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Topic Started: Dec 18 2017, 02:10 AM (105 Views)
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Kendryl had spent nearly a year living in these Applicant barracks. It was strange being back. So many of the faces were unfamiliar. Someone else was probably sleeping in her old bed, reading in her old nook, sitting in her old chair. And she was surely in what had once been someone else's home. Strange things to think about.

But she wanted to see Chinakai. It had been too long since they'd really spent time just the two of them. And her friend needed to meet Corax outside of the chaos of the hatching. She hoped they'd get along...Kendryl fully intended on keeping her promise to take Chinakai flying one day, on going together to see some of the world's hidden places.

And she had a thousand other things to tell her, from the fact that she was second of their practice wing to showing her her second elemite to just how wonderful it was to be a Keeper. And Kendryl wanted to hear how her Applicant lessons were going. She was hopeful that some day soon, she would be sitting and cheering as Chinakai received her own partner.

Corax sat patiently by his Keeper's side, waiting for the small Kodakai to arrive. He thought he ought to like her as Kendryl liked her...although she seemed to have a penchant for poorly thought out ideas. Well if she suggested any, Corax would simply have to persuade her out of them. If Kendryl cared for her, Corax should try to keep her safe.

That said- he was just as happy to not be living in this place himself. There were so many applicants, some sparring or running or doing GYMNASTICS. Utterly unsafe. Someone should do something about that. They were future Keepers who surely had yet-to-be-shelled dragons of their own who would want them kept safe and whole.
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Throwing the dead swarm at Master Scarlet was not one of Chinakai's better ideas. After taking care of the few scratches she got, she had to return and clean up the library, all the time listening to Master Scarlet lecture on why and importance of this lesson. Ok, she deserved that. She definitely overreacted. She would have to learn to better control her temper, or, it will get her into trouble.

Still, she was not happy she killed something. She had never killed anything in her life, at least, not knowingly. Truthfully, she did not have to strangle the little critter. That was another thing she had to work on, as well, her, somewhat, automatic use of steal-breath. That got her in trouble before.

She sighed as she headed to her room. She had though becoming a Applicant would help her fix all her problems and gain some freedom. It actually did the opposite. It showed her some of her deeper problems and now she had more responsibilities and duties then she had before. But, to balance it, she was more her own person and had matured more in these few months the in all of her life. Although, she, still, had a lot of maturing to do, as exampled by that incident in the library. She was not sure what she would become, but, she was sure she would be better because of it.

She was glad Kendryl got her dragon, although, she has not seen much of her lately nor the newly hatched dragon. One would, also, notice, she had slowed down some. Instead of running to everywhere, she was walking a lot. Oh, she still enjoyed running, but, did it outside the barracks.

When she entered her room, she was surprised to see Kendryl and her new dragon in there. What surprised her most was the dragon. Although, he was still small, an Applicant's room was not designed to fit them. I must have been a tight squeeze.

"Oh - hello Kendryl. You should have told me you were coming. I would have cleaned up the place."
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Kendryl shrugged and smiled, "Hey, no worse than my place. And I've seen your room before. It's not that bad."

Kendryl's foyer had become a magic practice space and as such was usually covered in scattered papers and scrawled notes and magic ingredients put away in no particular order. Her library wasn't much better. She tried to keep it clean because the mess bothered Corax who was convinced she was going to trip on something...But there were so many books to read and she HAD to keep them all accessible, even if it meant piling a few on the floor next to the couch...Really, the only neat place in the apartment was her and Corax's shared bedroom. Since that was Corax's space as well, Kendryl tried very hard to keep her books and notes and herbs outside it.

You should clean for yourself, not others. Life always seems better when one is organized, Corax suggested placidly, Kendryl and I have had this conversation many times. It's good to see you again, Chinakai. I am Corax, in case you have forgotten.

That was when Kendryl noticed Chinakai wasn't looking quite herself. She seemed almost too subdued. Her smile fading she asked, "What's wrong? Are you okay? If this is a bad time we can come back later...Or if you have a bad roommate we can move somewhere else for a little while?"

Kendryl's own roommate hadn't been the best. The Thayer female was gone now but that didn't mean there weren't other applicants who weren't the best people to share a small room with. Kendryl suspected Chinakai would fare better than she had laying down reasonable boundaries but...it was the sort of thing that could discourage one from running into a room with a smile.
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The crazy one (Deborah is just weird).
Oh the remark was rhetorical in nature. But, when you have two girls sharing the same room, especially, two as different as her and the Sigum that she shared her room with, there was bound to be some problems. Fortunately, they did respect the others property and area - well - most of the time. She as seen a blond hair in her brush and a pair of bloomers on her bed. Really, neither one were all that tidy, and it showed. Also, with their busy schedule, it was difficult to find time to clean the place. Kendryl was lucky, they had tidied up a little earlier, so, it was not as much of a mess. Still, they could do better, as Master Arc had mentioned on a few occasions.

Chinakai laughed, "You should have seen it earlier. Master Arc told us to clean up the place or we would be doing extra laps. Honestly, neither one of us are all that tidy. And, with our busy schedule, it is hard to really keep this place clean, although, we do try. And, yes, I do remember you. People's name tend to get lost in this," she tapped her head, "but I seem to do better with dragon's names. Glad to see you again. How are you and Kendryl doing?"

When Kendryl asked what was wrong, her smile faded some. Chinakai was not all that good in hiding her emotions. When she was happy, it showed, as well as, when she was not.

"I had a bad day today. Master Scarlet was showing us the enemey life sized images of what we would be facing. The Gray brough back some bad memories. But, that was not the worst. She had brought in a couple of live Swarm. Axios slaughtered one while the other attacked me. I grabbed it and squeezed the life out of it."

She sat down on the edge of her bed and sighed.

"I never killed anything before. I was not ready."

She looked up at Kendryl, with a hunted look.

"I know, as a Keeper, I will have to kill - I, just, was not ready."

She sighed again, "to make matters worst, I threw the corpse at Master Scarlet. I spent a good part of the day cleaning up the library all the time listening to her lecture on the merits of the lesson."
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We are very well indeed, Chinakai, the dragon answered. It seemed this was another biped not inclined towards tidiness. Corax could only hope that she found herself a draconic partner inclined to help. Living in the middle of a mess sounded so depressing. And dangerous. Keepers tripped and bruised so easily, without a dragon's scales to shield them, And that is good to hear that I have not been forgotten. If time is an issue, you are welcome to clean. Mayhaps we can even provide some assistance.

Kendryl chuckled at her dragon's words. She...wasn't much for organization and even if she had been..."I don't think that's a great idea, Corax. People tend to be particular about where they put their things. If we try to organize for them, they'll just have a harder time finding what they need."

She'd told her own mother that more times than she could recall, when a favorite book was placed on a too-high shelf or her box of crystals she couldn't yet use was stuffed under her bed.

All thoughts of such trivial annoyances was quickly forgotten as Kendryl heard what had happened. Chinakai had killed something? Because her instructors had forced her to?

Kendryl put an arm around her friend, giving her a gentle hug. She'd never killed either. For most of her life, she'd been incapable of such an act. Now...Now Kendryl was fairly sure she could kill someone with a single flick of her hand and a few words of power. But...she hoped she'd never have to. That peace would hold. That she'd never spill blood. To be ambushed with her first real fight in an ordinary lesson...She couldn't imagine.

"I'm sorry," she said simply, pushing down her own anger at the ones who had done this to her sweet, innocent friend, "That...that's not right. I know we're being trained as soldiers but...I never imagined they'd spring something on you like that. And then punish you for being rightly upset."

She wasn't sure what to do. Should she offer sympathy? A distraction? File an official complaint with...somebody? So she asked, "What do you need? If you want to complain to Master Arc...I'll go with you. If you want to sing terrible songs and stuff our faces with fruit cake, we can. And if you just need to cry...I'm here."

This really is ridiculous. Between the far too dangerous obstacle courses and releasing LIVE enemies on unarmed applicants...I think this Fort needs to recognize the importance of safety. Someone's going to get hurt!
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Chinakai grinned sheepishly at Corax's offer, "Thank you for the offer, but, there are two of us here. I would not dare clean her space and, hopefully, she does not do mine. With our schedules, we are, rarely, here at the same time." She picked up a few of her things and and put them in their place the straightened up the bedding - some.

Kendryl hug was appreciated greatly.She definitely needed a hug after that ordeal. She returned the hug. When Kendryl suggested going to Master Arc, she looked up with apprehension. No that would not be a good ides, she was, already, on his naughty list wit some of the other stunts she has done. But the following fruitcake suggestion, caused her to laugh. She could see the both of them singing off key like some drunken qwibuses filling up on fruitcake. Well, she would be off key. She could not hold a tune even if her life depended on it.

"Ah, thank you. I am OK, although, that fruitcake idea sounds interesting, depending on the fruitcake. I had some fruitcake that would make decent body armor."

She sighed again, "She did warn us to defend ourselves. And - when attacked, I tend to use steal-breath as a defence. Usually, I do not hurt them, just startle them long enough to get away. I held on this one too long and asphyxiated it. Later, I found out they had removed any harmful things from the Swarm, so, I was never really in any danger."

She shook her head, "I should have known something was up when I heard Master Scarlet was leading the class. From what I have heard of her, her lessons tend to be - unconventional."

Hearing Corax's rebuke, reminded her of some of the other mothers she had heard in the past. Maybe that is what Kendryl needed, someone that would lookout and protect her. She just hope Kendryl, did not get 'mothered' to death by him.

"My dear Corax, getting hurt is an occupational hazard for Keepers. The secret is learning how to avoid it when possible and to cope with it what it does happen. I do not think the Ternarium will pull any punches in battle. So, you might not want to be too protective of Kendryl. When she does get hurt and, regrettably, it will happen, she will need to know how to cope with it."
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'Leave it, Corax. A bit of mess has never killed anyone and had I gone through my roommate's belongings...it would not have ended well.'

'But...it's bothering me.'

'Why? You don't even live here.'

'Well...yes. But she's your friend. And she might trip. Or lose something,' Corax replied extremely seriously.

Kendryl shook her head indulgently and explained, "He seems to have decided to 'adopt' you since we're friends."

Yes, Kendryl's dragon was weird. But she liked him that way.

Kendryl smiled at Chinakai and said, "My mom made the best fruitcake. But there's a place in the residential district that isn't half bad and that I can promise won't break your teeth."

When Chinakai told her what had happened, she simply listened and nodded in understanding, "I understand. And...it makes sense as a first move. It's not your fault. You had to protect yourself." Chinakai was so small and while she was a better fighter than Kendryl...she was hardly at the level of someone like Axios or Seran, "And I hope this doesn't stop you from using it again. I wouldn't want you to get hurt because you're too afraid to fight back."

Kendryl tilted her head and asked, "Really? I've always liked Master Scarlet. She's so nice and always helps me find the best books...I wouldn't have espected something like this from her."

Master Scarlet was one of Kendryl's favorite masters and one of the few thayer that didn't intimidate her. It was hard to be afraid of anybody who was calm and kind and loved books as much as Kendryl did.

Corax snorted at Chinakai's argument, 'That's why she won't go into battle without me. I'll make her safe. Don't worry, Kendryl. You have nothing to be afraid of.

Kendryl patted her dragon and smiled, promising, "Don't go getting yourself hurt for me either. I'll protect you too. I'm not as helpless as I used to be, you know. I do have some decent attack spells...I think. Plus...I've been hurt in drills and spars enough by now to be used it."

It was the story of her Applicancy, after all.
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Chinakai smiled when Kendryl said Corax has adopted her, "Well, for him, I will attempt to keep it cleaner." That is when her eyes popped open and swung to a potted fern at the head of her bed, "I will so!" Her eyes narrowed, "what do you know. You are only a fern." She turned back to face Kendryl and Corax huffing.

"I think I told you about ferns. Male ferns are the worst. And nobody likes a smart-aleck fern!"

When Kendryl mentioned fruitcake, she lightened up and smiled, "Ok, a fruitcake date, but, do not ask me to sing. Not, unless you want to become sick to your stomach." Yes, she was really bad.

Chinakai sighed, "yes it was. I was never in any real danger." She did over react, and had a tendency to do that. Still she needed to be in better control of her steal-breath and use more of her other defences, as well as learn others as well.

"No, I will, probably, still use it, but with a little more discretion. And, hopefully, I will have other defences I could use."

Chinakai grinned, "so do I, as an librarian, she is the best. You can come to her with an obscure question and, usually, she know what you are looking for and can lead you to it. But, as a teacher she can be some what - unconventional. Still, we, probably, need that with all the strange things that is happening."

All she could do was to smile at the interaction between dragon and Keeper. She was pleasantly pleased and surprised that Kendryl was becoming a wee bit more assertive, in spite of - or was it - because of Corax? That, she would have to wait and see.

"So what is it like being a Cadet?" she was truly interested since, hopefully, she would be one by the end of the year.
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Kendryl giggled at the sight of Chinakai arguing with her fern, in exactly that tone she'd heard so many Keepers using as they gossiped with their dragons. It seemed Chinakai did have at least one friend in this room after all, "Well you must like him at least a little, to keep him around so much. Are plants good company?"

Her own magic did not allow her to talk to plants. She wasn't sure if such a thing was even possible with Sigum magic and while she was a little curious, she had enough other projects she doubted she'd get around to it any time soon. Maybe she'd ask a mage who specialized in that sort of thing...The Fort probably had one. They seemed to have practitioners of every form of magic Kendryl could even imagine.

I cannot talk to plants either, Corax said, as he felt the question stirring in the back of Kendryl's mind, But Chinakai...Do tell this one that it is your room and I wish only to help you. Not give him a reason to harrass you. Stress isn't healthy for a young mind...You SHOULD clean it though. Because you'll feel better if you do.

Kendryl grinned as Chinakai accepted her invitation, "Deal. And trust me- you can't be any worse than I am. Doesn't mean it's not still a good distraction so long as no strangers are there to listen."

She nodded sympathetically as Chinakai spoke of her regrets, "You didn't know you weren't in danger. How could you? You're not psychic. It's not your fault. I trust you. You'll figure out when it's appropriate or not. You've never been a fighter before. You just need time."

And deserved time to find her feet before being forced into a battle she was nowhere near ready for.

Kendryl frowned, "She is an excellent librarian but that doesn't make up for her hurting you. I don't think I can like her quite so much any more knowing she did that. Had she done anything like that so early in my applicancy..."

Kendryl shivered at the thought. Chinakai may not be a new applicant but many of them were. And had she been faced with a Ternarium, mere days after coming to the Fort, not yet knowing much magic and entirely unarmed...She couldn't imagine how terrified she would have been.

She did smile, however as she said, "Oh, it's wonderful. We still have a lot of training to do, but almost all of it is with our dragons. And nobody tries to make me sword fight any more. I get to do magic and watch Corax grow and someday, I'll be a Keeper. I'm not sure I'll ever be the best Keeper...But with Corax by my side, I don't think I'll be a bad one either. He wouldn't let me."

Her dragon nuzzled her affectionately, Of course I wouldn't. I don't think you could be a bad Keeper. You have a good heart and I love you. Which makes you the best Keeper I could imagine.
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Chinakai grinned at Kendryl's comment about her fern, "oh, he can be a real brat at times. But, he does keep an eye," she giggled at the thought, "on the room and tells me if we had visitor. Also, he helps me keep my sanity. If I could not talk to a plant every once in a while, I would go bonkers." She chuckled, "well that depends on the plant. Although oak trees are the most observant, ferns are a close second." She looked over to the fern and said, "you're welcome." Returning to Kendryl, "if you want to learn the history of a place, ask an old oak, their memories are extraordinary! They can tell you things, in excruciating detail, that happened centuries ago. Daffodils and tulips tend to be the most happiest. So, it really depends on what you want. I like all plants, including poisonous and prickly ones. Ironically, it is the poisonous and prickly ones warn you about them. I have never met a plant that likes to hurt others."

Chinakai just thew up her hands when Corax chided her again on cleaning her part of the room. "OK! OK, I will clean it up, but, not now. I mean, you of all people - um - beings, should know just how rude it would be for me to start cleaning up my area while I am entertaining guests." She winked at Kendryl, hoping this would end the cleaning-the-room debate. She, only, hoped the dragon she got was not as fastidious.

She was pleased they were going to have a fruitcake fest, but, her seeming desire to sing, brought an odd look to her face, "Ooookay. But, remember, I did warn you."

Chinakai sighed. It was one of those days, she wished did not happen and she could forget. Oh, in time it would pass, but, now she regretted her actions, including, throwing the dead Swarm at Keeper Scarlet.

"True, but, I should have figured it out. There were other ways I could have handled it, such as, catching it in a beaker and pinning that to a table."

She flinched when Kendryl mentioned she did not like Keeper Scarlet as much, "Please do not do that. Everybody makes mistakes. What she did, did not hurt me. I did it to myself. She did what she thought was best for us. Think about it, she is a librarian and not an instructor of battle. Just how well would you do if you were assigned to teach something - like had-to-hand combat? Everyone deserves a second chance."

She saw what was in Kendryl's face and truly hoped she did not damage Kendryl's relationship with Keeper Scarlet. If so, she would have to make it right.

She could see Kendryl was enjoying her time as a Cadet. Learning all sorts of new things with her new friend and companion.

At Kendryl self doubt she chuckled, "my dear Kendryl, you will be the finest Keeper you could be and as good a Keeper as anyone else."

She smiled at Corax's remark, agreeing herself, "Corax, I believe all dragons feel that way about their Keepers."
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