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• 21st Hatching: May 25th
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Dracadia Season: Spring 316AT
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Lesson 6 ~ Hatching Etiquette
Hatching: May 25th

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Lesson 4 ~ Ability Training
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Cadet Group 21
Lesson 1 ~ Extended Bonding
First Lesson: May 28th
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Quixels; Standalone
Topic Started: Oct 11 2017, 02:46 PM (44 Views)
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They were so cute! Like multicolored kittens. With magic powers! And an ancient, storied history. But just look at those tiny feet and baby fangs. And they had TWO tails! Aw. Could anything be more precious?

She reached in and pulled out a black one with a shocking splash of white on its chest. It yawned tiredly, blinking at her one blue eye and one green, before snuggling closer and licking her nose. It had a little diamond on its forehead, that nipped and tugged at her magic when she ran a finger across it. Kendryl took the hint and let a tendril of air magic coil out and fill it until it gleamed. The kit flexed its claws happily before drifting back to sleep.

"New Quixel litter, five kits. Just in today, only at Brishy's Curiosity Shoppe! Get your quixels here!" a young boy called out nearby, holding up a sign.

Quixel had been well outside of Kendryl's price range for many years, but in recent months, it seemed they'd finally figured out how to breed them. And she had built up deep enough magic reserves to keep one fed. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. True, there was a hatching coming...But how could anyone object to something so precious? And it'd give her something to cuddle with when she had to begin Arc's reign of terror all over again.

So she took her kit to the front and paid the fee. She learned the kit was a female. 8 weeks old, just at the right time to be going to live with her new owner. The shopkeeper even gave her a pamphlet on quixel care and abilities. Although she suspected it would be a while until her little girl was up for anything but naps.

She needed a name. Temnestura, Kendryl decided, Temni for short. She might be small now, but she deserved a name worthy of the legacy she was. She was one of the last survivors of a mythic and mighty people lost to time, no matter how unprepossessing she might seem.
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