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• 21st Hatching: May 25th
• New Lore Contest: June 1st

Dracadia Season: Spring 316AT
Applicant Group 21
Lesson 6 ~ Hatching Etiquette
Hatching: May 25th

Cadet Group 20
Lesson 4 ~ Ability Training
Next Lesson: May 14th

Cadet Group 21
Lesson 1 ~ Extended Bonding
First Lesson: May 28th
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About Dracadia

The world is Dracadia. An original high-fantasy setting which has villainous monsters from another dimension, four distinct races that live in the worlds, and the dragons they use to protect their home.

Long ago, the beasts known as the Ternarium arrived in Dracadia through a wild magic rift that tore open like wound in the land. The Ternarium festered out of the wound and began to spoil everything they touched. The only purpose these foul monsters had on their agenda was destruction and annihilation of the once beautiful world of Dracadia.

At first, battle seemed hopeless. They had more weapons, nasty creatures to assist them, and brute force of might and magic on their side. Even the first attempt to snap shut their gate to Dracadia nearly failed. The future looked dismal for everyone and hope was all but gone from the people's hearts. Just when it was all but lost, the powers that be finally stepped up to help the people and to save their world.

Three breeds of dragons were created and given to the people. Each breed of dragon was distinctly different in look, size, ability and intellect. What they shared in common was their love of the people they would bond to and the elements of the world they derived powers from. Earth, water, air and fire would be their weapons in the war against the Ternarium.

Massive structures called Forts were established to house dragon Keepers and train them for the war against their eternal enemy. These Forts were nearly a city onto them and would become the homes and base camps for these special people, shock troopers who were the last hope of humanity.

Two suns call Dracadia's solar system their home. These two suns are called the Sister Flames or Twin Suns. The first sun - called Berisi - is very small and closer to Dracadia. This sun does not create near as much light or heat as its sister and appears to be a dying star. The larger, more dominate sun is named Veru. This sun is much farther away making its precious glow and heat not as important to the planet as Berisi. However, its light is still visible in the day time skies and on clear nights of the Winter Solstice.

The water of Dracadia consumes about 60% of the planet's surface and only about 3% of that is fresh water and drinkable by the planet's occupants. The ocean waters are rife with all sorts of fish and other aquatic species which are the stable food source of many cities close to the waters. In the inland, fresh water sources are well protected and revered by those who claim their borders. Most of the large lakes are hidden within the walls of Thayer kingdoms while the smaller ponds and miniature lakes are patrolled over and worshiped for their worth by the Mesai. The Sigum are the only race of people known for digging out natural springs and creating man made lakes. Sigum waterways are renowned for being the freshest and most desirable drinking waters.

Lay of the Land
World Map
Dracadia has five major land masses and a smattering of small, nameless islands. The northern most continent is one of the largest and is called Mellowell and is known for its highly derisive climate regions. Its northern edge is arctic, while the southern tip reaches into the tropical ranges. Mellowell also has one of the largest and richest pine forests in all of Dracadia; unicorns have been rumored to roam in that area.

The second largest continent is named Hartvain. Hartvain has a temperate to tropical climate range and is well known for the vast dessert named Whiteburn, for its stark white sands. Hartvain also has the biggest mountains, named Five Sisters by the Mesai tribes who live in them, which are home to the majestic gryphons and frightening manticore.

Grovereach is the eastern most continent which is the home front to the war, its northern tip plagued by the Ternarium as the gate to their home world is located in a hidden location, well-guarded and protected by the terrible monsters.

The south eastern continent is known as Brast - a temperate to tropical aligned region with one of the world’s largest volcanoes, called Myst Peak well known to still be highly active. It is thought that the gateway to the land of the gods is located in the center of the super volcano and is guarded by the Moonfall Nation.

Lastly, the far western and smallest of all continents is the Fin Isle. For many, many years the island was untouched by any of the races. None had truly ventured into it's land as it was over populated by Spinders and had no known natural resources, the land was thought unprofitable. Until the establishment of Fort Zephyr. The Fort's appearance on the island brings much hope to Dracadia as it finds new purpose for what was once thought as nothing - has new life.

The Weather of Fin Island and Fort Zephyr

The Fin island that Fort Zephyr resides on has a very temperate climate. Its seasonal changes are noticeable with very warm but tolerable summer seasons and relatively mild winters with little snow fall. Spring is a season of life and luster. Everything is coming into bloom and the snow doesn't fall anymore. People sensitive to the plant pollens suffer the most during this season due to the strong summer breezes carrying pollens far from one end of the island to the other. The earth dries out fast during this time as temperatures range from 50°F (10°C)at the lowest and begin climbing up onto the 70°F (20°C) During the summer, Fort Zephyr experiences sunny, warm weather which can vary from the low 70°F (20°C) to high 95°F (35°C). It is generally a tolerable season with moderate rainfall that helps keep flora healthy and growing, filling rain barrels to their brims and supplies the Fort with a good supply of fresh drinking water that it uses latter in the cold season.

Bringing the seasons into fall, the island retains its warmth during the day with night time dipping into the high 60°F (15°C) as the season drags on. Rainfalls are less frequent as they are in the summer but storms off the oceans aren't uncommon. They can be quiet vicious and drench everything in their path and can cause flooding from the rising tides.

The coldest season of all is gentle in comparison to the bigger continents, especially the frozen north. Zephyr experiences climate drops that range from the 40°F (4°C) to 30°F (-1°C) and can even reach as high as 50°F (10°C) on calm days. Snow fall is light, accumulating only up to two inches at a time and has a tendency to only last a day or two before it all melts away, leaving large puddles on the frozen grounds.

Planetary Cycles

The planet of Dracadia is similar to our own Earth. It spins on a slightly tilted axis; one day or spin of the planet is 24 hours while a complete year around twin suns takes 360 days. One month is 30 days.
Real Time vs Game Time

For every one month of time that passes by in the real world, game time will progress roughly three months. This means that in general, one month of real life equals one season. Give or take; since every month is not exactly 30 days, it does vary some but it’s the concept of how time passes here. Allowing time to pass at a decent speed so we aren't waiting a year in real life to grow little dragon Whelps up and make them playable.
January February March April
May June July August
September October November December
Each race has its own major capitals. These are large, and in some cases, sprawling cities. They contain the densest populations and the leaders of each race reside in these capitals. There are other cities which are not near as large; smaller villages, hamlets or other communities. However all other places like this fall under one or another nation for leadership, taxes and other services to each kingdom.

Eight Thayer Kingdoms
Every Thayer Kingdom has a queen who rules over it. The kingdom is subject to change via elections of the people, making them democratic with the elections every ten years of their Queens.
Continent Kingdom Queen
Mellowell Liwar Queen Desteri
Mellowell Ostry Queen Vastner
Hartvain Sentia Queen Lareen
Hartvain Ludina Queen Loristhan
Hartvain Arenida Queen Ellerie
Hartvain Carnea Queen Lastasia
Brast Poury Queen Nessa
Grovereach Lusken Queen Laine

Three Mesai Nations
There are only three Mesai Nations. However there are many off sprouted tribes far and wide, only three tribes are large in numbers like they are and only these three have Bloodlines said to be tied directly to the gods. The leader families of these three nations are always in power as it is their family names that the tribes are named from.
Continent Nation Chief
Mellowell Shadowlord Chief Bastian
Hartvain Ghostwalker Chief Otheus
Brast Moonfall Chief Castrel

Six Sigum Realm
The six Sigum Realms are the most important to these people. It is from these realms that the best creations, the biggest harvests, and the most inspiring mages and craftsmen come from. Lords and ladies from these realms are born or wed into power. Many young men dream of wedding one of Lords daughters or sisters.
Continent Realm Lord
Hartvain Burntwood Lord Erico
Hartvain Lowlund Lord Ricter
Hartvain Crest Lord Brandt
Mellowell Guildkeep Lord Holeran
Mellowell Semack Lord Misol
Brast Seafoam Lord Redford
The world of Dracadia functions through buying goods from merchants or a barter system. Both the Thayer and Sigum use the same standardized currency system called Gold. This piece of currency is a round, flat disk of solid gold. It is an inch in diameter and two millimeters in thickness. All gold coins have an emblem of sorts printed on both surfaces indicating which kingdom or realm it was made in; this symbol is usually the banner of the city or fort it came from. This emblem does not change the worth of the coin at all, it merely helps keep track of where gold had gone and where it came from.

On the flip side, the Mesai people do not make their own currency, but rather they survive on a barter system: trading one good or service for another. It is not unheard of for Mesai to acquire gold to use and spend, however they just do not having a minting process for gold themselves. Cities of Sigum that live on the outskirts of Mesai tribes often adopt the bartering system to ease the exchange of high quality Mesai goods.

While this list is not the end all of what something is worth, it is here to give you an idea of what your gold is good for. Be realistic when employing the spending system and don't go overboard on buying lavish things for your character; for example, a under privileged Sigum girl would not have the kind of gold available to buy herself necklaces dripping in emeralds nor would she be able to get something so expensive for say 10 gold pieces. Here is an example list of things you could buy using a single gold piece. Not all at once mind you, but each item on the list costs just one gold:

• One young hen for clutching eggs
• Two loafs of bread
• A wheel of cheese
• A mug of cheap ale
• One hour worth of labor work

Here are some examples of coins used on Dracadia. While they are all worth the same value, various places like to design there own coins.
Common Currency
Lusken Ardiea Carnea Crest Liwar Semack Poury
Lowlund Ludina Guildkeep Ostry
Sentia Burntwood

Listed are a few different kinds of titles people can earn in Dracadia (and the forum with your characters). Note, this is not all of them but a majority of them so that players can get a better sense of the world they will be playing in. See Fort Zephyr for a list of officials located in and around Zephyr.

Anyone can master an area of skill, but it is another thing entirely to earn the title of Master. Not only are they especially gifted with their area of given mastery, but they have dedicated their lives to it and training others as well. To earn the title of Master requires raw skill, the ability to teach others your art and specialized training where they learn from all the best in the field. *Note that the title of Master is not meant to be held by player characters, as it was set to be an NPC title allowing players to have a teacher to learn from. If you are truly interested in holding a title for a character, please speak with the admins and we can discuss the possibilities.

Weapon Master - A person who excels in battle with a particular weapon or type of weapon. This title is divided into several sectors
• Blade Master: Expert in a type(s) of swords, daggers, or blade weapons.
• Arrow Master: Expert in a type(s) of bows, crossbows or ballista weapons.
• Polearm Master: Expert in a type(s) of spears, lances, or axes.
• Martial Master: Expert in a type(s) hand to hand combat.
• Staff Master: Expert in a type(s) blunt weapons like staves, hammers, maces or other bludgeoning tools.
At Fort Zephyr: Odran (Blunt), Rauric (Ranged), Keeper Voizia (Blades), Malendor (Martial)

Spell Master
A person who excels in magical training. While there are many types of magic categories, this title is not separated into sectors. A Spell Master is still titled a Spell Master.
At Fort Zephyr: Lori

Specialty Masters
A specialty Master is a man or woman who has excelled in training and skill in a particular area of training. These titles are earned a little easier than other kinds of Masters but they are still exceptional and deserve respect and honor for the title they have earned.

Master Cook
A person who is an exceptional chef. They are often seen in Forts or are in charge of the kitchens for royal families or well to do people with large estates.
At Fort Zephyr: Palla

Master Smith
These men or women are known for crafting only the best of weapons, tools and art. A smith usually has one or two areas of expertise and is known for only crafting the highest quality of work. Other smiths travel over entire mountainsides and oceans to train under a Master Smith.

Master Crafter - This title is sectioned off into a few categories.
• Glass Master: All things glass
• Wood Master: All things wood
• Metal Master: All things metals
• Stones Master: All things precious and semi precious stones/gems
• Leather Master: All things related to hides, leathers and leather working.
At Fort Zephyr: Craftsmaster Zan

Master Healer
This title is bestowed to exceptional medical professionals. They are always in charge of medical facilities and many of them lead the combat medic unit. This is one of the few crafts where they have many underlings under them in training. While they may never achieve the title of Master Healer, all healers work under a Master.
At Fort Zephyr: Aether

Sands Master
The single person trusted with care taking over clutching mothers, eggs and the sands themselves. This is one of the few titles that are earned through careful selection rather than any form of training. It requires a strong empathy and dedication to do this job. The hardest part of this title comes the fact that while they must watch countless fetches of eggs, they must never bond to a dragon of their own.
At Fort Zephyr: Lierye

Below listed is the special rank of a Fort. These people are listed in order of importance and power over the Fort. These are the terms that will be used on this site.

Fort Master
The Fort Leader is in charge over all. His word is law at the Fort and it is ultimately his choice if Applicants will get to see the sands, who gets placed where and who he lets into his walls.
At Fort Zephyr: Keeper Garrow

Fort Master Assistant
This person aids the Fort Master in his duties. While his work covers more of the paper pushing duties around the Fort, this is the man everyone will have to see before getting into the Fort Master's office. It is through his doors that everyone has to pass first.
At Fort Zephyr: Arlon

Cadet Master
Leads all Cadets. It is his duty to make sure Cadets get proper training and that all of the complaints, necessities, and anything else that Cadets require. All Cadets must answer to him first.
At Fort Zephyr: Keeper Lucias

Applicant Master
He presides over all Applicants and takes care of their training, necessities and any other details to the lives of Applicants. While under his care, all Applicants answer to him first.
At Fort Zephyr: Keeper Arc

See Keeper page for full detail description of a Keeper.

Newly bonded Keepers. While they are technically now a Keeper, the Cadet is the title giving to them while they are in the first year of the dragons life. A Cadet goes through specialized training - advanced combat and training against the enemy, as well as getting the young dragon into shape and teaching them to use their powers as they manifest.

New entries to the Fort. These are either soldiers from other military units or people from around the world who join the Fort in hopes of bonding to a dragon. They can range from early teens to middle age people. The average Applicant goes through rigorous training to get them whipped into shape as well as mentally and physically prepared for the battlefields.

Wing Positions
In the Forts exists the Wing system for Dragonriders. Every Fort has wings; as little as ten and as many as twenty, depending on the number of Keepers at the Fort. Every wing rider wears a patch some where on their uniform (and daily clothing) which reflects the wing they ride in and the Fort they hail from. Generally it is an image of the Fort's coat of arms with the wing name written under it.
Wing Lead: In charge of a unit of Keepers. For all intents and purposes, a Wing Lead is a Captain. His word is law over his or her wing.
Wing Second: Helps lead a wing directly under the Wing Lead. For all intents and purposes, he or she is the Lieutenant over the Wing. His or her word is only topped by the Wing Lead.
Wing Rider: A normal Dragon Keeper that make up the rest of a Wing. There is a maximum of fifteen riders per wing. (*note: that there are ten positions available to player characters, the last five is always made up of NPCs. This makes each wing manageable for a Lead and uniform.)

Non-Dragonkeeper Forces
Fort Zephyr also offers a force of other types of military units aside from its esteemed Dragonkeepers. They are not the main focus of Fort Zephyr but still make up a sizable amount of military force when it's needed.

Gold Battalion Positions
Dragons aren't the only people who can fly. This force is made of unbonded soldiers and quiet often, Lizardling Keepers. Keepers who ride a Gryphon are still placed in Dragon Wings while unbonded riders are placed in their own Gryphon wing, called "The Gold Battalion". Each member of the Gold Battalion wears a badge on their left sleeves of a black feather on a golden field.
Gold Lead:
Works as the Wing Lead, though this person presides over the Gold Battalion.
Gold Second:
Works as the Wing Second, though this person presides over the Gold Battalion.
Gold Rider/Handler:
A normal Gryphonrider that make up the bulk of the Gold Battalion.

Battle Healers
A vicious combination of healing arts and combat readiness makes up a small number of Fort Zephyr's soldiers. This group of men and woman are of mixed races, though are mostly Sigum and Thayer with strong ties to Magical healing arts. The few Mesai members of this group are fast with a needle for stitching wounds and have an array of knowledge on salves and other healing herbs. As well as those with Doctor class Psionics with skills in using their mind to heal other beings. Not only is this platoon of men and woman good at protecting and healing injured soldiers, but they are some of the most deadly warriors a Fort can call their own. Most wield long distance, close combat weapons such as spears, staffs, javelins and tridents.

Magic Calvary Ranks

This particular unit of riders consists of Thayer and Sigum men and women who possess strong magical abilities and a wicked arsenal of assault magics. They ride on the backs of High-Blood horses and flank the foot soldiers and regular cavalry soldiers. These particular riders wear a badge on their sleeves; a blue cross on a white field.
Cavalry Lead: Works as the Wing Lead, though this person presides over the Magic Cavalry.
Cavalry Second: Works as the Wing Second, though this person presides over the Magic Cavalry.
Cavalry Rider: A normal member of the Magic Cavalry that make up the bulk of it.
City Map
Shopping District (Dark Orange)
Here located would be an assortment of locally run shops for food stuffs, basic gear and amenities needed by the locals

Trade District (Pale Orange)
The trade District is home of all sorts of trades such as inventors, smiths, weavers, tanners and other such specialty goods.

Food Stores (Yellow)
The Food Store houses hold all the dry goods and fresh foods farmed in Zephyr's fields as well as imported from far away. Some of the massive buildings even boast icy enchantments to help keep perishable foods from spoiling too soon.

Docks (Dark Brown)
While Zephyr does not have the largest port, it can take up to twelve merchant vessels or passenger ships at at time, allowing ample space for commerce. There is an assortment of smaller, private docks further down the coast for local fishers to use however.

Shipping Warehouses (Dark Grey)
When goods come into Zephyr, the ones not food related, they remain held in the large warehouses located along the docks.

Residental Sector (Green)
The Residential Sector of this city is the homes of all the denizens. Houses range in variety from private estates to large apartment complexes and multi-family units. Many more homes lay outside the city proper which consist of farming families or the more wealthy and well to do who can afford more lavish quarters and private land.

Stables (Brown)
The cities stables are quiet massive as they are home to an assortment of creatures from basic horses and dire wolves to gryphons and the great red elks. Many buildings are required to home the different species and keep them comfortable and separated.

Magic School / Warrior Training Camp / Public Schooling (Light Grey)
There are three separate schools that call Zephyr home. The first is a rather large tower-esk building which is the magic school. Offering a variety of magical arts training as well as a place where locals can seek out assistance of the spellcasters.

The next is a small but functional school, generally used to teach the art of weapons play and martial arts. While it is not any where near the capabilities of the Fort; this school is designed for more basics and education for the locals and non-keeper forces.

The last is a education establishment, primary for the children of Zephyr City. It can teach reading, writing, mathematics, and other studies such as tinkering and history.

Bath House / Public Well (Blue)
There is two varities of public bath houses. The first is smaller and contains two great chambers - designed for men and women to bath seperately. The second is a massive structure known as the Healing Spa where Keepers are drawn into bath themselves as well as a relaxation section that can take in dragons! There is one central public well, allowing the people of the city to gather fresh water.

Non Keeper Housing (Pink)
Not as grand or as accommodating as Keeper apartments, the city still offers private homes and large apartment complexes for other forces to live. While mounts like gryphons or high bloods or dires are kept at the stable, they may still have homes to call there own.

Infirmary (Red)
The local infirmary is not as advanced as the Fort's, though is capable of handling over spill from the Fort and maintain itself for the residents.

City Hall (White)
City Hall deals with the daily affairs of the people and handles efforts for supplies, charters and other needs of the city that the Fort is too busy to handle.

These sectors are pretty much an average city that springs up and are always multi-racial communities where everyone shares the work load and functions together as a whole people. A Residential area is always named after the Fort they are beholden too (aka Zephyr Fort's city is called Zephyr City). No matter what it is called, those living there are fiercely loyal to the Keepers of their 'home' and tend to be rather competitive with other Fort Towns. Much like humans can be with sporting events.

Many of the denizens of the Fort town are common folk such as: families of Keepers, work staff of the Fort, Gryphonriders, the special Magic Cavalry, Healing unit, and much more! These places are not only home to the people, but contain large markets, farming specialists who help make food to feed everyone, animal husbandry types, but a vast array of special services to aid everyone, especially Keepers.

Listed below are a few specialty features one would find in a Fort town:
• Healing Spa: The Healing spa is a specialized spa, almost always located on the outer rim of the town which is a giant bath house constructed to accommodate, specifically Keepers. While it is a mix-gender establishment, meaning no separate rooms for genders, they do have three massive bathing pools. One is kept at a icy cool temperature, the second is tepid and the last is very hot. The Healing Spa also is home to a large steam room, a room for massage to work out those nasty knots and a rest and relaxation room.
• The biggest and most important part of these spas, is they also take in dragons of all species. Highly trained specialists from around the globe are imported who are knowledgeable in dragon anatomy and can offer therapeutic healing using dragon massage techniques and other skills to relax the creatures.
Crime and War
Like any other world full of people, there are bad people or misguided people who have done unpleasant things for selfish means. There are some people who are just crazy and do bad things because they can. Greed, gold, treasures, love, hate, revenge. These are all things that can spur even formally good men to commit terrible crimes against there fellow men and women, or even men and women of a different crime. Dracadia does have a prison system and work camps where people are sent for doing bad things too.

There has also been war in Dracadia's past, before the arrival of the Ternarium. Races were known to not only fight the other races, but one another as well. Be it for land, supplies, family disputes or even for simply not liking one another. When the Ternarium arrived though, battling each other became a thing of the past and people were too preoccupied with saving the world from these monsters for petty battles against each other.

Sexuality and Gender
There is not one religion/race/society of Dracadia that opposes a group of people based on their sexual orientation. Because of this there is no persecution of a group of people because of the gender they have a preference for. Individual people can dislike another because they do not feel the same about this, but it boils down to the same way races feel for each other. It's judged on an individual feeling or how ones family raised a character to feel.

Much like sexuality, gender is not a big thing either. Be they female, male, or trans-gendered people. Generally they are all seen equally in some way, shape or form. Racially speaking, the Thayer tend to favor females over males. Sigum will view males over females. Mesai are gender blind, favoring battle prowess over all.

Slavery and Indentured Servants
True slavery has not existed on the world of Dracadia for a long time. It's been banned and outlawed on every continent across the planet for over two-thousand years. Copies of treaties signed by every leader of every Kingdom, Nation and Realm can be found in any library or city hall across the world. Every time leadership is turned over to another, the treaties are signed once again to reinforce that no one people shall enslave another for any reason.

Back before these contracts between all leaders of all nations were made, historians and lore state that the Thayer had taken entire tribes of Mesai and forced them to work hard labor in the construction of the great castles of their people. It is said that traces of this truth can be found in some of the classic designs and materials used to construct these buildings. Sigum were also taken in some cases by the Thayer it is said. The Thayer were not the only to take slaves either; the Mesai were rumored to have kidnapped young children from Sigum farms though the history is fuzzy there. Sigum also were known to take young laborers from their own people as well as Mesai and force them into drudgery in the bigger cities. That was long ago in the past though and no occurrences of slavery have been used again.

What can be found however, is indentured servitude. A person of can chaste or race can willing sign a contract which obliges them to work for another person or place for a specific set amount of time. The servant is guaranteed freedom after the contract time is is up and is not obliged to work for the person or place again unless they willing resign the contract. These kinds of situations are common for unskilled laborers or those who do not have much on their own. They can offer to do hard labor such as working in sewage tunnels, digging ditches, pest removal or other sorts of dirty jobs that need to be done and require no formal training to do it.

Indentured servants are usually paid in food and lodging, though there are many cases where they are paid a small amount of gold which is saved for them in an account which they will be granted after the terms of their contract are up. The setting of every indentured servant varies depending on the indentured and the indenturee and what they have agreed to. In most cases, indentured servants are not beaten or abused. Some indeturee's are not entirely kind to their indentured, though barbaric practices such as whipping, public torture and corporal punishment are strictly forbidden under any circumstances. Very few indentured would mistreat there laborers but some can be a unkind by over working, under performing on returned services (such as bad living quarters and meager food rations), or attempting to coheres indentured into extended contracts.
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