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1. No spamming or post-farming.

Spamming is pointless or ridiculously short posts (i.e. "Hi"). Post-farming is longer posts that add little to the topic but are not necessarily short. Please refrain from doing either, or you will receive a warn.

2. No flaming or trolling

Any posts intended to insult, or "flame", other members will be warned. Trolling, or flame-baiting, is posting something with the intention to offend or anger someone. We are a friendly board and have zero tolerance for flaming or trolling. You will be warned.

3. No bumping

Try not to bump topics older than a month or so unless you have something really useful to add, such as an update. We are a little more lax on this rule, but please don't make an issue.

4. Respect staff members

If you want to constructively criticize staff members, go ahead a little. But blatant disrespect will be far from tolerated. Keep all criticism constructive.

5. No inappropriate photos/discussions

Discussions of themes inappropriate for children under 13, and photographs of an inappropriate nature, are not allowed outside of the 'General Discussion' area.

6. No multiple accounts or password-sharing.

No creating multiple accounts unless you have an important reason i.e. sibling - in which case, you must alert staff members. In addition, don't share your password. This is a HUGE security risk.