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Cadet Group 19 ~ Lesson 3; First Flights
Topic Started: Jan 4 2018, 05:20 PM (83 Views)
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Lesson 3 ~ Solo Flights
Dragon Age: 4 Months
Size: 30% Growth

Months of preparation had been leading the Whelps and Cadets for this moment. They had worked on strengthening muscles that rapidly grew, forcing young bodies to conform and grow so that everything would be perfect. Flight, was not an easy feat to accomplish for even those borne with gifted appendages needed the help to grow them right. For days, possibly weeks now, dragons of the three species had been anxiously stretching out wings and watching clouds with dire need to fly. Instincts told them it was time to rise in the skies and claim what was rightfully theirs.

Lucias called his Cadets to gather on the training grounds outside of the fort on the first day of spring. He wanted plenty of space for all the dragons to really spread their wings and own the skies today. It was just after lunch time, when bellies would be full and there could be no complaints from his Cadets for need of sustenance, not to mention draconic stomachs would be laced with nutrients that would help them. Full enough though, that they would not be able to fly for long which was something they didn't actually want. Wings weren't strong enough yet to hold them up for long and a forced break was just what they needed.

"Greetings Cadets and good afternoon. Do not let full stomachs and rested bodies distract you, all of you will need to be most attentive today. Keep your minds and eyes sharp Cadets because today, your dragons will fly. It will not be pretty, and it will not be graceful but they will rise in the air and experience a taste of what is to come. By now all of you may have noticed the urges in your young dragon to spread wings, some of you may have already experienced young dragons trying to leap off ledges - in particular you handing Lizardlings." he announced, lacing his hands behind his back.

The Master continued. "They may not get very high in their first attempt, a good ten or fifteen feet off the ground at this age is an accomplishment so do not feel like something is wrong if they can't go high...or last very long. These young dragons are just now developing proper muscles and growing into their forms. Be patient with them and encourage them the best you can." he explained. "Spread out with a good ten to fifteen feet between all of you so that there is room for falter and wings will not be clashing with wings. The bigger breeds are going to need a good running start for now to get lift off and as they get bigger they will need less running space. Lizardlings, they need a good spring to get airborne and as odd as this sounds, give 'em a good toss up and instincts will kick in. Everyone got it? Wonderful, let's begin." chimed the Cadet Master.

((Whose excited about flying?! I know I am. Remember everyone, these are solo flights. Meaning that no one will be riding a dragon during this lesson because dragons are way to small for that just yet. There is no order to who goes first or last, so just post when you want and have fun with it. You can have your dragon do very well or very poor it's first time in the air. All we ask is that you do not severely injure your dragon unless you PM the staff and ask for permission first.))
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Kendryl was all but bouncing on her feet as they waited for their turn. Today was going to be the day! Corax was going to FLY. And someday, she'd fly with him. It would be even better than her levitation spells, that took focus and did let her go as fast or as high. And definitely better than riding somebody else's dragon. Because she was going to be riding Corax. And everything was better when he was with her.

Are you ready? she asked as she ran a soothing hand down his spine, Don't worry if you don't get it right away. I'll still love you and you'll still be my favorite dragon, even if it takes months. And let me know if you need any help! I have a GREAT anti-falling spell.

Corax glanced over at Kendryl and shrugged. He would fly. Of course he would. And neither spell nor months of waiting would be needed, he was sure. He was healthy, of the proper size and as intelligent as any other. If every dragon learned to fly, he was sure he would too, I believe I'm the one usually giving YOU these talks.

A faint blush spread across Kendryl's cheeks. It was true. She was usually the one who fell over herself to apologize when she tripped or dropped something or lost ANOTHER footrace. But why shouldn't Corax get support too? Love and encouragement OUGHT to go both ways.

Corax gave a caw of laugher, Because I already know all of this. Now stand back. I will become good at this. However long it takes.

Because someday, he would be carrying Kendryl. She would most certainly NOT be riding another dragon. They could drop her. Or fail to protect her. Or make her sad. No, no other dragon could be trusted with his delicate Keeper. And he would become a skilled, steady flier so he wouldn't drop her or make her motion-sick either.

He backed up and took off with a sprint, careful to let his wings nowhere near Kendryl. She was small enough to be easily knocked over and hurt and that would put a damper on this whole flying thing...He should also after this go check on the rest of their practice squad, see how their own flights had gone...

Oh! Right! He was supposed to be flying. He should probably do that now...

With his best leap, he spread his wings and caught the air for the very first time. And all thoughts of his classmate and even Kendryl were forgotten as he climbed as he could go before gliding to the ground, landing with only a bit of a stumble. Oh...he LIKED this.

Kendryl cheered from where she was watching, "Go, Corax! That was great!"

It was, wasn't it? he asked, feeling rather pleased with himself, I think I'll go again, if it's permitted.

"You go, Corax! Just be careful not strain your wings..."

I'm always careful, he promised, even as he ran to hurl himself skywards once more.
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It was the beginning of spring and both Matika and Cidiosis were feeling it. She had grown so much she could not fit through the doorway between the den and apartment, although, she did poke her head in to take a look at times. A few time she sneaked up to where Corax when he was not there and leaped off his ledge, usually, with bad results. One time she, almost, landed on Matika. That was the last time she ever did that.

When they reached the bulletin board where the lessons were posted, Matika let out an very uncharacteristic squee! Cidiosis was going to fly for real! Cidiosis looked at her, for, she has never seen her's so excited.

"Cidiosis, your are going to fly!"

Cidiosis huffed, 'of course I am.'

"I mean today! It is flying lesson!"

Now even Cidiosis was excited. She was finally going to show everyone what she could do. The headed out to the training grounds with the other cadets and their dragons. The stood in anticipation as Master Arc told them what to do. Finally he was done, they were worried he would never finish. Finding a stretch far enough away from the others, Cidiosis readied herself for her run and jump. The both noticed a Kodakai lad standing near the edge of the area, watching.

"You do not have to go high or far for now."

'I will do good, watch me.'

Cidiosis started her run and was about to make her jump when something tripped her. She went head over tail in a tumble. Getting up and shaking herself off she headed to the offending area, as did Matika. The both looked over the place finding nothing, but, they both heard the Kodakai snickering. Heading back to the starting place she started another run, only to be tripped up again. Only, this time she saw the offender, a root popped up out of the ground and tripped her. Fortunately, she had prepared herself, so, the tumble was not as bad as the first one. Matika, having been around Kodakai, knew what they can do. So, when Cidiosis told her what had happened, she had a pretty good idea who the culprit was. She headed over to the snickering Kodakai fists planted on hips. Soon an equally irate Cidiosis joined her. Sensing someone nearby, he looked up to see one irate Sigum and Wyvern glaring at him. He raised his hands and backed up some, "I was just having some fun."

Matika blinked incredulously, "some fun?! You could have hurt her! Did you ever think of that?"

"Hurt her? I would never do that."

Now it was Cidiosis turn, 'Do it again - I thump you!' To press her point she brought her tail up in a threatening manor. The Kodakai took another step backwards still with his hands in the air, "no more pranks, promise."

Both Matika and Cidiosis gave him the evil-eye, before returning to the starting place. Cidiosis started again for the third time, only, this time she got off the ground. It was not pretty, high or far, but, it was all hers. Landing with a bit of a tumble, she got up and did a little victory dance, 'I did it! I did it!'

Matika grinning from ear to ear replied, "That you did!"

Cidiosis took another flying leap. This one was not as high or long, but, she did land better.
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Arith and Caprevide

Gathering at today's lesson was as exciting for her as all of them before now had been. Each day brought new levels for the pair, unlocking new skills and training to be better...and not just better but the best! This was unlike anything she had trained for before in her life because some of her classmates were excelling quickly and it was not because they were an awakened psion and had an edge, or was not because they were already warriors with seasoned battle experience. It was because they were connecting more quickly to the dragon they had bonded to and were simply better Keepers, in her mind anyways. Arith was battling to come neck and neck with them and it was exhilarating.

She tossed her twin a smirk as she and her young wyvern joined the ranks of other Cadets and stood before the Cadet Master as he talked to them about today's new training. Flight. Goosebumps flashed on her flesh at the very idea of it. Sure she was not going to be flying with him yet, but it was one step closer to her flying for the first time. Really flying.

It seemed that little Caprevide who was not as little as he used to be, was equally excited and he wiggled his tail and stinger behind him like a puppy who was about to get a treat. Flying? Can fly now?! Gonna fly! he squealed to his bonded and bounced up and down, nearly knocking Arith over.

The young woman laughed and stepped out of his way "Hey now, watch that tail of yours Cappy!" she remarked, trying to gently correct his actions. Arith definately did not want to get smacked by that stinger!

Caprevide warbled and nudged his head into her leg Sorry, sorry! But want to fly now? Can do it right? Can fly...gonna fly!

Of course by now, Lucias had barely finished explaining how today's lesson was going to go before the wyvern was ready and raring to go. Arith had to keep him reined in until they were spread out enough to give wing space and possible crashing space before she let his hand off his back. "Alright, have at it Caprevide. Be careful and remember to watch how high you get." she warned.

No more help was needed from his girl as the pale toned wyvern took off at an awkward gallop to give himself some speed before he lept into the air and snapped his delicate wing sails open and caught the first breeze! Caprevide launched himself quite high into the air and sailed a good distance. Being light weight and agile provided Caprevide with a possible booster for staying aloft as long as he could (a few seconds longer than the other Wyvern in his class) it wasn't much but it was enough for him to feel all accomplished! He bellowed gleefully as he came down towards the ground and he was not going to land gracefully.

Arith frowned and rushed towards where he was going to touch down like a rock. "Fack!" she yelled as she got there a second too late and watched him crumple into the earth and lay in a heap that was unmoving. Her heart nearly stopped as she dropped to her knees and skidded to a stop before him "Caprevide..are you alright?" she asked, her voice shaking with emotion. She didn't know she could be so worried, like a mother hen fussing over her chick.

A moment of silence...

Finally, he lifted his head and looked to her with big doeful eyes Again again!

Arith groaned and playfully slapped his flank. "You made me worry! Work on that landing alright...stay focused." she chidded the Wyvern who...could care less he was being snapped at, he just wanted to get back in the air.
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Seran and Morlaoch

Today’s lesson was a bit one. One he was sure would be a learning experience for himself as well as his wyvern as they followed the group outside. He could feel that while Morlaoch was excited to fly he was also, distracted a bit. Something had him thinking and Seran was not sure he wanted to know what. He could only hope that whatever it was could wait till AFTER the lesson because he was not looking forward to having to contain any outburst he might suddenly have. Some of the things his darling wyvern had come out with lately were down right embarrassing!

Once out on the field where they would be working though Seran did his best to listen to Master Lucias as he called on them to be attentive and pay attention to how their young ones were doing. Which was hard to do since it seemed his wyvern dead set on distracting the hell out of him. He sighs and pushes the wyvern mentally a moment, trying to snap his mind back onto the task at hand, sadly to no avail. What had his partner so distracted today? He had to figure it out before he tried flying, else it might end in disaster for both of them.

Cidiosis is pretty. And flys good. I should fly good too. the large wyvern says this with a rumble letting the others finish before he stretches his wings out and yawns. After a moment he takes a running start before Seran could say anything, leaping into the air easily for his size. Seran blinks some but watches as the wyvern stretches his wings out and manages to catch his fall after getting ten feet into the air. Of course his landing was rough as he stumbles and nearly faceplants.

Seran trots over to him and kneels, checking him over You alright buddy? he asks his wyvern as Morlaoch snorts shaking the dirt from his body. I will do this again. I will do better. I will show Cidiosis I am good.

Seran sighs “Just…don’t over do it big guy” even as the wyvern takes off for another try. He had a feeling this was going to be a long day…..
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Can do it just fine

You're sure?

Always sure!

Well okay then, get to it, Bane told the wyvern beside him. He'd known this day was coming but he hadn't imagined it would be so quick. Or at least what felt so quick. Kota was ready for some flight, he was much bigger than he had been at hatching but Bane couldn't help but feel slightly apprehensive at the thought of Kota flying. What if something happened and he hurt himself? A tear in the wing or an injured bone could put him down for some time. Bane ran every possible scenario through his head that could happen to Kota and none of them were good. Will be fine. Am strong and hardy and big. Flying is no problem the wyvern told his bonded with as much happiness and reassurance as was possible, Was born for this!

The wyvern wasn't wrong. He'd been born to do exactly what he was going to do today. What was a dragon who didn't fly? Bane had never heard of it before. "Alright, alright," he chuckled at the upbeat tone his wyvern had laced his words with, "Get to it then. I won't hold you back any longer." He could feel the utter excitement that filled Kota at the acceptance and permission. His quick movement forward was awkward, Kota did not have the same forelimbs that a dragon did, instead the wyvern ran in a rocking motion on the toes of his wing tips before snapping them out as he leaped up with powerful hind legs. It was a rough flight, the wyvern was able to get himself up about ten feet off the ground and could only maintain that height for a few feet but he was flying. The landing was just as awkward and Bane ran forward as the wyvern came to the ground in a gangly heap of wings and legs.

"Kota!" Bane shouted as he came to a sliding stop in front of him, "Kota are you alright?!"

Was the best! the wyvern shouted in his mind with such elation that Bane could feel any fear leak away as he joined the wyvern in his happiness.
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