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What's In a Character?

Posted by Dark Lord Bunbury (Co-Admin) at Mar 24 2015, 04:54 PM. 0 comments

Ponder the question: What makes the measure of a man?

Some would say that one's home dictates who you are. That the actions of one's countrymen, the reputations of one's mother nation, the climate and customs of one's environment, are the greatest measuring stick that can be provided. All creatures are shaped by the world they live in, as it goes, and they will invariably grow to reflect it. Certainly, as we look upon Arwel, it is true: One's nation will heavily shape the journey ahead. But it is not the only measure of a man. Perhaps we should look closer.

Some would say that one's profession reflects one's inner self, casting as a mirror the desires, fears, victories, and failures that one cherishes, though not always in the expected fashion. Certainly, as we look upon Arwel, it is true: There are many roles its people play, even in the slim context of war and conquest we observe. Look below, if you would see your lives laid bare before our eyes.

Ending Revelation Class List

We feel your confusion. All will be explained in time. All you must know now is that even in this exhaustive list, we cannot find the sole measure of a man. Perhaps we have gone too deep. Perhaps we must move beyond the individual, or even the world. Perhaps we must aim higher.

Some would say that all are both nursed and cursed, both led and fled, by patrons unseen to mortal eyes in generations. Beings that dwell both beyond and within the struggles of this small, fragile world, prodding and molding it in fragments on scales beyond comprehension. Two Patrons you have known in Martyr Wing and Prodigal Horn, and ten more will be known before Arwel's time has passed. Perhaps here is the true measure of a man, in the patron with which one might find Affinity. Perhaps one's fate is predetermined by the hand one is born into, and little else matters for mortal minds.

Or perhaps not. Perhaps the measure of a man is something more. Something beyond measurement. Perhaps the measure of a man lies with you.

In all our labors towards this world, wee have found two constants: All are born, and all must die. But what happens in-between lies with you. Do try to make it interesting. This is the last generation of Arwel, after all.

We will make sure of that.


The Ending Revelation Staff Team is proud to bring you the above sneak peak at the Class, Country, and Affinity aspects of our character creation system. More details regarding this system will be coming in the future. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to a staff member. The Beginning of the End of Arwel draws closer, and we're excited to see how you usher it in.

~ER Staff


Posted by Un-Persona (Admin) at Jan 2 2015, 09:24 PM. 0 comments

At once life was born to Arwel by the Celestial, and the rest was for afterwards, to be written by biased and secrets. For this, the races of mankind sometimes find more comfort in the tales of the ancient and forgotten. But one can often forget that those in the legends had no history written down, their forefathers merely forerunners to our own. In time, that's true for all, so we must make haste, listener. For we are about to embark on a soon to be missing legend, and see how we came to be as we are now.

It begins as such...

Mythos #1: Forethought

Arwel had, before the time of humanity's creation, become the border between the inner workings of the holy body and it's disparaging and deserted brethren. It was a small habitat, compared to the above and below, but that was no matter. It's purpose was served justly, and devils and angels would gather for the odd meeting of civility. More so then the underworld and even the heavens, Arwel was a place of peace. The skies and earth changed color, and this was always a change for all involved. Sadness came though when Arwel became unhealthy, uncared for. None at the time knew how to care for their living space, merely having everything set by the powers that be.

When Arwel came over encumbered by it's own mass and land, hellish beings created deers and buffalo to clip and feast on Arwel. When Arwel began to thin and starve, the holy bodies created wolves and bears to prey on the world-eaters, and the land became healthy once again. Balance had been created for this place, an element of life these beings knew good and well. It was this though, that caused mankind to be made. Time on Arwel became stagnant. It would grow, it would fall, but always to the same heights and and to the same depths. The eldritch and ethereal became bored.

They required an upward scale. Beings that would not upset the balance, but change what the balance was and what it's range was as well. So they created something in their likeness to proper scale, and gave them urgency and agency as gifts to make Arwel as we see it now. Through no real power, the first of us did more then we ever could. Flowers bloomed and the grass became greener, and the world had grown big and strong. Everything was as intended.

So, for a time, humanity shared Arwel with the holy and unholy alike. What was new to one was common for the other. Humanity was comfortable with what they had done, but wished for something more. So as they worked, they watched the other beings use their powers mundanely through the matters of their own will. The word wasn't spread, but the feeling was known to all. Humanity had become bored.

The humans went to the angels and devils in search of power. They sent two with lies and hidden weapons to a devil, and one with forthright and honesty to an angel. The devil, amused by the deceit attempted, agreed to discuss with his kin about the matter. The angel, on the other hand, appreciated the forwardness, but knew that their familiars would never grant such a gift, and declined.

Within seconds, thanks to a penchant for eavesdropping, the devil returned and said that humanity would be bestowed with new magic. Not quite what the devils used, but something humanity could call their own. Within a fortnight, all the preparations would have to be made, and a great gathering would take place. The message went as fast as a wildfire, and the people of Arwel were well aware by the day's end. Needless to say, so were the angels.

On that night, with the anticipation of change festering in man, some still stayed inside their home out of fear, not knowing if the devils really could be trusted, or if the angels' wrath would be ensured. Nevertheless, that chance to go up in life was too brisk, and they knew that. Large numbers of people all across Arwel knelt on to the ground, and the devils appeared before them, brandishing daggers.

Unable to move, the humans were given two options: To lean their head forward, or display their forearms outward. When their choices were made, the devils wasted drawing blood, carving sharp jagged lines into forearms and a small neat circle into foreheads. For future generations, this would be shown as the blue bolts on incantation users and the violet circle on psychics.

Far away, the angel scrounged those who had wished to message them instead of the devils, and had thanked those for swaying away from the devils' temptation. They looked last one time towards the sky, and said they would give the people their own power, regardless of what their peers thought. They expanded their six wings and told the people to pluck one feather and swallow it. This went on till the wings were barely covered piles of skin. As the feathers were swallowed, the insides of the people flipped, to where the hearts laid stronger on the right.

As these rituals were completed, the higher authorities shook Arwel in a worldly quake, the devils grasped by hands from the bowels of the planet, and the angels thrown back into the vacuum of the sky. The one angel who had let their feathers be eaten was set aflame in a pitch black fire, and threw themselves into the ocean, where they were then turned to stone, and sunk into the darkness of the ocean.

Now, humanity was left alone on their home, with their unknown powers...and so ends this chapter, listener, but more will come, as you know.


ER Teaser

Posted by Un-Persona (Admin) at Nov 15 2014, 12:35 PM. 0 comments


Please Welcome...

Posted by Un-Persona (Admin) at Sep 7 2014, 06:18 PM. 0 comments

Dark Lord Bunbury, as another Admin on the staff team. Give your congrats here. Anybody else still working on the application, don't get scared now. All this means is you'll have another person judging your test.

Staff Apps

Posted by Un-Persona (Admin) at Aug 23 2014, 03:47 PM. 5 comments

Hey handlers. Running a board by yourself, even a small one in the early stages, can be pretty difficult.. I knew this going in, and since I feel we have enough members now, it's about time I started hiring more staff members. Since E.R. is so young, there will be no requirements for anybody to apply, nor will there be any reason you are specifically barred from signing up.

Now, look at the application code below:

App Code

If you are interested in becoming a staff member, copy and paste that form exactly, fill it out and then PM it to me. You have two weeks (Deadline is September 6th) if you wish to apply, and likewise, please wait at most two weeks for me to evaluate all the applications and then begin the next stage of testing.

Remember, keep this hush-hush and conventional. That means not sharing answers, not trying to butter me up, and not slinging mud at other handlers to boost your chances. Any signs of this will definitely hamper any chance you have of becoming a staff member.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to post below or PM me.


Posted by Un-Persona (Admin) at Aug 10 2014, 08:02 PM. 0 comments

Hey there, folks.

If you're looking at this, you're probably wondering where the hell you are. Ending Revelation is a "high fantasy, collaborative writing" board that's still very much in the idea phase and early planning period, and it might be quite a while before it's kicked off. However, I'll be working on this shindig whenever I get the time to.

Whether you were invited here, introduced by a friend of yours, or just so happened to stumble upon this little place randomly, feel free to stick around while I get this place running properly. Should you have any questions, by all means, ask. Right now it's just me, but in the future, look for the guys with the bold names to sate your curiosity.

Till ER is at full speed, do make yourself comfy and browse around.

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