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FLNG/DMA PA Update for 14 March 2018 (Morning Muster)
Topic Started: Mar 14 2018, 08:08 AM (3 Views)
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Michael Isam
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FLNG/DMA PA Update for 14 March 2018 (Morning Muster)

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Florida National Guard and Dept. of Military Affairs Family, Military Leaders, Veterans, Civic Leaders:

Florida's Force -- The Original Militia - Always Ready, Always There!

The following information is provided as a daily update on news and pertinent information
relative to the Florida National Guard (FLNG) and the National Guard itself,
including what may result in news interest.

By the way, please let us know how we're doing with this information.
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Florida National Guard
FLNG in the News

-- WJCT Public Radio: Air Force Seeks Jacksonville Public Comment On Potential Impact of F-35A Fighter Jets - By Cyd Hoskinson

While Jacksonville is not one of the two Air National Guard locations the Air Force would prefer as a home base for its new F-35-A fighter jet, it's still among the five sites in the running. As part of the official selection process, Florida National Guard spokeswoman, Major Caitlin Brown, said the military is required to assess the affect the planes could have on the communities chosen to receive them. "The Environmental Impact Study studies the things you would obviously think of with relation to environmental impact so noise, potentially wildlife. It also studies the impact the F-35 would have on the local community in terms of: Is construction going to be required? Will it provide any additional jobs? Will there be any sort of economic impact associated with it as well," said Brown.

-- WJCT: Big Plans In Store For Camp Blanding Museum - By Lindsey Kilbride

Florida lawmakers have approved more than $1.6 million for expanding and renovating the military museum at Camp Blanding in Clay County.

-- fosterfollynews.com: Governor Rick Scott Signs Legislation Benefitting Florida Military, Veterans and their Families - By Kathy Foster

Yesterday, Governor Rick Scott honored 211 Florida veterans with the Veterans Service Medal and signed HB 29 and HB 75 which will increase opportunities and reduce fees for Florida military, veterans, and their families. HB 29, known as the "Don Hahnfeldt Veteran and Family Opportunity Act," expands legislation signed into law by Governor Scott in 2014 (more HERE) by reducing professional licensing fees and requirements for certain military members, veterans, and their spouses.

-- HeraldTribune.com: Arts groups face major cutbacks in Florida budget - By Jay Handelman

Two years ago, Florida Studio Theatre and dozens of other major nonprofit cultural organizations in the Sarasota area and across Florida received $97,000 each in the state budget. Last year, the grants dropped to $47,550.

But the budget does provide $7.1 million for 14 specific projects, including $750,000 for the Bill Edwards Foundation, which programs events at the Mahaffey Theatre in St. Petersburg; $1.65 million for an expansion of the Camp Blanding Museum in Clay County; http://www.heraldtribune.com/news/20180313/arts-groups-face-major-cutbacks-in-florida-budget

News of Interest

-- DC: Army Times (National) - Some soldiers may not be able to handle new pace of training, Guard chief says - By Charlsey Panzino

The head of the National Guard Bureau says he believes the increased training days with the Army National Guard 4.0 initiative are sustainable but predicts some soldiers might need to make changes. Gen. Joseph Lengyel, speaking Monday at an Association of the United States Army forum, said the 4.0 initiative focuses on certain units that need to deploy faster. These high-priority units include heavy armored brigade combat teams and Stryker brigade combat teams. "We are changing the operational deployment tempo and the training tempo of the Army National Guard," Lengyel said... Beginning this year, four brigades - instead of two - will train at combat training centers each year, according to bureau spokesman Lt. Col. Wes Parmer.

-- DC: Stars & Stripes (National) - Medical retirement can leave servicemembers fighting for their pensions - By Jennifer H. Svan

In the end, getting a pension came down to days, not years. When Jerred Mitchell, a noncommissioned officer at Ramstein Air Base, began getting sick more than two years ago, he started banking his annual leave. Had he not done that, the Air Force master sergeant would be facing a medical retirement without a pension, less than three months shy of his 20-year mark... During the past five years, 69 active-duty airmen and 34 Air Force Reserve/Guard members were medically discharged with 19 years of service, officials said.

-- DC: War is Boring (National) - Report Shows No Protection for F-22 Pilot Who Raised Safety Concerns - By Mandy Smithberger

A U.S. Department of Defense Inspector General report investigating allegations that the U.S. Air Force illegally retaliated against one of the pilots concerned about F-22 hypoxia issues reveals how difficult it is to protect military whistleblowers. In late 2011, Capt. Joshua Wilson and Maj. Jeremy Gordon - both F-22 pilots in the Virginia Air National Guard - joined other pilots in their unit raising concerns about experiencing hypoxia-like systems due to oxygen problems with the F-22.

-- DC: ExecutiveGov (National) - Army Equips National Guard With New Disaster Response Tools - By Nichols Martin

The U.S. Army has initiated an effort to equip National Guard units across all states with a new suite of disaster response equipment. The Disaster Incident Response Emergency Communications Terminal was designed to provide a wide range of first response communications tools that enable access to phone networks, Wi-Fi and 4G Long-Term Evolution, the Army said Monday.

-- MN: Minnpost (Regional) - The woman at the center of Minnesota's biggest political fight doesn't really have time for a political fight - By Briana Bierschbach

Johanna Clyborne (ATAG, MN) has been making the rounds at the Minnesota Capitol building over the last several weeks, and she's committed her opening lines to memory. Nearly every day, she sits in front of a different group of lawmakers in legislative committees, where she briefly runs through her résumé: a law degree, a partnership in her own firm, 28 years of military experience, including a combat tour in the Iraq War. But it's her newest job - the commissioner overseeing all Minnesota government IT services - that brings her here. "While I do not have experience coding or running the software personally, I do have experience in leadership operations in high-pressure environments," Clyborne told legislators at a recent hearing, peppering phrases like "on the ground" into her testimony and regularly referring to her "mission."


This Week in History

Week of March 11, 2018 - March 17, 2018:

1968 (50 years ago) Mar. 15 - The 66th Annual Conference of the National Guard Officers Association of Florida convened at the Hotel Robert Meyer in Jacksonville with Colonel Kennedy C. Bullard, President, presiding. Three hundred and fifty-seven officers registered, and 607 individuals attended the banquet. Florida's 125th Fighter Group provided the Color Guard and an invocation was presented by Chaplain (Maj) Henry K. Hill. Other presenters included Hans G. Tanzler, Jr., Mayor of Jacksonville; Maj. Gen. James F. Cantwell, President, National Guard Association of the United States; and Lt. Gen. (Ret) Sumter L. Lowry, former commander 51st Infantry Division.

1972 (46 years ago) Mar. 12 - The annual Taliaferro Trophy Match for rifle marksmanship was held on this date at Camp Blanding. The first-place team was the 153rd Engineer Company from Lake City with a score of 2158 out of a possible 3000. Company C, 20th Special Forces Group and Company C, 1st Battalion, 124th Infantry were awarded second and third places, respectively. The individual winner of the rifle championship was Staff Sergeant Morris V. Lindsey of Company C, 20th Special Forces Group. Sergeant Lindsey fired a score of 502 out of a possible 600 with 4 Vs.

1993 (25 years ago) Mar. 13 - April 19 - A no-name hurricane popularly called the "Storm of the Century" struck Florida's gulf coast with 90-mile-per-hour winds, tornadoes and a deadly storm surge. Florida Air National Guard's 202nd RED HORSE Civil Engineering Squadron provided assistance to property owners in Cedar Key by removing tons of rubble. The Task Force Command was located at the 53rd Infantry Brigade Headquarters in Tampa. And a total of 367 Soldiers and Airmen worked with civil authorities to provide relief to victims of the storm for "Operation Gulf Wind."

1994 (24 years ago) Mar. 8 -14 - "Operation Gainesville Search" activated members of Florida's Aviation battalion who provided two OH-58 "Kiowa" helicopters with Forward Looking Infrared Radar capability to assist state and local law enforcement searches for an escaped felon.

Legislative Update


Florida National Guard on Social Media

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-- https://twitter.com/FLGuard


NOTE: Units holding upcoming annual trainings at CBJTC can contact the Visual Information (VI) section to schedule block official, command and passport photo appointments for all personnel. For more information contact the VI Manager, Staff Sgt. Carmen Steinbach at (904) 823-0174 or via email carmen.n.steinbach.mil@mail.mil.

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