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PURPOSE: We are a community of Catholic Moms. The purpose of this message board is to provide a place for mothers who wish to grow in the Catholic faith, through their vocation of marriage and motherhood, to meet with other like minded women; to share the daily mundane, trivial, catastrophic and triumphant moments of motherhood; to support one another; to pray for one another; to encourage one another. We are inspired by the Apostolate of Holy Motherhood. We come here to be renewed in the Holy Spirit, to return to our duties to God, husband and children with renewed faith, hope and love.

Political involvement is necessary in Catholic life. Pope Francis says we are to be politically active.


This will mean something different to each person according to God's call on our lives. But all must pray. Political posts are to be primarily for informational purposes. Sincere seeking and honest discussion of the Church's teachings as applied to current events are welcome; pointless argument, "venting" and disrespectful personal attacks of our government leaders are not. As fellow children of God, our leaders deserve the same respect and prayerful concern that we display towards each other.

**Commentary on other faiths is not allowed. We do not build up the Church when we disparage other faiths, even if we have been hurt by others. Threads bearing information or apologetic links are permitted as long as no personal comments are made.


**Remember that above all, Christ and His Mother read these messages. Don't post anything or with any tone you wouldn't want Christ and His Mother to read.**

1) When speaking with or about other sinners, please follow the example of Christ. Let your words, tone and actions be a light...so that others may give glory to God...and not wash their hands of us as a bunch of self-righteous characters.

2) Please avoid contentious posting; please make sure you can back up your post with fact by providing supportive links, quotes or footnotes where necessary. When helping others clarify an aspect of the Catholic faith or history of the Church, please provide links and footnotes where necessary. Please refrain from name-calling and condescension.

With respect to private revelations, Catholic Motherhood looks to the guidance of Holy Mother Church. Please refrain from posting quotes from or links to private revelations that have not received an imprimatur and nihil obstat or that have been investigated and not found to be authentically miraculous by the local bishop(s).
There is a directory of apparitions and their status here:

And a good explanation of how and why the Church discerns the validity of apparitions here:

3) Comfort the doubtful

4) Comfort the sorrowful

5) Bear wrongs patiently

6) Forgive injuries

7) Pray for one another


Any infraction of any of these terms will result in the following consequences:

First time: A warning.

Second time: A second warning.

Third time: Deletion of membership.

In other words, given the purpose of this message board community, we will have no tolerance for those who fail to respect this community. Ignorance and confusion in general are not excuses.

Also, in an effort to not fall into gossip, the Admins will not comment directly on any mom who has left the community for whatever reason.
+To Thee be praise, to Thee be glory, to Thee be thanksgiving through endless ages, O Blessed Trinity.+
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