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Please visit Catholic Motherhood the new message board for this community.
Welcome to the Catholic Mom Community!

We are a community of Catholic Moms called to live our vocation of marriage and motherhood in simplicity and love. We lift each other up in faith and prayer.

The purpose of this message board is to provide a place for mothers who wish to grow in the Catholic faith through their vocation of marriage and motherhood; to meet with other like minded women; to share the daily mundane, trivial, catastrophic and triumphant moments of motherhood; to support one another; to pray for one another; to encourage one another.

We are inspired by the book:
The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood.

We seek to pursue the contemplative life in our homes and share those fruits on this message board.

We come here to be renewed in the Holy Spirit, to return to our duties to God, husband and children with renewed faith, hope and love.