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FLNG/DMA PA Update for 08 February 2018 (Morning Muster)
Topic Started: Feb 8 2018, 03:53 PM (8 Views)
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Michael Isam
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FLNG/DMA PA Update for 08 February 2018 (Morning Muster)

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Florida National Guard and Dept. of Military Affairs Family, Military Leaders, Veterans, Civic Leaders:

Florida's Force -- The Original Militia - Always Ready, Always There!

The following information is provided as a daily update on news and pertinent information
relative to the Florida National Guard (FLNG) and the National Guard itself,
including what may result in news interest.

By the way, please let us know how we're doing with this information.
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Florida National Guard
FLNG in the News


News of Interest

-- DC: Military Times (National) - Senate reaches budget deal with huge defense boost - By Joe Gould

Senate leaders have reached a two-year deal that would set defense spending at $700 billion for 2018 and $716 billion for 2019. Those top-lines, part of a deal announced by Senate leaders Wednesday afternoon, hews to those authorized by National Defense Authorization Act for 2018 and President Donald Trump's expected 2019 defense budget. Not all of the details were announced immediately, as bipartisan talks continued, but sources close to them said spending limits for defense and non-defense combined would be raised by $300 billion over two years... Lawmakers must still reach an agreement to pass a continuing resolution that averts a shutdown when the last one expires on Thursday.

-- AK: KTVA CBS (Regional) - Can Alaska properly respond to a catastrophic emergency? - By Scott Gross

On Tuesday, the Alaska National Guard hosted a guided discussion wargame with senior military leaders from Alaska, along with state and federal partners. The intent is to strategically assess established planning, preparation and procedures for a specific disaster scenario in Alaska. The tabletop wargame exercise "Arctic Stardust 2018", is meant to identify any gaps the state may have in emergency responses. "In our situation, as most people know, we are far removed from the Calvary," Major General Laurie Hummel of the Alaska National Guard said. "We need to have Alaska based resources that can help us to respond. We are making our case and it's difficult to always make the case in Washington D.C. when they don't understand what we are up against here in Alaska."

-- IL: NBC 5 Chicago (Regional) - Video: Kindergartner Who Lost Father Escorted to Daddy-Daughter Dance by National Guard Soldier - By Staff Writer

An Illinois Army National Guard soldier escorted Wednesday a kindergartner whose father died in a military training accident last year to her first father-daughter dance. First Sgt. Jospeh Bierbrodt, of Sheridan Hills, with the 933rd Military Police Company, took 5-year-old Cayleigh Hinton to the dance in which girls from preschool through eighth grade were invited to bring their dad or "special man in their life." Beirbrodt, in full dress uniform, let the 5-year-old Cayleigh stand on his polished shoes as the two slow danced together at Our Lady of Humility School in Beach Park.

-- OK: The Cleveland American (Regional) - Wildfires Fought In Frigid Temps - By Brandi Ball

Crews battled fiery flames in frigid temperatures as thousands of acres burned in Osage County over the weekend. At least three separate wildfires spread throughout the Hominy area, with the largest amount of scorched land being along Highway 20 west of the city. About 10,000 acres is estimated to have burned. The fire danced across the prairie for several hours on Saturday and well into the night before crews could get it contained. It flared up again on Sunday... The Oklahoma National Guard also sent assistance by doing water drops from the sky along the east flank of the perimeter.

-- UT: Deseret News (Regional) - Who is Taylor Morris? South Jordan Olympian relied on family, friends and community to 'get back on the horse' after missing Sochi Games - By Amy Donaldson

Taylor Morris yearned to be an Olympian long before he knew anything about the sport that would make his dream a reality. But when the Bingham High alum found himself in a situation where his dream seemed certain, he made a mistake. He was competing for a spot on the 2014 Olympic luge team when his teammate crashed in front of him. "It jarred me, and I started thinking about the opportunity," Morris said. "I thought, 'I just need to place in the top 15. I started thinking too much about that and not about what I needed to do and how hard I've worked. It was really difficult."... Taylor worked at a middle school in the special education department, and earned an accounting degree. A member of the Utah National Guard, he's a member of the World Class Athlete program, which helps him financially with training and the cost of travel and competing.


This Week in History

Week of February 04, 2018 - February 10, 2018:

1763 (255 years ago) Feb. 10 - The British gained control of Florida from the Spanish with the signing of the Treaty of Paris. The treaty marked the end of the Seven Years War between the two powers. As part of the treaty, Great Britain returned Havana (which was captured by the British) to Spanish control in exchange for the Spanish holdings in Florida. The British retained control of Florida for around 20 years, returning it to Spain in 1783.

1789 (229 years ago) Feb. 4 - Electors unanimously chose George Washington to be the first President of the United States.

1861 (157 years ago) Feb. 8 - A month after its secession from the Union, Florida joined six other Southern states to form the Confederate States of America on this date. With a small population, Florida contributed more goods to the Confederate cause than manpower. During the Civil War, however, more than 15,000 Florida men served in all major battles of the conflict serving in brigades with the Army of Northern Virginia and the Army of Tennessee. The troops were organized into 12 infantry regiments, 2 cavalry regiments, a few artillery batteries, and other miscellaneous organizations. It is less well-known that Florida also contributed two regiments of Cavalry to the Union Army. Members were pro-Union Floridians as well as deserters from Confederate service.

1944 (74 years ago) Feb. 9 -The 149th Field Artillery Battalion (formerly designated as the 2nd Battalion, 116th Field Artillery), 31st Infantry Division, moved by train from Camp Bowie, Texas to Hampton Roads, Va. Port of Embarkation. There, soldiers boarded the SS Cape Henlopen a troopship which transported them through the Panama Canal on the 17th of February. The ship sailed with no land in sight until March 15th when the soldiers reached Milne Bay, British New Guinea. Camp was established near Dobodura for the following three months.

1947 (71 years ago) Feb. 9 - Happy Birthday Florida Air National Guard! The first units of the Florida Air National Guard received federal recognition on this date. They were the 159th Fighter Squadron; Utility Flight, 159th Fighter Squadron; 159th Weather Station (Type A); and Detachment C, 217th Air Service Group. Commanded by Lt. Col. William D. Haviland, the assigned strength was eight officers and ten airmen. Within a year the squadron converted from the P-51D Mustang to the F-80C Shooting Star jet aircraft. Within three years, the 159th was mobilized for service in the Korean War.

1969 (49 years ago) Feb. 9 - Jacksonville Mayor Hans Tanzler proclaims 9 February to be "FANG day" during a dedication ceremony for the newly-built Air National Guard (ANG) base at Jacksonville International Airport. The ceremony fell on the 22nd anniversary of the federal recognition of the first ANG units at Jacksonville in 1947. The ceremony, attracting over 10,000 people, featured numerous static displays, and aerial performances by ANG jets.

Legislative Update


Florida National Guard on Social Media

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-- https://www.flickr.com/photos/floridanationalguardonflickr

-- https://twitter.com/FLGuard


NOTE: Units holding upcoming annual trainings at CBJTC can contact the Visual Information (VI) section to schedule block official, command and passport photo appointments for all personnel. For more information contact the VI Manager, Staff Sgt. Carmen Steinbach at (904) 823-0174 or via email carmen.n.steinbach.mil@mail.mil.

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