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• Anniversary Event: March 11th
• 21st Hatching: May 25th

Dracadia Season: Summer 315AT
Applicant Group 21
Lesson 1 ~ TBA
Next Lesson: March 5th

Cadet Group 19
Lesson 5 ~ Extended Flights
Next Lesson: March 5th

Cadet Group 20
Lesson 1: Dragon Care
Next Lesson: March 12th
Welcome to Dracadia!

We are an original, dragon bonding RP with influences from Anne McCaffrey (Dragonriders of Pern) and Gary Gygax (Dungeons and Dragons). We offer a new and unique setting, multiple playable races and four different dragon species used to fight against the Ternarium; the evil monsters that threaten to destroy the people of the world. Become a savior and fight to protect the people of Dracadia!

Try the Get Started! button first; located on the submenu at the top of our site. It's the perfect way to 'get started' and join the fun.

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