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• 21st Hatching: May 25th
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Dracadia Season: Spring 316AT
Applicant Group 21
Lesson 6 ~ Hatching Etiquette
Hatching: May 25th

Cadet Group 20
Lesson 4 ~ Ability Training
Next Lesson: May 14th

Cadet Group 21
Lesson 1 ~ Extended Bonding
First Lesson: May 28th
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Applicant Group 20 ~ Lesson 3; More Teams?
Topic Started: Dec 25 2017, 08:47 PM (67 Views)
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All my friends are heathens take it slow....Wait for them to ask you who you know......
Lesson Three: Working It

It was cold outside and the conditions were not the best for anything right now. Which of course made it perfect to do what he was about to make them do what he was looking to make them do. These kids needed to learn more about being a team and a few were rather resistant to the idea. He would learn them wither they wanted it or not at this point. He had a plan that would force them into this way of mind one way or another. Sure a few would go in kicking and screaming but he was sure it would work in the end.

As the kids join him outside in the snow that had fallen acrossed the training grounds mounds of snow was piled in haphazard bunches around put there by the younger dragons during their training first thing this morning. It was an hour to lunch right now, the Applicants would have just finished morning chores or morning side lessons either way they were his till he was done with them which was fine with him. He planned on working them and then some today. Looking at the group he clasps his hands, giving them a few more minutes to gather and get situated in their normal ‘groups of friends’ as they went.

“Good afternoon Applicants. Today’s lesson is a race of sorts. The objective is to be the first to complete your given tasks. Simple enough yes?” He looked at a few of them, he could already spot the smirks on their faces, especially the ones who felt they could do this alone, that they could carry any team without a problem. Here was where he would throw in the catch that would anger those Applicants. “The catch is EACH Applicant HAS to take turns at doing each task.” He could see the wheels turning and a few who were automatically denying that fact in their minds. He would wait a moment before adding more to it.

“So what are the task. Simple really.” He motions to the grounds “You will split into groups of four. Each group is to grab a bucket to my left. Each bucket has the EXACT same items in it; a small hand trowel, a small hoe, a small garden rake, and a cup. Why do you need these items? Simple. You need to dig through ALL these mounds of snow WITH YOUR TEAM to find a BUCKET full tree nuts. The first team to complete this task wins two things. Warm lunch and a surprise at the end of this day. HOW you choose to work as a team is up to you but be warned now. For every minute I see one person deciding to just ‘do it themselves because they are better than everyone else and can handle it’ I will take one nut out of your bucket and force your team back to digging.”

He claps his hands as the cold wind blows some of the snow at them “Get moving kids, your team’s bucket isn’t filling up itself.” He stands there to wait now, watching the Applicants. This could be a very very cold lesson, if they didn’t get their acts together right away!

((OOC: Sorry for lateness but I wanted a good lesson! Anyways welcome to our next session of what will Arc do to you guys now. Feel free to work together if you want to, have fun with this one! Their reward if they are first is a cake for dessert that evening made out of the nuts they unburied.))
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Axios- Open

Axios was not happy. Another dumb exercise- seemingly geared solely towards forcing him to work with peons who were unworthy of his glory on a task that was unworthy of his energies. Somehow, Applicancy version 2 managed to be even less fun than the original incarnation. Possibly because he no longer even cared about achieving victory and was merely waiting for an opportunity for violence. Which fewer and fewer lessons seemed inclined to offer him.

He waited for partners to come to him. They were all incompetent. Weaker, slower, less skilled versions of himself. At least the last class had offered him Seran and Arith. The boy might have been annoying unright- but at least they were worthy competition. Worthy competition he should still be with as they raised their dragons in strength and valor. Instead, he was here alone surrounded by qwibuss and cowards.

"Any who seek victory may join me," he offered with a boom. Because even when Axios cared little for whatever piddling prize was on offer...He didn't fail. It would take minimal effort to triumph in this contest barely worthy of the name. Provided the others didn't get in his way. And Arc didn't punish him for simply being more competent than everyone else and not needing their so-called aid. Sometimes, his life was so unfairly difficult. It wasn't his fault he was the best. He'd just been born that way.
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The crazy one (Deborah is just weird).
It was cold outside, so, Chinakai bundled up to keep warm, since the lesson was going to be in the training grounds. When she got there, she found mounds of snow - Snowmen! She was smiling at the idea, until Master Arc told them what really was going to happen. Her smile faded when she realized it was another team lesson and, probably with Axios. This one sounded a little more interesting. The had to find nuts, probably, buried in the mounds, and fill their bucket.

That is when Axios spoke up and offered to lead those who wanted to be victorious. She rolled her eyes, what an ego. But, the problem was, he was, most likely, correct. Although, she really did not like him, buried under all that ego was a potential leader. If he could shed all that ego, he could make a fairly good leader, maybe a decent wing second. Of course, she would never tell him that. That would like throwing kerosene on a fire. His ego was bad enough already.

Oh well, fate or Dark (she was not sure who was pulling the strings here) will, most likely, pair her up with him. Well, better get it over with. Walking up to Axios, she saluted and grinned, "Ok, boss, what do you want me to do?"

She sounded corny, but, did it really matter. No matter what she does, it will, most likely, end up as a disaster.
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Axios- tag Chinakai

Chinakai again had found her way to him. He didn't mind her as much as some of the others. She'd been there with him- before. She had lied in order to be in his first class, true, but...At least he knew who she was. All these new faces blurred together in his head.

He, being a clever Mesai, had a plan for how to proceed in this lesson with minimal pain. APPEARING to work together without actually allowing anyone to slow him down. So he offered her the implements and said, "We shall divide out area into quadrants and each search our own. Whoever finishes will assist the others."

Which would surely be him.

"We'll put the tools in the middle, each using one at a time. You may have first choice. It matters not to me which I wield. I need little but my strength and wits to assure victory."

He could dig through the snow with his bare hands and still defeat all at this simple task.

At least she hadn't tried to take the lead. The day he followed orders from a tiny Kodakai would be a day he brought shame to all the warriors of his village. Not that he was bringing the Firebird tribe any great pride now. This was a task for a glorified gardener. Not a skilled warrior.
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