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The Rules
1. Respect. I will not tolerate users being disrespectful/rude/cruel/etc. towards other users, regardless of circumstances. Just don't talk to each other; it's not that hard
2. Rumors. Related to respect, but I think this should be clear. Do NOT spread rumors and such about users behind their backs. It sucks, and the user in question has absolutely no chance to defend themself. I will most certainly be punishing those who violate this rule harshly if I find out.
3. No pirating. This goes against zetaboard rules (and actual RL laws) So yeah.. no.
4. BE CAREFUL WITH SPOILERS!!!! I see this one being tossed aside already, and I won't have it. Yes, everyone slips up once and awhile. However, you need to be careful as far as things like spoilers go. For example, if you have a forum set that spoils a death scene of a major character in a horror movie, I'd give you a warning and remove your set. Same goes for posts, if it's a spoiler, put it in spoiler tags. There are exceptions, particularly for sets. If it's common knowledge, such as Laurie Strode surviving Halloween, it does not count as a spoiler. If it is not common knowledge, it is a spoiler. Simplest way to put it. The best way to determine if something is common knowledge? If most people know the spoiler before seeing the movie, it is common knowledge. Otherwise, it isn't. For example, Casey Becker dying in the opening of Scream is common knowledge. A death in the middle of the movie... not so much.
5. No spamming; obviously
6. Please do not TYPE IN ALL CAPS CONSTANTLY LIKE I AM RIGHT NOW! It's a nightmare to read and seems like you're shouting. It IS ok when you use it occasionally for emphasis, but it can't be every post. Also, please don't type in all lower case either.