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It was an interesting mood that was going through the Town of Hiyle, Reports had been coming in of late that some of the town further east have had people abductions. It was just written up as wolves and exageration however now things were starting to hit a bit more close to home.

over the past week or so people have been going missing, maybe it had been going on longer? The Authoraties have admitted it is hard to keep track of these thigns and the citizens are started to get concerned.

The streets are alot quiter then usual, nearby there is tape surrounding a house, informing people to keep out, apparrantly the occupants have gone missing...

Sherlock walked through the streets, smoking his pipe and simply watching the people go by. This was quite the puzzle, in a morbid way he was quite excited, people are dissapearing, no evidence, no suspects, no motive! It was a blank canvas, his mind ran wild with ideas of conspiracies ranging from government to magical. He sat down on a bench nearby and started to scan through a list he pulled out of his pockets. On the list was a list of people that had gone missing,

"Patterns, patterns everywhere, but not a drop to drink..."
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[Plot] The Missing? · The Trading Harbour, Hiyle

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