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A Little R&R.; Tag Nazirah & Atara.
Topic Started: Oct 10 2017, 09:46 PM (48 Views)
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The crazy one (Deborah is just weird).
Chinakai had a few hours free time and wanted to check out this spa she had heard about She had a coupon for a free manicure/pedicure, which was the main reason she was here, her nails were in desperate need of care after all the hard work they had experienced.

Although, she has been in the Residential Section before, this was the first time she had any spare gold to spend, not much just a few coins, still, she was going to enjoy it. She, also, heard the spa could be expensive, so she would be frugal with what little she had. The first thing she got was a pair of cheep sandals, she wanted this pedicure to last a little longer that her others.

She found the shop for the manicure, gave her name to the lady at the desk and sat down in her multicolored poncho with a golden sash, as well as, golden streamers woven in her hair. Her fingernails were still in pretty good shape, while her toenails were a disaster. She was hoping Kendryl would make it before she was called. She had slipped Kendryl a note with a coupon for the manicure/pedicure. Now only if she could find the place. Maybe she should have sent a map with it. Kendryl was good at some things, but, navigating through a place as large as the residential section and this spa, might not be one of them.
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Kendryl hadn't been to many spas in her life. Or...any, really. Her mother had never been the spa sort and had never offered to take Kendryl or her sister, Thalia. Kendryl was pretty sure she wasn't normally the spa sort either. But going with a friend to get her nails done was just so...normal. And after all the time she'd spent covered in sweat and mud, some days Kendryl felt she'd never be truly clean again. Getting her nails painted pretty colors, laughing, talking...it would be fun.

Chinakai had had a coupon, otherwise the indulgence would have been harder to justify. Kendryl was starting to make a bit of coin selling a few charms or doing some magical odd-jobs around the Fort, but Applicant training left little time for earning gold. She'd taken a few bits and pieces just in case, though. If by some chance their coupons didn't work...Hopefully between the two of them they'd have enough. Because they deserved a Girls' Day.

Kendryl and Thalia had used to have Girls' Days back home, although they'd usually gone riding in the park or shopping for new books or swimming in a nearby lake. Thalia was little like Chinakai. Kendryl's sister was an introvert who often had too much empathy for her own good whereas Chinakai was...well...Chinakai, alive and vibrant and defiant. But...they were both her friends. And Girls' Days didn't have to be the same to be fun.

She did sort of wish she'd met Chinakai at the Applicant Barracks'...She had to ask for directions multiple times before she finally reached the steam-filled and surprisingly crowded spa. She was a bit out of breath when she finally spotted Chinakai and gave her a wave as she took her seat, "Sorry I'm a bit late! I don't leave the Fort very often and..."

She shrugged and smiled, with a shake of her head. Kendryl refused to fret. They were supposed to be relaxing and she was going to find a way to relax by Ebon. Somehow, "Well...you know. But I asked for directions and made it here. And now...pretty nails await!"
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The crazy one (Deborah is just weird).
This was her first real venture into the residential district. Oh, she has been at the edges\ looking in, but never been into the market place, at least, not without her brothers tagging along. On the way in she checked out some of the shops and eateries in the area, making not of the more promising ones. Later, if they still had some gold left, she would check them out. But, for now, the spa was it.

Chinakai was quite pleased Kendryl could make it. When Kendryl said, she had to ask directions, she rolled her eyes, yep, she should have made a map.

Chinakai grinned as she saw Kendryl, "I am glad you did make it. This place can be quite intimidating going it alone. You should introduce yourself to the lady behind the desk, show her your coupon and tell her you are with me." Slipping Kendryl a gold piece, "and give her this. Before you say no, I have been saving this up for a special occasion and this is a special occasion. Do not worry, my uncle has given me a small allowance, not much, a gold coin every so often and I have been saving them up. Oh, not enough to get the full treatment, but, we should be able to enjoy ourselves."
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Kendryl nodded and took the coin as she walked towards the front desk as instructed, covertly slipping in a gold coin of her own. She wasn't going to let Chinakai alone spend money on this excursion. She might not have an allowance but she had the pay from her odd jobs. She felt better paying her share and if Chinakai wanted it to be special...She was happy to contribute.

"As much treatment as this will get us please..." Kendryl said uncertainly as she pushed coupons and pay across the desk. She wasn't exactly sure what type of treatment it would be, but she trusted Chinakai and all the Keepers that frequented this place. It must be relaxing and luxurious to draw so many repeat customers. The woman nodded and Kendryl guessed she wasn't the first to not know exactly what she wanted, "For Chinakai and Kendryl. I think Chinakai's already made our appointment..."

Kendryl smiled and came back, taking her seat, "All done. Do you think it will be a long wait? It does seem busy...Maybe they'll give us tea or cucumber water or something while we wait..."

Spas did that kind of thing, didn't they? Or was that just a stereotype Kendryl had picked up from reading too many stories?
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