such as developing artificial intelligence, will be key for the military and other domains charged with protecting the homeland in the future... However, Gallagher is worried that's not enough, and it will take the military too long to catch up to ongoing cyber threats. The United States might need a more flexible model that makes the best use of such human talent available, such as Hurd's proposal for a cyber national guard. "I just suspect ... even that won't be quick enough," he said of the military's plans to grow the cyber skills organically.

-- FL/IN: Tampa Bay Times (Regional) - Troops laud the low-flying 'Warthog,' but it's running out of time and money - By Howard Altman

From the cockpit of his A-10 Thunderbolt II fighter jet, a pilot speaks words known to warm the hearts of U.S. ground troops under fire. "I've got 100 rounds 30 Mike Mike," says the pilot, seeking permission to let loose a short burst from the aircraft's 30 mm Gatling gun - rounds powerful enough to stop a tank. This flight is just an exercise over central Florida scrubland for an airplane affectionately known as the Warthog. It's something of a throwback for the Air Force with its single seat and simple mission: Support troops on the ground... A squadron of 10 Warthogs from the 122nd Fighter Wing of the Indiana Air National Guard is flying in and out of MacDill Air Force Base to drill at Avon Park. The exercise comes as the A-10 returns to combat in Afghanistan for the first time in four years.

-- WV: Corrections One (National) - W.Va. National Guard, DHS to work in state's understaffed correctional facilities - By Staff Writer

Understaffed corrections facilities in West Virginia have received temporary relief as lawmakers consider increasing pay for corrections officers. The Metro News reports that more than 120 individuals from the West Virginia National Guard, the state Division of Homeland Security and other agencies will soon start working in the facilities. The individuals will focus on perimeter patrols and other tasks supervisors deem appropriate. The help comes after Gov. Jim Justice declared a state of emergency on Dec. 22 due to the staff shortages in the state's prisons and jails.

-- DC/LA: The Drive (National) - It's Back To The Future For U.S. F-15C Eagles And Conformal Fuel Tanks - By Tyler Rogoway

Boeing posted an image today of a Louisiana Air National Guard F-15C wearing a pair of conformal fuel tanks (CFTs). The tanks are part of a new initiative to give the F-15C fleet more gas and weapons carrying capability in order to execute what the Air National Guard calls future "persistent air dominance missions." The 159th Fighter Wing "Bayou Militia" is the first unit to receive the tanks for testing and evaluation... The little-known of program is officially called the F-15 Persistent Air Dominance Enabler. (Contains excerpts from the Air National Guard's 2017 priorities document.) http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/18259/its-back-to-the-future-for-u-s-f-15c-eagles-and-conformal-fuel-tanks

-- AK: Peninsula Clarion (Regional) - Voices of Alaska: The Alaska Military Youth Academy: Celebrating 25 years of changed lives - By Maj. Gen. Laurie Hummel

The high school counselor lowered his head, peered over his reading glasses, and looked straight into the eyes of the young man before him. "You're not going to graduate this year." Justin (not his real name) was stunned. He was always the cocky smart-aleck, holding school - and most everything else - in disdain. Truancy? Of course. Drugs? Sure. He was smart, he was cool, and now he was worried. "You don't have enough credits to graduate on schedule," the counselor continued, "and unless you're a Super Student - and you're not - you're not going to finish." "What am I gonna do?" Justin stammered, holding back tears. "Well, you could enroll in the Alaska Military Youth Academy and graduate with your GED in 6 months," the counselor suggested. And thence began a personal turnaround repeated more than 5,000 times over AMYA's 25-year life.


This Week in History

Week of February 04, 2018 - February 10, 2018:

1763 (255 years ago) Feb. 10 - The British gained control of Florida from the Spanish with the signing of the Treaty of Paris. The treaty marked the end of the Seven Years War between the two powers. As part of the treaty, Great Britain returned Havana (which was captured by the British) to Spanish control in exchange for the Spanish holdings in Florida. The British retained control of Florida for around 20 years, returning it to Spain in 1783.

1789 (229 years ago) Feb. 4 - Electors unanimously chose George Washington to be the first President of the United States.

1861 (157 years ago) Feb. 8 - A month after its secession from the Union, Florida joined six other Southern states to form the Confederate States of America on this date. With a small population, Florida contributed more goods to the Confederate cause than manpower. During the Civil War, however, more than 15,000 Florida men served in all major battles of the conflict serving in brigades with the Army of Northern Virginia and the Army of Tennessee. The troops were organized into 12 infantry regiments, 2 cavalry regiments, a few artillery batteries, and other miscellaneous organizations. It is less well-known that Florida also contributed two regiments of Cavalry to the Union Army. Members were pro-Union Floridians as well as deserters from Confederate service.

1944 (74 years ago) Feb. 9 -The 149th Field Artillery Battalion (formerly designated as the 2nd Battalion, 116th Field Artillery), 31st Infantry Division, moved by train from Camp Bowie, Texas to Hampton Roads, Va. Port of Embarkation. There, soldiers boarded the SS Cape Henlopen a troopship which transported them through the Panama Canal on the 17th of February. The ship sailed with no land in sight until March 15th when the soldiers reached Milne Bay, British New Guinea. Camp was established near Dobodura for the following three months.

1947 (71 years ago) Feb. 9 - Happy Birthday Florida Air National Guard! The first units of the Florida Air National Guard received federal recognition on this date. They were the 159th Fighter Squadron; Utility Flight, 159th Fighter Squadron; 159th Weather Station (Type A); and Detachment C, 217th Air Service Group. Commanded by Lt. Col. William D. Haviland, the assigned strength was eight officers and ten airmen. Within a year the squadron converted from the P-51D Mustang to the F-80C Shooting Star jet aircraft. Within three years, the 159th was mobilized for service in the Korean War.

1969 (49 years ago) Feb. 9 - Jacksonville Mayor Hans Tanzler proclaims 9 February to be "FANG day" during a dedication ceremony for the newly-built Air National Guard (ANG) base at Jacksonville International Airport. The ceremony fell on the 22nd anniversary of the federal recognition of the first ANG units at Jacksonville in 1947. The ceremony, attracting over 10,000 people, featured numerous static displays, and aerial performances by ANG jets.

Legislative Update


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NOTE: Units holding upcoming annual trainings at CBJTC can contact the Visual Information (VI) section to schedule block official, command and passport photo appointments for all personnel. For more information contact the VI Manager, Staff Sgt. Carmen Steinbach at (904) 823-0174 or via email carmen.n.steinbach.mil@mail.mil.

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