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• Anniversary Event: March 11th
• 21st Hatching: May 25th

Dracadia Season: Summer 315AT
Applicant Group 21
Lesson 1 ~ TBA
Next Lesson: March 5th

Cadet Group 19
Lesson 5 ~ Extended Flights
Next Lesson: March 5th

Cadet Group 20
Lesson 1: Dragon Care
Next Lesson: March 12th
Welcome to Dracadia!

We are an original, dragon bonding RP with influences from Anne McCaffrey (Dragonriders of Pern) and Gary Gygax (Dungeons and Dragons). We offer a new and unique setting, multiple playable races and four different dragon species used to fight against the Ternarium; the evil monsters that threaten to destroy the people of the world. Become a savior and fight to protect the people of Dracadia!

Try the Get Started! button first; located on the submenu at the top of our site. It's the perfect way to 'get started' and join the fun.

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Character Creation

Please use the Dracadia Character Template in the spoiler below for ALL characters. No exceptions.
*Make sure you have read the rules/information and are familiar with our setting before you begin.

Character Forms: Copy and Paste the provided character sheet(s) onto a separate document and fill in the categories listed with the proper information; please don't add/remove categories on the profile layout. Removed bracketed information, of course, to replace with your own. DO NOT align or change category names please, coloring the bold areas is acceptable but please do not wholly color all fonts on the profile. Post your character as a New Topic in this forum.

Topic Title: All of our character forms have a very specific way they are titled. This is done so that all profiles appear in the archive properly and orderly.
Characters ~ First Name: Gender :Class
Dragons and Gryphons ~ Name: Species :Gender

Character Submission Form -
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Dragon Submission Form - *note Hydrakir share one character sheet, but two separate posts please.
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Gryphon Submission Form -
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Bonus Sheet
This form is not required, but it can be helpful for yourself and friends to check out what goodies your character has. Add this as a new post to the character's current profile thread and fill out the below information that is relevant. Feel free to edit the information that is applicable to your character (such as removing the text where it says magic known and leaving just psionics known for Mesai character) or adding a new category if it is necessary to your character.
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Character Archive

New Posts Approved Characters
All characters here for Dracadia have been approved by staff and are ready for RPing.
Kyrea Fullmoon : Female : Resident Jan 4 2018, 07:32 PM, By Etlaayz
Topics: 42 Replies: 36
New Posts Approved Dragons/Gryphons
All dragons and gryphons here for Dracadia have been approved by staff and are ready for RPing.
Saisk : Wyvern : Male Feb 17 2018, 01:22 PM, By Dragon
Topics: 49 Replies: 6
New Posts Adoption House
The holding cell for all staff-made characters that are available for any player upon request. Must have character slot open for adoption, we do not do holds on any adoptable.
To adopt, please PM a staff member requesting which character you want and it will be taken care of!
Cyran: Male :Applicant Jan 15 2017, 03:26 PM, By Adoptor Terrawr
Topics: 6 Replies: 1
New Posts Inactive Characters
Characters that are no longer played due to player inactivity or character death are archived here for reference and retrieval.
Rayden : Female : Applicant Apr 12 2017, 02:14 PM, By Taxx
Topics: 83 Replies: 26
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You got the itch, but not the inspiration...
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