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Another question about Table A
Topic Started: 26 Mar 2018, 18:18 (108 Views)
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I quote from the GRG homepage. "OFFICIAL TABLES on the GRG website will continue to be updated on a regular basis by Messrs. Mark Muir of Arizona, United States, Chris Law of Harrogate, England, and Robert Young of Georgia, United States."

Assuming i'm not misunderstanding this quote, it means that tables like Table A should be updated on a regular basis.
As far as I know, Table A was updated in 2007, 2014 and 2015 and hasn't been updated since. What kind of regular basis is that?
If the GRG isn't going to update their tables on a regular basis, why do they claim that they will?
Or can someone explain what the quote means if i'm misunderstanding it?

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Waclaw Jan Kroczek
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Hello, "Hachet339".

I repeat my polite request for your real name. Please note that the GRG Supercentenarian Forum is part of the scientific organization, not a fan-club. Anyone can join it; however, we would appreciate having knowledge of the names of our guests as this enables us to enter a higher level of communication.

Regarding the GRG tables; knowing the collective principles and standards, I am convinced that the pace of regular GRG updates is very positive. Science-wise, the demographical analysis can only be performed basing on the deceased cohorts. Here the GRG makes a significant step forward by validating living supercentenarian cases. Note that there were supercentenarians validated as of Jan. 1, 2015 who are still living today. More living cases can be found on the World Supercentenarian Rankings List. I believe I have given you the link in my last response. Also, the WSRL gives a decent idea of what cases are going to be included in the next updates of the GRG Table A.

The quote from the GRG home page means that official tables on the GRG website will continue to be updated on a regular bases; however, not before all data intended for publication at the next update is validated. Science may be quite flexible in this aspect; nevertheless, the importance of data quality is superior over the speed of updates.

If you are still dissatisfied with the current pace, you may choose to support us by donating funds to our effort. For this purpose, I suggest that you contact the GRG Excecutive Director Mr. John M. Adams and the GRG Supercentenarian Department Director Mr. Robert D. Young. Their e-mails & phone number are available here: http://www.grg.org/SC/SCAdminTeam.html

In your e-mail, please include information on your name and affiliation.

Waclaw Jan Kroczek
Gerontology Research Group
GRG Administrative Assistant for Case Validation Summaries (from Aug. 15, 2015)
GRG Correspondent for Poland (from Sept. 13, 2013)
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