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Let's Do Something; tag: Etlaayz
Topic Started: Nov 21 2017, 03:10 AM (77 Views)
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Mari was busy doing some wingleader paperwork-y things. Which Syndal didn't actually need to be a part of. Which meant he was bored. And when bored...Syndal went looking for other things to do. Using his innate lizardling gifts to blend into the hallway, he scurried off unseen and camouflaged, in search of something more interesting to occupy his time. Ooh! He knew! He should go find Geos. He had promised to take the wyvern on an adventure, hadn't he? Of course he didn't actually know which apartment was his...but how hard could it be?

Many wrong apartments and quite a few telepathic questions later, Syndal finally found him on a ground floor apartment. He stayed camouflaged as he slipped past the wyvern's Thayer companion. Because this was going to be a dragon-only adventure! Why shouldn't they get to have a little fun too?

Hi! Syndal declared loudly, popping back into his full golden glory as he flew right up to the wyvern's eye, Wanna go do something fun? Mine's busy with boring people-stuff. We should go find something more exciting to do.

Getting out without Jameril seeing them might be tricky...but Syndal would figure it out. Because he was tricksy too. And no little obstacle was going to stand in his way when adventure awaited!
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Geos had, just, finished his den with a straw nest and a small pile of his treasures in one corner. And was about to indulge in his most favorite past time, taking a nap when he noticed a spot on his wall was moving towards him. He plopped his head on his crossed front paws and watched. He, kind of, knew what it was, it most likely was a lizardling, they were the only ones he knew could hide themselves like that. He heard of something call Hydrakirs, but, has never met any, But, has heard they are kind of like lizardlings. So, it might be one of them. He kept watch until, Syndal reveled himself and asked if he wanted to do something fun. Of course he wanted to do something fun. He always wanted to do fun stuff other than work stuff.

'Oh, yes! Something fun. Mine is doing people stuff now and later go and practice with blades. I will tell mine we go and have some fun. I not want mine to worry.'

Turning to face the doorway between the den and apartment he sent, 'Jameril, Syndal and I are going out to have fun.'

Jameril looked up from his work to see Geos and Syndal in the den and wondered if Keeper Mari was around.

"Ok, just do not get into a lot of trouble."

He was not worried about he Geos, but, that Syndal, kind of, reminded him of himself.

Get himself in trouble, Geos never got in trouble. He got up and headed towards the door to the outside looking around. 'Is yours here?'
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Oh yeah...right...Syndal should PROBABLY have told Mari where he was going...But she knew he could look after himself. And she could always call him telepathically. It'd be fine! He'd just be distracting her from her work anyway. Because apparently paperwork involved lots of thinking. And sitting. And generally not doing anything fun. He liked leading practices and checking up on people but filling out forms? Nah. Mari could handle it.

Mine has paperwork. Because we're IMPORTANT now. A whole wing is relying on us! Syndal explained. He was proud of his Keeper. She was awesome. And he was awesome. He was pretty sure his help and skills was a sizable part of why she'd gotten this far, But I don't have paperwork. Because apparently it's a people thing...

He HAD offered to help, even though it didn't look like something he really wanted to do. Because Mari was his Keeper and he loved her. But as she'd let him go...

What do you want to do first? Have you seen any of the island yet? I remember when we first got here...Isn't it great? I hope Jameril's getting out and having some fun too! Keepers can be so serious sometimes. We have to push them out and remind them life can be fun!
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'Oh, you and yours lead a wing?! So important. Mine led a wing once. He did not like it. Yes, there is a lot of things that are people things.'

Geos has only been here for a short while and has not seen all that much of the island. But, in the short time he has been here, he had made several friends. Well, that was his gift. That and water magic, which caused his to chuckle every once in a while, since Wyverns do not like water.

'Not much, the docks, the fort, some of the Bazaar and where others live when mine went shopping. Oh, he will! I hope mine does not get in too much trouble, he can do that.'

He thought some on where he wanted to go. That is when his stomach reminded him he would have to hunt again and soon.

'Oh, a good place for big ones, like me to hunt. I will be hunting soon. The boat trip here was not as fun.'

He paused remembering something he had heard about the Kodakai.

Perplexed he asked, 'I heard, some here can become animals? Is that true? Can they become deer? I hate to eat one by accident.'

With all his fierceness in battle, he was a gentle soul in life.
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Syndal all but preened under the praise. He was very important! Mari and him made an awesome team! We are! I think we like it- Sorry yours didn't. Does he do any interesting people things now? Sometimes people things are fun to watch. But not paperwork. It's boring.

Just little marks that didn't mean anything to him and looked like FAR less fun than going out on adventures.

Syndal hoped that Jameril wouldn't get in trouble and make his partner worry. It was hard to imagine having to babysit Mari. She'd always been there looking out for him. He took care of her too but...he was never afraid of what she'd do when he wasn't there, You'll just have to watch out for him then.
And we'll find exciting things for him to do that aren't trouble. I'll show you my favorite places. But food first! Want to hunt tame herds or go find wild things?

Syndal was pretty sure there were some herds near the Fort the big ones could feed off. Mari'd know where to find them. But he also knew lots of great outside places with birds and rabbits and other things that seemed like they'd be tasty for wyverns.

Syndal nodded, Kodakai do become deer...But they can talk with their minds, like we do. So they'll tell you not to hunt them. Unless they want to be eaten. Which would be silly.
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Geos was careful about what he revealed about some of the things his did. Some, he did not talk about at all.

'I am glad you like it. Mine - was on bad mission when he was. He no liked paper work eather.'

That was one of few bad time his Jameril had and it did make him sad. He hoped that was behind them now that he had a now place and name, although, why a new name would matter, was beyond him. He did meet the one Jameril called 'grand uncle' and was impressed. If anyone could keep him in line he could. He hoped their new wing leader could as well.

Geos grinned as Syndal asked if his did fun things, 'yes. He makes ear things. Big ones and small ones, all pretty. Ladies like them. He carves figurines. He makes magic things to. He plays Thayer game with a ball and a paddle.'

When Syndal said he should look out for him, Geos just looked at him and replied, 'that's what I do.'

'Yes, he would like that. Oh, he likes ladies, but, can get in trouble if they have jealous man friend. Yes I like you show your favorite places.'

He blinked when Syndal mentioned tame herds, 'tame herds? You hunt them? No good. Hunt wild ones. More honorable.' At least that was the way he saw it. Hunting someone that could or would not defend themselves was not right.

When he heard they could, he frowned, 'Oh? bad.' But, when her heard the could talk with their mind like then, he brightened up, 'They talk like us? Good. I ask if they are Kodakai.'

Geos grinned at Syndal's 'silly' remark. It would be silly for someone to want to be eaten.

Hearing the door close, he peeked outside to see Jameril heading towards the fort, 'maybe we should go now? I want to get back before mine does.'
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