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1st April 2013 - 09:12 PM
Still thinking of character concepts. Some questions to see if I can get anything interesting out of them.

Just to clarify, when you say that it's technologically similar to the Renaissance, is that including medicine? On an only somewhat unrelated note, what of the art world?

Is plant life particularly interesting in the world? Or is it analogous to normal plant life.

What sort of animals or beasts are kept as domesticated pets?

(I will try to ask this question every game until it works) What is the state of the occult in this world? Do people go for false fortune tellers and soothsayers, or does the magic invalidate that sort of thing?

I'll double post if I can think of anything else. I'm not really sure what direction I want to go with yet.
The medicine is somewhat more advanced, more scientific, about the Victorian era. The art world is more similar to the art world of the renaissance, very colorful, with the beginnings of Rococo beginning to show in the architecture of the Europe-esque areas.

There is some interesting plant life, not much, but some megaflora such as has gone extinct today. Cycads remain common in most areas, and some large mosses are used as groundcover. There is a mix of flora from far in the past of Earth mixed with modern plant life.

Domestic animals are similar to those in classic DnD. However, there are more pet birds and reptiles, and some extinct reptiles are kept as pets. Refer to the Beginners section of How to Keep Dinosaurs for reference. Longisquama for example.

The occult is commonplace and regulated, but some charlatans and hucksters slip through. So while there are legitimate occultists and fortunetellers, there are also false ones who dodge the audits or slip past inspections. For the non-magical, it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference.
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