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Read-only Forum GRG-endorsed national longevity websites
For further reading, the GRG is providing the following links to GRG-endorsed national longevity websites listed below.
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Redirect Forum Oldest in Britain (United Kingdom)
This "Oldest in Britain" website is managed by Dr. Andrew P. Holmes, Ph.D, Lechlade, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom; currently a GRG Administrator for Graphics. His focus is on collecting all data on all deceased supercentenarians (110+) in United Kingdom as well as living people at least age 107+ (or age 106+ for men).
Hits: 716
Redirect Forum Supercentenari D'Italia (Italy)
This Supercentenari D'Italia website is managed by Paolo Scarabaggio, Rome, Lazio, Italy; currently a GRG-Italy Correspondent. His focus is to cover all Italians who have reached supercentenarian status (age 110+) with an Italian connection -- whether they were born and died in Italy or they were an emigrant (from Italy) to other countries of the world.
Hits: 682
Redirect Forum Najstarsi Polacy (Poland)
This "Najstarsi Polacy" website is managed by Mr. Waclaw Jan Kroczek, Tarnowskie Gory, Silesian Voivodeship, Poland; currently a GRG Administrative Assistant for Case Validation Summaries. His focus is on the oldest people of Poland, both living and deceased, and the continuing attempt to validate many Poles where records are very scarce or possibly nonexistent.
Hits: 624