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Please ask questions! I want to be sure that I am giving you guys enough information.

This is a picture of the world of Emlith, from em meaning 'all' and lith meaning 'stone/earth/ground'. Both words have their roots in Old Akrenic, a language that was particular to the Egren Peninsula, the large protrusion that cuts off the Mezhdun Sea from the Boreatic Ocean to the North.
The setting is approximately early Renaissance technologically, and magic is fairly widespread. Social norms are similar to those today. Politically, the world is separated into Nation-States, without any one having excessive dominance. Boundaries tend to have separation along rivers and lakes, and the large inland oceans are crucial to trade. More setting info can be queried in the World thread in Out-Of-Character Discussion.
Port Winchell is a thriving Selimotic port city of about 20,000 people on the shores of the Geliphon Sea. Divided into sectors, the city has bustling industry and trade, and has long served as one of the main gateways to Selimot from across the Geliphon. On this map, only the main thoroughfares are shown. The interiors of those blocks are filled with alternately neat and twisting roads, some areas benefiting from planning, some not. Ringing the city, and pressed against the insides of the walls, are slums, some vertical, rising against the steep-angled stone edifices. Outside the walls, roads enter the city from all directions, avenues of trade pouring into this pearl upon the Geliphon. Intermittent farmsteads dot the surrounding landscape, with some hamlets and thorpes interrupting the grassland. The city is set into a natural amphitheatre, the walls sitting level with the high ground and the rest of the city sloping downwards and inwards towards the sea.