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Kumquat Kid
Topic Started: May 9 2013, 09:05 PM (956 Views)
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Username: AeolusWrath
Wrestler Name: The Kumquat Kid
Alias/Nicknames: KK, The Citrus Prince
Real Name: Ryan Lewis
Gimmick: an underdog high flyer with a goofy, childish demeanor and a great fighting spirit.
Wrestling Style: High Flyer
Hometown: Dade City, FL (Home of the annual Kumquat Festival)
Photobase: Brian Kendrick
Alignment: Face
D.O.B: 5/5/81
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200lbs.

MoveSet: Signature Moves:1)VIVA LA KUMQUAT!(Tree of woe, followed by announcing the move and a running dropkick to the groin or stomach) 2)Rolling Kumquats (Rolling Thunder senton) 3)Natural Preservatives (Houston Hangover flipping legdrop)

Basic Moves: 1) spinning heel kick 2) flying headscissors 3) hurricanrana, 4) super kick 5) dropkick 6) running one handed bulldog 7) back suplex 8) boston crab 9) Mexican surfboard 10) missile drop kick 11) tornado DDT 12) standing moonsault splash 13) flipping senton 14)flying forearm 15)Sliced Bread #2 16)running elbow smash 17)top rope flip followed by running the ropes and sprinting Daniel Bryan style clothesline 18)top rope reverse elbow 19)deep arm drags 20)corkscrew plancha

Finishing Move: 1)Five Alive Frogsplash (5 Star Frogsplash) 2)Pez Dispenser (Cross Rhodes)

Biography: Returning from a near career ending injury at the hands of Sid Dharth, with TCW now ruins before his feet, The Kumquat Kid, now 32, shows no signs of mellowing out or slowing down. The former two time TCW Tag Team Champion is in search of singles gold, and when he says singles gold he doesn't mean yellow Kraft Singles, even though they sound delicious right about now...maybe on a roll with a sausage pattie or bacon cheeseburger. Where was I? Oh yeah. The Kumquat Kid has signed with EWS to continue the legacy he has built, but also to answer some burning questions, like who decided it was a good idea to allow Nikki Minaj to sing, or why are there NEVER any giant Twizzlers On A Pole Match? You know, questions all wrestling visionaries such as himself wants to know.

Entrance Theme: "Sell Out" by Reel Big Fish

Entrance Description: The shrill voice of The Kumquat blasts over the PA system..


Orange and green strobe lights flicker and pulse as "Sell Out" by Reel Big Fish continues blaring, Dunk accompanied by his best friends Dunk, and the official Kumquatian mascot, Little Quat, the Little Guy running around in circles, Ryan having to stop and point the little guy in the right direction as Dunk tosses kumquats into the crowd from a bright orange mesh bag. Ryan hops a bit, alternating feet to the music, bouncing up and down before sprinting down the rest of the way and sliding under the ropes into the ring. Ryan scales a turnbuckle and yells out "I'M READY! VIVA LA KUMQUAT!" before moonsaulting back and landing on his feet, his music fading out, Ryan still bouncing up and down in his corner like a hyper 7 year old.

Title History: LGW TV Title, W4F Rage Title, W4F World Title, ECWA World Title, HiC Twister Title (2x), AwE World Title(2x), ACW Tag Titles (w/ Scott Nash Strader), PWA Grizzly Beer Title (2x), UECW Omega Title, TCW Tag Titles (2x) (w/Sentinel) EWS Rage Superstar Title

2013 Most Beloved Character Award
2013 Feel Good Moment of the Year Award

Other: *cannons ready*
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Name: Dunk Clemens
Alias: Dunk
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 185lbs.
Hometown: Dade City, Florida
Bio: Dunk Clemens and Ryan Lewis became best friends in middle school, and have remained best buds ever since. While it's uncertain whether his parents actually named him Dunk, it was a name given to him by friends for him constantly having in his hand a Dunkachino drink, as well as having an obsession with caffeine, which often makes him hyper and off the wall. Fearing Ryan would get destroyed, or at least receive many wedgies, Dunk accompanied Ryan into the world of pro wrestling in 2001 and has been a stalwart in the career of The Kumquat Kid. Sometimes the rational one, more often not, Dunk usually either finds himself in hot water or gets Ryan in it just by being himself half the time. Still single(and looking) Dunk wants what Ryan has, a wife and a kid, but he doesn't let that make him jealous or resentful of Ryan. While thoroughly enjoying his time as commissioner of Battle House in Rising Sun Pro, it's evident that Dunk's best abilities are his comedic tendencies and ability to operate a George Foreman Grill no matter how tired he may be.
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Name: Little Quat
Alias: LQ, That Asian midget guy
Hometown: Originally from somewhere in Okinawa, Japan, but has lived in the states, sometimes with Ryan for almost a decade.
Height: 3'11"
Bio: Some might say Ryan actually has two children, having "saved" Little Quat from being deported out of the country when Ryan was at the circus one summer day. Little Quat, whose real name is not known, had nothing to go back to in Japan, and despite protests from Dunk and Ryan's own wife, Jenny, all it took was one look and one burrito from LQ's Baggin' Saggin' Barry sweatpants to win our Kumquatian hero over. Speaking what appears to be some form of Japanese gibberish, only close friends seem to know what it is he's actually trying to say. Enjoys a good prank, but doesn't always know how to pick and choose his battles, thus having to be saved by Ryan quite a bit. Is very fast and tricky to catch.
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