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The Thing In Yellow, erudite SOTF-TV fanboy and blogger, would like to extend an invitation to the various denizens of the TV-verse to come and discuss the show over at his new webpage, Court Of The Dragon. There are a few rules, however, which I shall enumerate here:

1. Acceptability of characters:

Absolutely no past winners. This is a small fansite, run by and for the people, and isn't really above the radar enough to draw big names in the show, certainly not more than one.

Absolutely no characters who will ever be selected for SOTF-TV. No characters from Season 66. No characters you plan to use in 72. None of that. I will totally permadeny you if you submit a character who you used on the forum. This is because it can really easily hit the point where it strains credibility, especially as this is, again, a small fansite IC.

Absolutely no characters that would require mention/acknowledgement in the plot. Generally speaking, no celebrities, no family members or friends of the abducted, etc. That breeds a sort of drama that can be fun to explore in certain situations, but which runs contrary to the purposes of this site. If you're unsure if a character qualifies, ask.

2. Posting conduct:

All posts are in-character always. No exceptions. Do not make OOC notes in parenthesis. Do not break character. We have tons of places to talk SOTF-TV OOC; this one is for IC discussions.

You can of course post whatever/however you like, so long as you don't violate Zetaboards' ToS, however the administration of the blog is also being handled IC. If you are not familiar with what to expect here, I direct you to the old blog; this is the same Thing In Yellow, so administration's gonna be snippy and condescending. Because the forum exists for fun, it's not gonna be a flagrant banfest left and right, but if you do something that would get you banned IC you will get banned. Verisimilitude is the name of the game.

OOC potshots are expressly and permanently forbidden, and are one of the few things you can do on the board that will get you busted on SOTF proper if I have anything to say about it. This does not exist to mock writing you dislike. There are plenty of avenues to address such an issue in a reasonable way. Here, you can be a horrid misanthropic jerk, but keep it consistent and in-character.

Remember, your character is watching the show, not reading it. References to internal thoughts, writing stuff (typos, prose, word choice, whatever), and the like are a big no-no.

Your characters did not watch pregame. Contrary to what was hinted at a time or two in TV V1, pregame is not seen by the viewers in any capacity. Your characters have probably read profiles on the kids; these are not their OOC profiles taken verbatim. Stuff that could not possibly be known is not in the IC profiles.

3. Accounts:

Unlike on SOTF, you can have a few accounts. You don't need to say who you are unless a staffer from Mini asks you OOC to do so, in which case you need to spill the beans. Anonymity is a blast, though.

4. Characters:

Have a good idea who your IC characters are. It doesn't need to be perfect, but give 'em a little thought, flesh out some mannerisms or whatever. Please please please do not use your Main or Mini handle on this site. Inserting yourself as a fan can be fun, but would be too distracting in this sort of environment. Please make your characters realistic. Staff has veto power on anything that would have any repercussions on the TV world, and will exercise it fully.

5. Other stuff:

If in doubt, hit me up with any questions. It is far better to ask questions than to make false assumptions.

That's about all. Have fun, all!

P.S. If you're interested in being IC staff, drop me a PM. The requirements are: a. you must be willing to check the forum and keep rack of it, b. you must have a pretty strong character idea that is adequately considered in my sole estimation, and c. your character must be the sort of person The Thing In Yellow would promote to modship, i.e. not an idiot.
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