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A visit to the Red Room; Open
Topic Started: Jan 6 2018, 01:43 AM (67 Views)
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The crazy one (Deborah is just weird).
It started out with Ysazail getting small painful welts all over her body. Once it was determined she had Scale Rot, Gnash was checked out as well and was confirmed he had it as well. Everything in the den was taken out and burned, including Yaszail's bug collection she had for Yvette, which did tick her off. They were quarantine to tents near the fort.

Everyday, Deborah was there helping in any way she could. She felt sorry for Gnash because of all the baths he had to endure, but, after explaining it was either that or the horrible itch and pain, he chose the baths. Yaz, on the other hand, was enjoying all the attention - well - as best she could under the situation.

That all changed when Deborah felt a little nauseous and noticed red splotches on her arm. She now joined her dragons in isolation, except in the Red Room. She now had the Red Burn. She was stripped and wrapped in bandages with an ointment to help soothe the itching. But, that was all they could do, since there was no cure for the disease.

Her whole body hurt from head to toe. Unable to keep much down, she was miserable. What made it worst was the misery she could feel in her two best friends and the helplessness she felt being unable to do anything to help them.

Kyrea to the rescue

Kyrea and Kell stepped off the boat on to a place that might be her home for a while. According to the old Mesai, this was the island where that place was. So, the first thing she did was to ask around to see if anybody had heard of such a place. Unfortunately, no one did, not even the Fort Assistant. Oh, well, she was beginning to believe this place did not exists. She was sent on a wild goose chase. But, it did help her find a purpose for her life and many friends she would not have met if she had not gone on this trip, so, it was a good thing. Maybe that was the purpose of it in the first place. That was something she, probably, would never know.

Well, now she was here and down to her last gold, she had better find a job and a place to stay. While she was with the Assistant Arion, she offered her services as a healer. She had letters from other forts she had served while on her pilgrimage. She had never found a fort that could not use additional help, especially of the medical profession, there never seem to be enough.

He sent her down to see Master Healer Aether. When she got there, she found Aether and introduced herself, showing her the letters. Satisfied she knew her business, Aether handed her the file on the newest patient to the infirmary, a Keeper Deborah with Red Burn. She was, also, informed that her dragons were in isolation with Scale Rot, which meant, this Deborah was more than miserable.

Under the watchful gaze of Aether she put on gloves and a mask just to be safe and entered the Red Room. She suspected she would be under that gaze for a week or two until Aether was convinced she really did know what she was doing. She was, also, glad Kell was not around, it would be difficult explaining a Slink, to those that had not seen one.
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Mari sat besides her fellow winglead. It took all the discipline her fever mind retained to keep from scratching at the red patches that had spread from her right pinky to her entire body. Discipline and the thought that the more she scratched, the more likely she was to be left with unsightly scars. Vain it might be- but Mari was very proud of her smooth golden skin and had no wish to mar it in search of temporary relief.

So when it got too much, she occasionally summoned cool water from the air, to lower her fever and ease the itch for a moment. That much remained within her power, even in her weakened state. She might not be the greatest mage of her generation, but she was still a Thayer of some talent. Certainly enough to manage a few tricks.

I hate this," she said seriously to Deborah as she offered her a floating ball of cool water, "How long have you been in here?"

Sadly, her own infection was still in its early stages. Which meant it would get worse before it got better.

"And do you know if there are any books around here?" Mari asked. Because at least having something to read would take her mind off things and make the time past faster. It was what she would have suggested to a friend or wingmate in her current situation.
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The crazy one (Deborah is just weird).
Deborah was still groggy from a fitful sleep, when she heard a voice. As much as they tried to keep it from her, she could feel their suffering as they could feel hers. What made it worst was, she could do nothing about it. Oh, she knew they were getting the beat treatment possible as was her, but, that did not help much.

She tried to focus on the voice and to wake up. It did not sound like the nurse that had been taking care of her for the past day. Which, also, irked her, she has never been this helpless. Fortunately for the both of them Dee has not reared up her ugly head.

Cracking open a bleary eye she saw a Thayer sitting besides her. Finally getting them to focus, she recognized her as being with the group sent to the northern lands. Although, her name eluded her, (which was not surprising, names has always been a problem with her, but, with the fever, even more so) see seemed to remember she had a Lizardling with her.

She accepted a drink from the cool ball of water before croaking out, "so, it got you as well. Welcome to the Red Room of suffering." She chuckled a little, "appropriate name for this sickness." She hoped a little levity might help. "How is - your Lizardling? Although, I believe it has only been a day, it feels like a month."

Books? Actually, that might not be a bad idea. She was reading a work from a previous wing-mate that was pretty good fiction and would like to continue with it. "You might ask the nurse if she could get you some from the library."

Kyrea meets a new one

Kyrea started her second day at the infirmary, by getting ready for the Red Room. This time she had brought Kell with her. Kell could be a bit of a clown at times and a little bit of levity might raise Deborah's spirits.

She was, also, lucky to find a cheep place in the residential district. It was not much, but, it would be home for a while. Now to add a few items to make it a little more homey.

As she got dressed gown, gloves and mask, she was handed another file. It seems she had another patient to deal with, a Keeper Mari, also with Red Burn.

Waiting for her was a cart with a couple jars of that ointment, several rolls of bandages and two bowl of the most blandest soup in existence. It took them several attempts until they made something that Deborah could keep down, most of the time. Water had a better taste, but, it had all the nutrients needed.

Pushing the cart into the room, she cleared her throat and said in that soft sing-songy voice of hers, "good afternoon ladies. For the one who doesn't know me, I am Kyrea Fullmoon and this," pointing to the metallic pink slink on he shoulder, who was looking around, "is Kell, my slink. She will be accompanying me on my rounds." Ever since she found a nest of Kell's slithers in her cupboard, Kell has been a 'she'. It did sound better than 'it'.

"First things first, Mari..." She pointed to a bed on the other side of the room. "also, disrobe." She handed her a gown.

Turning to Deborah, she help put her bed in a more upright position, placed a small folding table across her lap and placed a cooled bowl of soup on it with a spoon. She noticed Deborah's wrinkled nose, "I know, I did taste it. Water has a better flavor, but, you need all the nutrients we can get into you to help fight off the sickness. After that we will redo the wrappings"

She let Deborah take her time with the soup while she dealt with Mari, "Before you get dressed, we need to wrap you in ointment and bandages. It will help alleviate some of the symptoms and stave off any opportunistic bug trying to make your life more miserable."
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