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• Anniversary Event: March 11th
• 21st Hatching: May 25th

Dracadia Season: Fall 315AT
Applicant Group 21
Lesson 1 ~ TBA
Next Lesson: March 5th

Cadet Group 19
Lesson 6 ~ Self First Aid
Graduation: March 26th

Cadet Group 20
Lesson 2 ~ Wings and Formations
Next Lesson: April 2nd
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Stable Description

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This is a massive and impressive stable. It is built out of mostly strong stone, wood and magicked for a moderate temperature year round. The stables are home to all of Fort Zephyr's mounts; war horses, riding horses and even the occasional riding elk. While they will handle dire wolves and other carnivorous animals if they must, those beasts are kept at the farthest and and away from the prey like creatures.
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The Stables
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