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• 19th Hatching: November 17th
Investigation Plot: Phase 2

Dracadia Season: Summer 314AT
Applicant Group 19
Lesson 4 ~ Basic Riding
Next Lesson: October 23rd

Cadet Group 17
Lesson 3 ~ First Flights
Next Lesson: October 23rd

Getting Started Guide

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  • Blogging Feature

  • Gold and Special Point System

  • Hatchings Explained

  • Player-Run Events

  • Forum and RP Terminology

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  • Adoption House
  • We've created an easy to follow guide that will get you through the process of joining the site, finding the information to get you on the right path, and finally to writing with us!

    Register an account:

    Here on Dracadia we use one account per member, make sure to use your actual email so that a validation can be sent to you. If you don't receive it right away, check your spam box just in case. If you have not received it for some reason, just let us know by telling a staff member in the CBox (located top center of our forum) or contact us on our Discord!

    Rules, Posting and Activity:

    No one likes reading the rules, but it's a necessary part of any forum. These are mostly the standards we have set for the community which we like our members and staff to adhere to. It can seem daunting but they are much easier then you think! Please go over them now and make sure we are the site for you.

    Check Out The Setting:

    Dracadia's setting is probably the most involved thing you'll need to read here because we are a completely original setting. It's a lot of topics so take your time and explore each page; they will guide you through particular aspects of Dracadia's lore and history. We want you to feel comfortable and confident when it comes time to make your first character (or adopt one from the Adoption House).

    Character Creation:

    If you have followed the guides above, you should be ready to make your first Dracadia Character. Use the provided Character Sheet(s) which are the approved formatting for characters. Once you've written your character, simply start a new topic in the Character Archive and post it there. A staff member will review it as soon as possible and get you approved.

    Hints and Tips

    → Look for a Purple Name when you need a staff member!
    → Characters can be an Applicant, Keeper, Gryphonrider, or Resident. Though Applicants are always preferred since we need them to have hatchings!
    → Check under the logo to find the CBox and link to our Discord.
    → You can use the Tagbox to alert members when you have replied in a thread by typing the following @Username - http://...

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