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Character Template; How to create your WuXia Character
Topic Started: 2 Mar 2012, 19:39 (301 Views)
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Here are the informations needed for a WuXia Character.

Name: Self explained.
Titles / Alias: Self explained.
Gender: Self explained.
Age: Self explained.
Height: Self explained, in either Chinese Che Cun, or in cm.
    1 Che = 10 cun.
    1 Che during the warring States = 23.2cm
    1 Che during the Tang and Ming = 29.4cm
    1 Che in today's China = 33.33cm
Weight: Self explained, in either Chinese Jin, or in Kg.
    1 Jin during the warring States = 258g
    1 Jin during the Tang and Ming = 661g
    1 Jin in today's China = 500g
Image or Visual Description: Self explained.

Home Town: Which province, town or village does your character comes from?
Sect: Self explained.
Job: What does your character do for a living?
Residency: Where does your character lives?

Back Story: Self explained.
Personality: Self explained, be informative, so it's easy for people to get what they're doing.

Physical Strength: Self explained, how strong your character is without using internal arts.
Magic Powers/ ESP: Self explained, Magic is applicable for Warring states only, while ESP is applicable for modern age only. Do not include if not applicable for your character.
Internal Strength: Self explained, if you have no idea what Inner Strength is, it's the heart and soul of WuXia genre, go wiki and google it. Think of it as the Kung Fu version of magic, and using Qi instead of Mana. Unless you are using an foreigner, this is a must. Note that if you are using a Japanese, Korean or Indian character, they do have something similar as well so this is a must to them.
Lightness Arts: Self explained, also called 'Qing Gong', basically speed and agility martial arts.
Skills: Self explained, your Character's Kung Fu. You must have at least one. We are a Kung Fu RPG.
Possessions: Self explained, mostly what's the weapon and any special tonics or medicine, like elixirs of fast healing and such.
Weakness: Self explained.

    Note that for Physical Strength, Magic Powers/ ESP, Internal Strength, Lightness Arts, Skills, Possession and Weakness, characters are subjected to an allowance of points to be distributed to among them. Extra points will be given to a character whom had completed some training, task or fights.
    One point to weakness give an extra points for other to use, basically weakness is equals to minus points.
    For novice martial artist, everyone gets an allowance of 20 points, however, there will be a 5 point cap for each ability / art. Nope that while they are weak, they will gain more points when they train, complete task, fight a big battle and so on.
    For seasoned martial artist, everyone gets an allowance of 50 points, however, there will be a 10 point cap for each ability / art.
    For grand masters like greats and sect leaders, everyone gets an allowance of 100 points, the minimum point distribution for each ability / art apart from physical strength will be 10. Note that they are not to be played as active characters, and they will gain less extra points compared to other characters. Also, they must be at least 40 years old.
    Note that under Magic Powers/ ESP, Internal Strength, Skills and Possessions, each arts of its own should have its separate points, don't lump them together. For example, if my character learns both 9Yang ShenGong and YiJinJing, I don't use 10 points for internal strength to represent both, but rather, use 6 points for 9Yang ShenGong at say Lv 6 and 4 points for YiJinJing as say, level 4 of the skill.
    Basically, for Magic Powers, ESP and internal strength, treat one point as the equivalent of having 100 Kilowatts of power output for Warring states, 10 Kilowatts for Tang and Modern day, 1 Kilowatts for Ming.
    For Lightness Arts, Skills, Possession and Weakness, try to imagine point to point how it relates and equalized to the internal strength power output.
    For physical strength, 1 Kilowatts = Can lift 100 Kg. If 0, will treat as if the character can lift less than 50 Kg.
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[b][u]Height:[/b][/u] 尺寸
[b][u]Weight:[/b][/u] 斤
[b][u]Image or Visual Description:[/b][/u]

[b][u]Home Town:[/b][/u]


[b][u]Physical Strength:[/b][/u]
[b][u]Magic Powers/ ESP:[/b][/u]
[b][u]Internal Strength:[/b][/u]
[b][u]Lightness Arts:[/b][/u]
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